March 31, 2021

Let us begin. We see many ready to oppose restrictions concerning groups and masks and wanting to return to normal life again. It has been a long time under the new rules. There are those who still believe safety is called for regarding large groups and wearing of masks. The two sides are sometimes in conflict and this causes problems. The numbers should be returning to normal and hopefully things will get back to life before Covid soon. Life will be appreciated more and the freedom to move about not taken for granted. More truth concerning the spread of Covid will come out and be known shortly.

Here we are at the beginning of April and all of us are still waiting for something to happen. Much is going on that is not public and it is difficult to know that progress is being made. All will become more clear soon and there will be no doubt in anyone’s mind concerning what is going on around the world. In spite of more light coming in there are still those who are wanting war and a show of strength and domination over others. This thought of aggression will not move up into higher vibrations and cannot be at all in the 5th dimension for it goes against everything that honors life. There will be no war or the taking of life in 5D. You will feel the difference and live more fully in the atmosphere of love and freedom to express the higher emotions. The lower thoughts of taking of a life cannot have a presence there and they will be left to a lower dimension.

There are many good things coming for you to experience and so many of them you will experience for the first time in your life. The promise of a better world will be kept and you will find yourself being more involved in things of an enjoyable nature resulting in a happy life. We know this is hard for you to imagine now after all you have been through but it will happen and things are being set up now for this transition to be made. Some of the changes coming are such that words cannot describe them and you will just have to experience them for yourselves. Some events do not have words that carry the meaning of all that will take place that is part of this transition process. Needless to say you will know the importance of the events when they happen. The saying you just had to be there comes to mind and pretty much explains it. Long ago if I told you that you would be talking to one another from far away by talking into little thin black boxes you would have a hard time imagining such an event but here we are.

So, give credence to the improvements of living possible when love is implemented and experienced first hand on a daily basis in this new world of earth. The creative energies are just that, creating a new environment for all to move up and into the next dimension of reality for you to enjoy. We have not pulled thoughts from a fantasy land of our imagination but we have first hand knowledge and experience of these steps ourselves and know what it is like to experience. We can hardly wait to see you who have done the work to settle in this new world.

The work toward recovery for Gaia will take on a new energy and this will consume a lot of you in your desire to make things better. So much has to be done in this regard and organization will have to take place and plans formed and we will help in what needs to be done. Do not think this will be a chain gang of some sort for even though it will be labor intensive you will be willing and eager to help restore earth to the condition that was intended. It will be a labor of love in all respects and the joy of doing so will be present in all. There is a difference in giving you a choice and having no choice if you want to survive. The days you are going through now will not exist for all the reasons for doing anything will be different and have a different purpose and meaning. Again the words do not describe the difference in your attitude for living, working and accomplishing what you set out to do.

You are not through the period of difficulty yet and there are some great changes that have to take place. This is why we advise you to hold to your strength and be steadfast in all things. Just remember as difficult as you might think these changes are they will take you to the place of peace and tranquility on the other side of it all. This is not over yet as things are still agitated and there is still dark energy to be gotten rid of. It must be done before you can advance. This is short in explaining but has great meaning for a new beginning. Some things have to be removed and set straight before proceeding. It is the way of things.

I leave you now, hopefully prepared for what is to come for as we have stated there are several things waiting to happen and it is unknown what will happen first. We do the best we can in preparing you. Remain in your faith that all is in the hands of God and directed by His Will.

I am Joseph In His Service

One thought on “March 31, 2021

  1. Thank you for your continued efforts to prepare us… it seems with the timelines that there are many possibilities, but only some will actually happen and others may happen slightly differently than first thought.. so it is understood that you are trying to prepare us for all of the variables. It is appreciated.

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