March 30, 2021

Let us begin. We say our sight from here is good but there are things we don’t get. We read emotions well because they are seen in the light and aura and the colors are affected. We can hear when necessary into any conversation but in your personal lives there are details that we do not automatically know. You still have private things that are not revealed to us unless we specifically delve into the matter if requested. This takes time and we usually remain in a general and overall observation. Therefore it is necessary that you talk to God when communicating and this does not have to be only during meditation. Communicating with God can take place either verbally or mentally and at any time. There are no restrictions for your relationship with source or creator. We suggest meditation because we feel you are listening for answers and have other things not in focus. The connection with God can be done at all times and linking with inner knowing on a constant basis is the goal.

We are here to help but we do not take the place of your relationship with God and we are certainly not necessary for your communication with Him. We encourage, we help and we guide but we do not function as an intermediary between you and God. The personal communication you have with God requires no one else and is a dedicated line because you are already hooked up with your creator. You just have to acknowledge and receive what is already available and there for you. Listening and perceiving is the key. This can take time and in some cases a long time for life gets in the way and you don’t have the opportunity to devote a lot of time to that effort. We encourage you to form a habit of going within and if possible without distractions. Even if you do not get answers during these times they may come to you at other times during your day. So many times our emotions and desires for a certain answer get in the way and these need to be set aside. The main thing is not to give up but to keep going within and asking and listening.

Often we desire to have instructions before we even attempt things and this is nice but life usually means we attempt something and then get the message that it was not the right move. Always ask for direction and instruction and truth to be shown before or during an action that is contemplated. Back the question up a bit before the action instead of waiting until it is completed and then finding out this was not the best way to go. All this takes time and sometimes several lifetimes to put into practice. It can be discouraging when you have dreams and they contain symbols and you search for what the meaning of the dream is. Your desire for answers will take you a long way in developing this communication and we suggest you not give up but continue. It is not automatic and you do have help with those unseen to guide you along the way.

Things continue to happen in your world that gain ground for the Light and for God’s intervention through certain key people in positions to deal with the machinations of the dark. It takes constant vigilance when dealing with the dark and many are engaged in that very thing at present. Unfortunately your news media is not giving much information concerning steps taken against the dark and ground being gained toward shutting them down but it is happening. Step by step the dark are taken out and their attempts are known and continue to be countered as they keep trying to hold on to their crumbling kingdom. It may be a slow process from your point of view but every step brings you closer to a complete return to freedom.

Now let me speak of specialization on the part of certain individuals to work on political issues in the US. Behind the scenes there are those who have been working non stop for months now to take the spot light and focus it on legal issues concerning the presidential election. This is not going away as certain parties had hoped it would. It is coming back so all can see shortly what was perpetrated during this time and it will be dealt with on a legal basis. Their efforts will produce what is needed to correct things and it will be done by the law of the land. Keep these people in your prayers for they seek no notoriety and have your country and its liberation in their mind and work is continuing. It will surprise everyone when it is revealed. They knew generally what was done but investigation revealing certain issues of deceit surprised even them. When God wants things revealed it gets done and this is what has happened. You would be surprised at the avenues God has taken working through certain people to bring about the specific results that were needed to organize everything for a productive outcome. The synchronicity is amazing and continues to be so. The saying of where there is a will there is a way has come into play. All those involved may not see that God is working through them but this is what is happening. The completed picture will reveal a lot.

The same God willed actions are at play in other issues concerning money that has been released and also in the effort to stop human trafficking. It has taken so many working on these issues and yet you hear so little of them and the results they have obtained. God seldom wants headlines and spot lights unless it becomes necessary to bring about results but this does not mean things are not getting done. The maneuvers and actions initiated and taken are numbered in the thousands and these range from small to large steps toward the final goal desired. You will most likely never know or see these but only the end result. Some will never know how big a part they played. This is the part of God’s actions that are amazing and wondrous when seen for He is at play in so many things upon your earth at this time. Be of good cheer for the fruit of all this labor is ripening and it is almost time for harvest.

I leave you now with the thought of reaping what has been sown and the day will dawn. It is inevitable.

I am Joseph In His Service

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