April 4, 2021

Let us begin. After all this time you have learned so much about what is going on and also about yourselves. In this process you discover the process of being and becoming. It is a forever journey. We understand it is difficult to place things in your mind like living in the moment and also planning for the future when they are one in the same thing. Living in the moment is creating your future. Many ask how you know what is supposed to challenge you in this life you have and which parts are up to your free will choice. This is part of going within and having that communication with source. There are things given to work on or to overcome in each life time and they are set out before you come into this physical life.

You might ask how do you know the difference between what is up to your choice and what is set out for you to work on. You always have free choice and this is how earth was set up. You will always be confronted with what you need to work on in life because it will be brought before you no matter how much you try to avoid it. The choices you have made in other places and other life times will be considered and the things you have not learned, or have not overcome will continue to come about for you until they have been knowledged within you. You make the list up of things to do and also the list of things you have learned and know. As much as your parents or loved ones try to advise you and tell you what works out best, you still have to experience most things for yourself until the heart and mind have a high degree of understanding of the experience. It is a first hand, on the job experienced learning.

Going through tough times, trials and tribulation gives you an in depth understanding of what others are going through when you see them under the same circumstances. No matter how much others try to get you to understand how they feel about what they are experiencing, it does not really resonate within you unless you have experienced somewhat the same thing. Then you really understand and can have the empathy and compassion for what they are going through. Experience is not only the best teacher but in most cases is the only teacher. Others can tell you what parenting is like and you can see the difficulties but you will not fully understand until you go through the experience yourself. That is the teacher most profound for knowing.

When does experience of something become knowledge and wisdom? When the element of love is infused within each aspect of the experience. Someone can experience something and get from it hate or revenge or other negative emotions but when it is perceived through love it takes on a different meaning and processes with a different understanding. This brings forth positive results and is processed as knowledge leading to wisdom. To receive information from an experience when you are in the state of insecurity and doubt about yourself, you will go into a defense mode and the result is a negative reaction. When you are secure in your being and your source of power and you know you are loved you can experience even something difficult and have it viewed under an umbrella of resolveability. You remain in that state of self assuredness and the conclusion will be one of learning with positive memory for future reference. See the difference looking at things with the love that has been given to you makes in the way you think and process difficult experiences and very hard challenges in life. Love will always be your beginning point of looking at things and also processing things and this can only result in positive results, even if the thing experienced was quite awful in nature. It will get you through life with the door open for a greater understanding of reasoning when the answers come.

You must remember that the answers will come in your journey. This is part of the promise of asking for you are not forgotten in your questioning but it is a journey in the receiving of answers and they are not instantly received. Very seldom does someone instantly have the neon lights start flashing and the red arrow pointing to the answer or the way you should go when a question is asked. That mostly happens only in the movies or on TV. Most answers come in unit form after a process of connecting within and having things fit together to make a whole, understandable picture leading to the end result of an answer. Answers are given when you gain a certain experience so that you can fully understand and make complete use of the answer. It would be foolish to give an answer so fully complete to someone who could not use it in its proper form of understanding. You would receive it and look at it and say, “what?”. You see there is an intelligence in the growing, learning and experiencing of life that gives of answers in not only the proper time but also in the proper form of depth and completeness. The same question in one part of your life may have a simple answer and later on in life have a much deeper and more comprehensive answer and both are what you need at the time.

It is seldom that one thinks of the wisdom of rules and understandings of giving of answers. The God that is responsible for Universes and planets and the love of a mother for her child, or for children in general is also responsible for the giving of answers when they are asked. It is not a simple, “here it is” type of thing. Your development along your path determines the answers as when a child asks a question of a parent. Answers given are perfect for you in that moment and gratitude and thankfulness should always be given for they are for no one else but you. This is one reason answers are not chiseled in stone for all times for everyone. Commandments are for all time and are for everyone. Answers are custom designed with reference to advancement and individual.

Accept that you are a being of change and always learning and growing and you will find that your questions will change as you do. They become more in depth and need more explanation in the answering. Very few answers in life are like answers to mathematical equations with only one answer. This is the very reason you are asked to go within and ask of your own questions and not take others answers for your own. What if they don’t fit? Seek out your own understanding for it is very individual in nature and need. Be thankful each day for what you have learned and understand that you have learned with help and understanding from your Creator for you are not left to struggle alone. It should be a close partnership between you and God.

I leave you now with these things to consider and with encouragement to ask your questions always. Do not go without asking for even in the forming of the questions do you learn.

I am Joseph In His Service

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