April 1, 2021

Let us begin. After all this time of diligently working for the Light you have gained experience and insight that will follow you wherever you go. You will have a sign or mark that you were here on earth during the struggle and fight against the dark and others will be able to tell that you experienced this huge transition. It will be a badge of honor and courage and cannot be taken away from you ever. This has been one of the longest and most in depth endeavors upon any planet that has taken place so far and the dark will never be allowed to take hold this completely and do this much damage ever again. There are many benefits other than winning the war against the dark that have taken place and you will learn of them and be shown the evidence of your work brought about by your diligence, devotion and determination to complete your mission. It is not over yet but at present you are better fortified now than you were at the beginning and you have gained strength and know how to continue. Completion is imperative and you will see it through and we are certain of this. You have coalesced into a unit or cohesive group working with one another of the light and have become a mighty force. With heavenly direction you have made it possible for those who are ready to step forward and accept the Light and become people with intention to learn of love. I would not want to be one to go up against you.

Remember the dark were once well organized with many followers and they were structured in their ways and evil also has strength. They have targeted as many as possible to stop this wall of Light workers at every turn and think nothing of the value of life. Wreck and ruin lays in their wake and people have suffered because of them and their intentions. In these last days of what is left remember to surround yourself with the Light of protection and ask for it every day. Your work is not without hazard in your ranks and many were touched in various ways. Travel forward with your shields high and know you are working in full concert with unseen backup to guide you. The direction you receive is important for clear vision is given and used by those on high. Be alert for changes in what is instructed for counter moves will be necessary at times. Rapt attention may be necessary for what is coming in your connection with God and what is needed for this end chapter. Do not be daunted or afraid but cling to your faith and convictions as it was in the beginning no matter what happens and know that command changes are in order now and they will be big ones. Your devotion and obedience to the order and bravery you have displayed in the middle of the chaos will get you through this mess and you will walk on the other side with your heads held high. Protect yourselves foremost and not as an afterthought at the beginning of each day for this is serious work and always return to the strength of Source within and especially when there is question of events. You are doing well in your choices of working with the light.

For those who have not yet seen the underbelly of what is going on concerning earth, well, you will be caught by surprise and woe be unto you if you lack direction and belief in Creator and your source of being for the time of choosing has past for you to gain information and reason now in abundance. People need all the truth and information they can get for things to make sense and time is so short for this. As a Light worker try not to get caught up in the fear and uncertainty of those who do not know what is going on for it will be around you in abundance. Do what you can but do not give away your strength to others who will want to take it from you for their own purposes. They are seeking to be saved and you are not responsible for millions now. When asked speak kindly in truth and move on for things will start to happen quickly once it begins. You cannot give of information and catch people up on everything in 10 minutes when you have worked for years gaining experience and truth for this venture. Stick to your focus and remain on track when things seem to come unraveled for you will need to continue on course.

If this message sounds serious remember the peace that passes all understanding and know that it is available and within reach to you at all times when things around you seem unbearable and we are here to help you. We cannot be the “everything” you need nor can we do this for you. You have responsibility but you are fully capable of carrying out your instructions in the manner required. We see you now in a different light and not as beginners but then you were not beginners when you first came to earth. Draw upon your strength and experience when needed and it will come. Your past choices to walk the Lighted path and hear the voice within give you knowledge to make the same wise choices now when questions come and the view is uncertain. We do not know exactly what will happen but we do know you will be challenged.

I leave you now to review my words and think on them for the finale is about to be upon you shortly. You know our sense of time is different than yours and most of the time it takes longer than you think but nevertheless it is upon you.

I am Joseph In His Service

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