March 26, 2021

Let us begin. We come now to the part where there is a decision on your part as to what you will do. Will you broaden your horizons, take a step of faith and continue your life with the promise of safety and step into the beam coming from a space ship, or do you remain upon earth and take your chances with earth changes where you live? You just may have to make this decision sooner than you think. The indications are that earth is in the beginnings of her roll over now and there is more to come.

We know this is a big step and there was a time in your past when it was contemplated whether to let your earth make her changes and have you remain upon her surface to suffer the consequences. There were many discussions, meetings and conclaves to address this very issue. This would have been one way to remove the dark from earth and be done with the problem. The chances of surviving this big a change are not that good and then there is the aftermath of such an action. This decision involved the input from many different planets and beings.

You see, there was another planet who’s actions ended in destruction and the damage was far reaching and some thoughts concerning the dark were only of getting rid of that influence completely and having a better neighborhood so they would not have to worry about major problems from earth anymore. You had people on your side speaking for evacuation and this was decided, even though it is a more difficult process. Letting nature take it course would have been the easy way out. There were many factors involved and the decision was complicated. So, it is understandable that you would give this decision much thought but do not take too long for it is upon you and when you do not know how long you have, it is always better to be prepared.

There are ways to keep up with everyone and your Father knows where every being is on earth that has a soul. Does this mean there are beings upon earth that do not have a soul? Yes, and these will remain on the surface of earth. There are some people who have made plans to escape to their bunkers below earth and remain there until the destruction is over and they think they will be safe. It is unknown for sure how much destruction there will be or exactly how far reaching it will be and therefore they will be taking a chance of becoming trapped below. In this instance there is no way to tell and their future will be unknown. On the other hand evacuation, which has a good outcome, will take people to safety and there will be everything needed for them when they arrive. You might say that this involves millions of people and that is a lot to prepare for and you would be right. Do you really have a good concept of how large your heavens are? Do you know how many people can be placed upon one very large craft, which has been prepared for you? We are hoping you would like to find out first hand. It is that simple and yet, that complicated for you in the deciding.

Let me speak now of earthly things. Many of you are waiting for a promised announcement and wondering what and when that will be. You may wonder if the talk of an evacuation has changed the announcement and if it is still forthcoming. Yes, the announcement is still forthcoming and it is of importance to you for the subject matter is revealing. It is part of the things you need to know and has not been postponed or put off. You are tired of these carrots put out before you of things to come and you just want the announcement and not the drama. We understand but we go back to everything in its place in the process and it will be revealed. It is hard to honor your request for being told of things to come for then you want the event right then and sometimes it does not happen that quickly and you are left wanting an immediate response and feel disappointed when it does not happen that week. At times we are hard pressed to know what to do regarding how far in advance to give you information of what will be. Then there is always a chance of a delay factor, which alters the event’s arrival and we are aware of your growing lack of belief in our words. We are in a delicate position for giving of information. We do our best.

We would have you give us some wiggle room, as you call it, and know that so many things, if not all, are predicated upon your behavior and response to what happens daily in your life regarding everything. Your thoughts and responses help form everything and this is taken into consideration in determining what and when we give you information. Then if circumstances change in your thoughts and responses it would also change what and when we give of certain information. The unknowns of your responses to many things are quite numerous and we monitor them daily to know how to serve you best with the giving of what is to come. We have a difficult job to perform in that the entire picture is very large and all encompassing in its scope and range. The announcement is coming.

Our encouraging words of going within and forming a close relationship with God within for your security, your stability and your guidance for all things is ongoing and we repeat it often for that is your true compass in all matters. There is no truer source for you than this. As hard as we try to give you the help you need we are not better than the God within you and this source is ever present. We do take our instructions from this Source as our instructions where you are concerned are God given but we do not replace this relationship you have with your creator. Go with your inner guidance concerning evacuation and meditate on this decision but we tell you that the earth changes are severe in nature and are before you now.

Life can go on and you can continue learning, laughing and enjoying your days. They will just be in a different neighborhood if you step into the beam to a different location. If you stay on earth the chances of being happy with a continued life are not good. We are here to serve and help you.

I leave you now with these words to consider. Some decisions are bigger than others and this is a big one.

I am Joseph In His Service

4 thoughts on “March 26, 2021

  1. Hello Joseph peace be with you. I have some question for you. You say that in the past some civilization living in the planet in the distant past have been relocated to another place. did they ever come back to Earth again what are of them right now?
    If we relocate are we going to come back again or this is one way ticket.
    And who are the civilization involved in this evacuation rescue mission.
    what kind of life are we going to have that is a big (……..) question.


    1. Other civilizations evacuated from the earth remained where they were taken as it was quite pleasing to them at the time. Other planets are not what you might imagine and there are many you do not know about. Their lives continued there as they would surely not have done so had they stayed on earth. This was many years ago in your history. They were assimilated into another star system and had help in adjusting.

      If you are evacuated you will most likely be taken to a large ship until earth is inhabitable again and this length of time is unknown at present. Many of you will return for you are the re-builders and restorers that are needed so desperately for Gaia’s return to good health. Yes, we have that many large ships that can accommodate everyone for you need to remember many will not want to leave earth. It is their choice.

      The rescue mission involves many planets and star systems. Sirius, Pleiades, Vega, Antares and many that you would not recognize the name for many came from far off to help at this time. Many do not have the same form as you do but be advised that at first you will only see those who look mostly like you do. Some cannot be seen at all except for their light form and energy. We do not want to evacuate you and rescue you only to have you give up and succumb to shock and this we understand.

      What kind of a life will you have after evacuation? I would think a good one and one of your making for more opportunities for continued study and education will be offered and your life will be what you make of it. Thank you for your questions. Joseph


  2. You know I’ve heard the whole evacuation thing before… but the more I meditate on it the more it seems this really could be what I signed up for in my timeline… to just be a loving voice of assurance to anyone that needs to be beamed up in my own personal sphere of influence or even beyond but either way whatever happens it’s clear that as of late the message has been to me “100% surrender to Love/God/Father/Source/Baba”, my health has always been surrendered to God… but now it has to be everything, I have to step aside and let the voice of love run the show, I would imagine there’s others that read here on a similar path of surrender to God/Father.

    But come hell or high water, I’m in God/Love’s hands, so be it. Love and blessings to everyone who reads here, maybe we’ll all be meeting aboard ship sooner then we think.


  3. Joseph, I am rereading the posts as you suggested. I want to humbly thank you and your scribe for the persistent time and commitment you have selflessly shown through the continuity of your messages.

    For those who have read your posts and Prosper’s posts in order, the timing of the announcement that man will need to consider evacuating the earth was well placed as it followed your superb teachings and council on numerous eternal truths. These messages convey to the reader your depth of understanding, reverence for God, your commitment to live by His laws, and to follow His command. These messages contain with them not only the words and meanings, but the spirit needed to give the reader that level of comfort and assurance needed to put them at peace with the big idea of boarding a craft and leaving their lives, family and future in the hands of not only strangers, but extra Terrestrial strangers, which has been your goal from the beginning. I can only imagine the enormity of the undertaking. I send my love and light from Source to you and all who work with you to bring about a temporal salvation for the children of Gaia. Your brother, Jay


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