April 5, 2021

Let us begin. We see that things are indeed changing for the better. This story you are hearing of the cargo ship wedged in place and now being off loaded is an example of what has been going on all along. The inhumanity of transporting human beings this way and having many of them die in transit is sad to say the least but now it has been documented and brought out to the world. Your logic tells you that it would take many in agreement to pull this shipping of people off and yet it has been going on and for what purposes you might ask. Now the story will be revealed for all to see and hear. The mind will have a hard time in accepting this but the proof is there. Let this sink in for it is part of the picture and is the truth you wanted.

Us telling you that there were terrible things going on in your world does not quite get the job done as pictures of the real events coming forward will accomplish. Filling out the reality with documentation and proof is needed in all aspects of this world deception for you to see the depth of darkness that was taking over. How could people sink so low as to imprison a whole world? It was being accomplished one step at the time and the attempt is still on going. It was and is like a noose around your neck that slowly tightens and then it is to late to try and escape for you have no room to move and no place to go. It was a long range plan being carried out until the final use of all people on earth for the needs of the dark and then it would be to late. We have been trying so hard to get you to believe us and to see what was going on. The reality is upon you and our words pale against the truth.

Many more things will now come out and the proof will be there also concerning being used for the purposes of the dark and it will shatter your trust in the motives of so many for you were used against your will and did not realize it. The curtains are being pulled back now and it is beginning. We have advised you not to believe everything you see and hear from your news media but take a look at what manages to come through from other sources for it is the emergence of what will soon overtake all news and it is inevitable. Those who have been in control will not be able to stop it now that evidence is there in plain sight. Soon anyone denying it will look foolish and will give evidence of a cover up. Certain ones will reveal themselves without half trying. You will understand how God works in His own ways to bring about his will, even if you do not know the many synchronous events bringing it about. Once intervention was decided it was wise not to stand in His way for God is mighty in all aspects of His strength, plan and will. You are witnessing the unveiling of the largest cover up you have seen and it is just beginning.

What will you do with this new information? It needs to become the foundation of understanding regarding so much more that will come out. Let the evidence build upon itself until the entire picture slowly begins to take form and shape in your minds as to the horrible reality of what is or what was. It may take your mind some time to comprehend it all but whether you take time or not the truth remains. Take this information and move forward to acceptance and then to recovery. This may also take some time for you to get over and begin to think of where you go from here. Adjustment is necessary and the truth of it all needs to be processed for you to plan your future. We are here to help you during this adjustment time. You, who are reading here, have an advantage over others who are hearing of this for the first time. Be compassionate of them and understand their position for it will be difficult for everyone but more so for them.

Come about in the understanding that your strength comes from only one source and that is the God within and the source of all that is. So many will look for avoidance of comprehension in the form of chemical assistance and this is not the choice to make. We understand it will be difficult. I leave you now with all things for you to consider for it is beginning.

I am Joseph In His Service

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