April 2, 2021

Let us begin. We think it best if you continue your work with the Light at this time. Circumstances may change and something else might be called for but for now continue what you are doing with the Light. We have to tailor our work for what is needed and you are quite adaptable in your endeavors to do this. This is one reason you have been successful is because you take instruction well This is very much a joint effort and working together is the only way success can be achieved. Of course you will continue your individual work on your own but when we call upon you in the middle of the night for instructed work you have come through no matter what was asked of you. Your willingness to get the job done is admirable and this is seen by us as not only determination but desire to fulfill your mission contract. This agreement before you came was until the job was completed and you have certainly continued and given it your all to vanquish the ever present dark. At the beginning, the view was dire and the dark had their talons sunk into every facet of life on earth like an eagle who has captured a fish. This control has certainly changed and the picture is much different at present.

We come to a time here at the end of this conflict where work on your part is still needed to compete and end this very long war, for this is what it has been. An all out war to remove the influence of the dark from everything on earth. Do not give up or let up. Even though the end can be seen it is still necessary to keep at it until all are free and the energies can continue to be raised. Again I wish you could see our view from up here, a distance from your surface. We are stationed all around your globe in our ships and over time have come even closer to your planet. The view is magnificent to this beautiful orb of blue but it is more so now that the dark areas of contrasting low energies have been removed or diminished. You are like the combat soldier fighting in the fields and shores and you do not know the complete disposition of everything until it is over and you read the reviews. This is one reason we try to give you updates as to what is going on regarding progress. Another reason is to try and encourage you if you become down trodden and want to pull your entire wagon off the main road into the woods and set it on fire and walk away. We know how difficult this has been because we feel your disappointment and pain.

There are some that need space to take a rest and renew and then they are ready to continue with renewed vigor and zeal. Some have remained dedicated under all circumstances and the cost to other areas of their life has been great. We don’t believe there has been even one who has not had to sacrifice in great amounts to do this work and keep walking in your shoes of light workers as boots on the ground. You have been asked to do a lot in every facet of your life and forgo much at different times. Those who chose the ones to come to earth did well in the choosing and you have performed above what was expected and given what was required. We have to say that in the beginning there were doubts because of the steepness of the mountain that had to be climbed. It was touch and go at times but ground was gained, sometimes an inch at the time, but you did not give up and here we are. The status today is still one of battle being in the field of play and it goes on but the circumstances have changed. Before the dark were not this desperate and today they are all this and also determined to destroy everything they can on their way out. We have told you before that there is also power in the dark and they are pulling on all their strength to do as much damage as they can. This is why we encourage you to ask for protection. What was not counted on was our strength from God, His Light, Love and Truth and it has and will prevail in this intervention in all circumstances and variations of sin and corruption concerning the breaking of the laws.

We are coming to a point of completion and an end to this chapter and this book. What an experience it has been for everyone, including the millions who came from other planets and star systems to either help with this work or view with their own eyes what transpired and what will take place in the next few months. All who worked created a different picture of things and the job was not for the faint of heart but for the strong who had the mind to see it to the very end, no matter what was needed to get it done. Do not close the book just yet but continue.

We, here, looking down upon all that is with your planet, have done our best to do everything we could to help defeat this insidious existence of the dark.  I refer to them as a group when in actuality there are different degrees to which they have influenced so many.  Some, just a little and others totally.  We feel you worry and know your concern at what has gone on.  We wish you could know the love we have for all of you, but especially the workers who have done so much.  Much was required and it has been a long and hard journey.  There will be time for us to rejoice and we look forward to seeing you face to face soon.  Let it be so.

I leave you now, not looking back, but looking forward at the vastly improved view that you have helped create. Do not ever think it could have been done without you and I mean each and every one of you. Now with the changes still before you it is necessary you continue to draw upon this strength to adjust to what is needed. Stand tall and be counted in these last days.

I am Joseph In His Service

2 thoughts on “April 2, 2021

  1. The virus, the Deep State, the evil is and must be dissolved, cleansed, eradicated, removed but once that happens will the anger be switched toward the LGBT (gay) community, who have been hoodwinked (deceived) themselves?
    We do not want people to fall back asleep if we continue to create an opposition and propagate more hate towards one another. The dis-ease will continue if that happens. Will you speak on this please and thank you, Joseph.

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    1. I feel this question is relevant concerning several groups that could possibly be the recipient of mistrust, aggression or hate. You have asked in a very comprehensive manner for people do tend to transfer their focus onto other things. I am of the opinion that when the dark influence is totally removed the transfer of aggression will not be there because the aggression will not be there. Things will have changed by then and hearts will be more open to acceptance of others. I do not feel you will have to worry. The earth will be different. Thank you for your question. Joseph

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