March 28, 2021

Let us begin. Unfortunately we cannot choreograph events to everyone’s liking or things would already have happened. There is a reason we are not seeing movement on a bigger scale. You are waiting on economic relief along with a return to a world of peace and safety. We know what you want and there was such a deviation from that scene and frame of mind to what developed in the present day. The dark influence was insidious and lacking in respect for any form of life and part of their success was the fact they chose to move in their direction a step at a time. If they had made larger changes it would have been more noticeable and opposed.

Keep in mind that this is the way you get off track and it seems acceptable to you is a small step at a time. This is why we suggest you keep to a standard of Godly behavior and attitude in your daily routine so that steps in the wrong direction will not get by and you will not have large adjustments to make when they are noticed. There is a blessing in discipline and obedience and instead of a drudgery things of a higher nature can serve you well. The first thing you know you have not been in communication or meditation with the peace and guidance inside and things are getting out of hand with your security and atmosphere of confidence in which steps to take. Be faithful to this practice of going within. Do not let absence become commonplace.

The queue for things to happen is bunching up at the gate, vying for first place on the stage and it is hard to tell what will happen first or when. It is difficult to say when energies and events were more fluid or more numerous. Normally we would say that the energy with the most influence and dominance will come into play first but they all seem to have strength and prominence to happen in a blossoming of presentation in the world arena. This is what we are seeing now and it is somewhat unnerving to think of it all happening at once, or at least trying to. To be sure there is intelligence and order in the grand design of things as God directs major outcomes but your view has to be complex and somewhat confusing. There is a large push by the remaining dark to corrupt and delay any and all efforts toward renewed Light and order regarding their overthrow and demise. It is to be expected since they have made their decisions and refused to turn from their ways and accept the offer for a better way of expressing their lives. What a shame they cannot see more clearly. In retrospect, some have and they are in the process of dealing with their past and we always rejoice when this happens.

God is a loving God and does not deal in revenge of any kind. The bad things that happen to people and in their lives are a result of their own decisions and actions not in harmony with the laws provided. This is difficult for some to see and they continue to blame anyone and everything but themselves. This is why we advocate study, reading and learning of the words concerning correct behavior in love. It is not easy to walk the path of love when traveling in distant and opposing lands devoid of light. This is one reason you were sent here to rise above the main stream of thought and pettiness of mind to show there is a better way so others will know it can be done. You have yet to understand what a beacon of light you have become and how you shine in your fullness on earth. It is a joy to see you down there in the midst of all the chaos. We know it is difficult and not easy to do but we give of our help in all ways we can. Sometimes you just have to shield yourselves with the Light available to you and continue working to help liberate the ones behind the bars. Many want a better earth but they just don’t know how to go about it. Others have turned to God in prayer and are taking steps in the right direction and this is good. Everything positive adds to the collective consciousness of change for the better.

Do not give up and do not lose your determination to vanquish every last vestige of dark influence from the face of the earth, for this is our goal. Sometimes we are like the people in the stands at sports events rooting for their team and emotions run high for that goal or touchdown. We are surprised you do not hear us yelling when even small progress is made and the dark are defeated in one of their attempts to do harm. It is still ongoing in that there is sweeping up still to do. Hold your shields high for the dark are lashing out in every direction to do damage in any way they can. Do not let your guard down thinking they are not at work for they are not resting in any respect on this battlefield and they are in battle mode to destroy.

This is probably not the words you wanted to hear but this is not the time for flowers and time outs for rest. We know you are battle weary and worn but remain alert in your daily attempts to make things better and protect yourselves and remember to travel on the higher levels for there the dark cannot go. They are the ones now imprisoned in the circumstances of their own making and what they have created for you is now their world of darkness. They are lost and don’t know it so they still struggle as the light closes in on them.

I leave you now to remain vigilant as a sentry at the gates with instructions from on high. Continue what you know and be faithful in these last days before the dawn.

I am Joseph In His Service

2 thoughts on “March 28, 2021

  1. Hello, you write in your message: ‘The bad things that happen to people and in their lives are a result of their own decisions and actions not in harmony with the laws provided. This is difficult for some to see and they continue to blame anyone and everything but themselves.’

    I understand that this might be the case for adults, but what about baby’s and children? They have their lessons to learn (as do their parents) and they have agreed to a contract before coming into a life experience with everything that entails. But the cannibalism, pedophilia, adrenochrome harvesting, abortions.. is living or dying like this their life lesson for that particular life? Have they created so much Karma in previous lives (eg being a cannibal themselves) by not following the Laws of Creation, that they have to experience for themselves what that means? Or are these children clones and/or robotoid (lacking a soul, Thought Adjuster, God Spark)?

    I am worried about how far we have deviated from Creation. My biggest concern are the children. Some of them will rise above their experiences and with their knowledge and experience will be able to help others that have experienced the same. But what type of background is currently needed from adults, specialists, to provide the thousands children worldwide being saved now from from f.e. Trafficking to be able to help them?

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    1. Dear Satnayama, This is a good question and deserves an answer. The children all over the world that are dealt with harshly are children of God and in no way deserve what is happening to them. Such a dastardly thing over time and must be stopped. Why are they allowed to suffer this fate? I believe, of course that the perpetrators will face their harsh punishment. We see that many opportunities were given to the ones responsible to turn from their ways but refused. Free will was still in effect until God intervened not long ago. It most assuredly seems that it should have been stopped long ago but it was hoped that more would come to see their sins and repent.

      This question has been discussed by many in the many meetings in your universes by those in key positions and there were many on both sides. One for stopping it immediately and bringing earth to its knees and the other for letting free will play out and encouraging all to come to God. Most everyone we have monitored on earth would vote for stopping this long ago. It has been a major part in the strife and war between the Light and the dark. The final word is that the children, no matter what their background in other lives, are innocent when they come here as children. They in no way deserve their treatment.

      This is one of the answers that will be explained further as to why it was allowed this long as it is so difficult to understand with so little information you have at this time. Hopefully you will see it more clearly when the education time comes and more details are given concerning all suffering, torture and starvation of thousands. I will ask for comfort and understanding to be given to you at night while you sleep as we see you hurting over this issue. I am in your service. Joseph

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