March 29, 2021

Let us begin. It needs to be said here that all reading here are interested in what is going to happen. There remains a large number that are unaware of what is going on and will be surprised at the changes that will be made. Fortunately the energies coming in are affecting most everyone positively and the collective consciousness is growing in love. Great steps have been made in this respect and there is a large out pouring and concern for each other and actions to care for one another. Changes have definitely been made.

Now, in the middle of all these changes are those who have made even bigger steps and have come to God and are developing a relationship with God on a personal basis. This is what is needed to happen on a large scale and this is what changes the collective consciousness and raises everyone up. When many turn to God, all are affected by the action and the whole is moved forward and are raised up. What one does affects the whole. For someone to reach out and touch another in a kind and loving way makes changes on a much bigger scale than you would imagine. Your world is changing in the manner of thinking and doing. Compassion is growing and more are reaching out and helping one another. This will continue to grow within those who feel the intent of the waves of energy coming in.

Along with the waves of energy comes the changes in your bodies regarding the cells and the necessary adjustment needed for moving into a higher vibration. The body must be able to not only withstand the new and higher vibrations but thrive and be a home for the soul in which to use and express. You want to arrive in this new environment in good standing both mentally and physically and this is being done. Within the energy wave are codes and instructions that make all this possible down to the last detail. There is great wisdom in all these changes you and Gaia are going through.

Those who are not ready for these changes and for moving into the new vibrations find there is a dissonance and an agitation going on in both body and mind and this is making it difficult for them to function in any kind of harmony or happiness. These are the ones who speak out and act out in a negative manner and have problems with most everything they try to do. It is sad to see this happening but free will gives them this choice. Compliance with the will of God is a choice that is given to all and turning from ways they have become accustomed to is just not something they want to do. They will continue their journey in a setting that will give them the opportunity to advance when they are ready to learn. You were told there would be a point where it would be very difficult to catch up for some who waited too long and you are at that point now. The time of becoming is a process and now other things are waiting to take place and your minds and bodies have to be ready for the next steps. Of course there is always a good time to turn to God but if a person has not opened the door they may not be ready to take in the higher vibrations that are coming in now. You can always grow but at some point you have to keep up with the process. We do not mark anyone off or cast them aside but the individuals do this themselves and they know what is needed by the soul for learning and time is given for all to make changes in an environment made for this. All are taken care of as they grow and learn. Placing someone in a higher state of being when they are not ready is ill advised and will not work for them.

Please know that intelligence is behind a soul’s journey as far as the rules are concerned. The individual sets the pace and timing when they are ready. They follow the same path of learning as all do but the circumstances and settings may be different. They have to come to knowing in their own time and no one can do it for them.

Light will continue to come in for awhile yet and there are still some adjustments to be made by most everyone. You are no where near where you used to be years ago. I am on my way to tend to many changes on earth and changes by Gaia and these are tended to by thousands in your skies for this is an intricate and delicate time. Think of what has to be done when you move from one city to another and then raise it to a grand scale of a planet and all her inhabitants. The move is underway.

I leave you now to continue your work for it is greatly needed and all hands should be on deck. The adventure continues.

I am Joseph In His Service

2 thoughts on “March 29, 2021

  1. Have the evil controller’s/cabalist satellite network of communications been taken down, partially destroyed, or is it being dismantled in a stealth manner now? If this a security question which would negatively effect the process, then I respectfully withdraw the inquiry. Thank you to all those who work so hard and so long for our behalf. How may we assist; as boots on the ground in ways we have not already been instructed on? I am feeling and seeing the energy as it increases and it is beautiful.


    1. Dear Randy, The many methods of communication of the dark have mostly been done away with. Few remain but these will soon be inoperable or of no use to them. It has taken many working on this issue for there were several unknown methods being used to send messages in code and technology in communication being what it is today was used with speed and security. The manner in which they were taken down remains under security but let me assure you it is thorough. Continue your work as you have been and try to remain positive concerning the future. Thank you for your work. Joseph


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