March 27, 2021

Let us begin. We believe that everyone of you was meant to be there on earth at this time. You have a reason and a purpose for being and for being where you are. What have you learned while living on Gaia? How many people have you touched with your lives? You influence so much without even knowing it and the world is a different place with you and your energy in it. Think of yourself as important and influential and the more you realize this the more you will strive to be and do the right things. Self recognition also means learning where your importance comes from for you do not exist just from your own devices but from God. In God you live, move and have your being, whether you acknowledge this fact or not. All things come from Him. Actually God is not a male but a creative energy source present in all things everywhere. So, you see if you believe you don’t count or you don’t matter or have influence you would be incorrect for it is God’s will that you are and are here. Let this God source energy express through you and live each moment of your life gift give rise to the love you are capable of expressing. Let the God given light shine fully in your being and see the world through the eyes of knowing that you have definite purpose and reason to take your place in this world for the reasons God has intended and spend your time trying to understand what that purpose is.

Do not use roadblocks shutting yourself down and questioning if what you do is relevant to anything. No matter what you do, you are still touching lives with your God force and causing the world to be different than it was before you came. You might ask how mopping floors and cleaning carpets can possible be God driven. Make it a point to be thankful no matter what you find yourself doing and realize that your path may change suddenly and take a different direction. Until then be mindful in each moment that you are never alone and you are most certainly loved beyond your comprehension. There is nothing or no one more important than you are for you are a creation and child of God and an expression of His power, glory and magnificence in each second of your life and you can certainly make the most of this if you try. Do not shut yourself down for you are stopping the flow of energy that is creative and expressive and is life giving. Be the gift to the world that you were created to be and take your place with respect to yourself for you are also a gift to God who created you.

Come to acknowledge that you can do many things through God with His direction if you make that connection within and form a relationship with your source of being. The universe is waiting for all children to wake up to their God within. We bring you back now to this moment on your earth and what you can do about everything. Bring your intentions forward and feel the desire to make things better with your prayer and meditations and work with Light and its creative forces. Always ask for God’s direction and know that great things can be accomplished. You will not succeed at anything unless you attempt for in not believing and not doing your are denying possibilities you cannot imagine. See yourself not as a tiny light that might make a difference but as a great Light of God that can accomplish things of His direction for you are not alone in the creating of anything. Ask for the way to be shown to you and join with the energy force of other Light workers and the energies of the earth and universe and you will be amazed at the sight of God’s will being carried out. Do not expect instant results as creation of grand things may take a day or two. I am being humorous here for it may even take longer.

I have given you every reason to think respectfully and highly of God within and God has given you every reason to be effective in your life on every level under His direction. Be not discouraged over what you see as setbacks or roadblocks but attempt again maybe from a different perspective and seek the way before you in quiet time and let peace surround you in its wisdom and knowledge. Listen for His voice within you and know when he is knocking at your door. Practice the quietness of your mind and know that you have to listen for instructions after seeking answers. Have your conversations with God.

I leave you now with these words to your better understanding of your importance to all that is. Smile and be happy.

I Am Joseph In His Service

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