April 3, 2021

Let us begin. We see many changing their ways and looking at things differently. The love coming in is affecting so many in a positive way and compassion is more prevalent. There are so many on earth that are far from the love for one another that is needed at this time. We are under certain environmental issues now that cause old feelings to come to the forefront and be acted out. Often feelings of distrust are shifted from one group to another and without reasonable cause. Being locked down and made to stay away from others causes certain psychological reactions that are not conducive to good behavior. There needs to be a time of healing for all of you and as yet it is not happening. People are social beings and need to interact with each other.

So you have these groups in conflict and solutions are present but not given a chance to come about. Now is the time for allowing and letting things go. Be compassionate with each other and realize that many have issues that need addressed and need a voice. You can allow others to speak if it is done without violence and these issues can be brought out as a society. There will always be differences of opinion but conflict resolution is what is needed in a positive way so that you can live with each other without hate or desire for damage of any kind or bodily harm. One thing we see here in a lot of issues is the holding of old hurts or wrongs from long ago. It is not dropped, even though it originated from generations ago. War is a good example. This has mostly been settled but some still cling to old divisions that have morphed into other issues and the emotions still rise to the top with feelings of distrust regarding conflict on all sides. Lifetimes of conflict and death of loved ones have not gone away and these feelings and issues need to be forgiven and dropped as they will not go into the higher dimensions. For some it is more important to live out differences and bad feelings than it is to love, forgive and be better people. Think on these things and see what you are preventing yourself from doing and being.

We come to a time when all things are agitated in your world and holding onto love and compassion becomes more difficult within the prevailing environment. Remaining within a habit of prayer and meditation on a daily basis takes you a long way toward a more peaceful life. Your thoughts radiate out from you and touch others and this is a wonderful thing when these thoughts are positive and loving. You are in the business now of ascension and it doesn’t come automatically with your life. It has to be earned and this means worked for. There are rules that have to be followed and half hearted attempts on one or two days a week do not get the work done. It comes from within on an every second level and resides at the basic premise of your reasoning, thinking and doing in all aspects of your life. If your boat, floating across the lake of life, has a hole in it do try to fix it solidly and then you can be assured of getting to your destination without sinking.

If you see the importance of upkeep, repair and tending to your car, your home, your possessions but do not see the importance of tending to your soul then you have missed the point. We speak to everyone now. Many attempt to be better people and start out doing well but then someone will make them mad or someone will try to cheat them at some level and these are the real tests of life. It is much easier to be a good person when all others are good. This is not the world you live in and what is required is a knowing inside that this life is between you and God as all your lives have been. How do you express the God within you? Are your dealings with others God driven no matter how others treat you. Can you walk away from negativity knowing you maintained the right attitude? The Light workers in the world provide a profound contrast and background for us to see those who are not trying. It takes a strong team to pull the load up a hill. We suggest that you try to focus upon Godly issues and face the issues within before you tackle the issues you see in society. It all starts within you.

Taking the world to a better place requires the work of all its inhabitants and not just a few. This time offers the best opportunity for making the most of the love coming in. Those who have love outpouring are helping in a major way but those whose heart is closed against all improvement are not dealing well with being in these waves coming in. It is best to stay our of their way for there is discord within them. Let your Light shine and be guided as to your actions in the following days. We are somewhat in a time of uncertainty as to how many will react to what is to come. We know changes are coming and some will be big ones. We sometimes give you information well in advance because time is difficult to determine. The churning and changing elements of what is going on do not follow a clock and are constantly in flux and this is hard to base anything on regarding time tables or events.

What can I say or give you that I have not already given? You know what is required. The doing of it is what is important. Give yourself the opportunity and time to devote to becoming a better person from within. These times are difficult and you need all the support from within you can bring forward. I leave you now to think on these things.

I am Joseph In His Service

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