March 25, 2021

Let us begin. We know there are things you don’t understand and they are important to you. It is not enough for us to say just have faith and all will turn out well in the end. You are involved in this endeavor up to your head and a certain amount of understanding is required on your part. The thing that has caused more confusion is that plans were changed frequently and accommodations had to be made regarding everything it seems. Things and plans at the beginning don’t even closely resemble what they are now and who could have foreseen all the roadblocks and setbacks that have happened. It has been a trip and a half we have all gone through but the good part is that we are still here trying and not giving up.

One of the things not clearly understood is the statement we have made that the dark have been defeated. This is true but there are still big elements in your reality that have to be overcome still and we are working on that now. You want to know how this earth evacuation fits into the plans and at what point this will happen. There is an intelligence in the sequence and order of what will happen and some things just have to be a certain way. You don’t put the icing on the cake until it is baked and that is what we are looking at here. Gaia is going through a step up and this means different energies and vibrations for her and this causes earth adjustments that will affect you. We don’t mean that all will happen within the next week and it will probably take longer than you want but once things begin to happen it will be a rapid succession of events that you will hardly be able to keep up with. This is the nature of what we are facing now.

Events kept being moved and did not happen when first planned to give everyone more time to change their ways and come into the will of God and this includes both the dark and everyone else. Remember the black boxes were placed along the fault lines at one point to delay the major earthquakes to buy more time. Then there were the numerous times those on earth in key positions went back on their word and promise to fulfill certain agreements they made. Several involved signed contracts that would hold up in court but we chose not to take it in that direction believing we could accomplish what was needed without it. One involved the use of a major network for announcements. This fell through and there were other agreements you knew nothing about that were not honored. It has been a most difficult thing to gain ground in some areas along this journey. Many times information was given and the response was somewhat less than hoped for in the numbers reading and caring about what was said. Those devoting their energies to the cause have been faithful and their numbers are increasing and have been all along the way but still this is not the response we had hoped for. We wanted our messages to take hold and spread like wildfire and this did not happen.

Subjects that were once in the forefront of discussion were pushed down the list because of other topics taking their place in importance. They were still on the list but not brought up because of major happenings that needed explaining at the time. You have been confronted with a vast array of important issues to deal with and the most recent have been the Presidential election in the US and the world wide concern over the Covid virus. Your focus drifted away form the topic of stasis and of the magnetic pole adjustments that were inevitable and the resulting necessity for a world wide evacuation that had been discussed at length in the past. Still you have all these things in front of you now and they are getting in the way of each other in your mind and you don’t know how to place them in the list of importance. I tell you now that all of them are important and not one can be thrown aside.

Do not feel overwhelmed with what is happening or what you see as the lack of what is happening for it is taking place in the order and sequence of how it should unfold. Go back to the things that are stable items in your path and those things are directed work with Light and connection with God within for direction and peace for these times of stress in your world. Some things you now know from experience are solid and can be depended on and hold to these in your daily life. We will continue to be here and are not going anywhere. When you see us in your skies you will have the confirmation of visual presence which most of you want and need. Up until now these events of seeing us in your skies have been viewed by a few but there will come a time when they cannot be denied because the numbers seeing them will be in the thousands.

Once established the connection between you and God within cannot be undone, removed or destroyed. It is the most important key factor to everything else in your life and in your decision making from top to bottom. I cannot over emphasize this statement of importance concerning your turning to the will of Creator and your guidance and attuning to what is given to you. Only God knows what is needed for you and what adjustments need to be made and what is important for you for it is different for everyone. He knows your past, your present and your heart. Your every need is known and you are loved through out completely. The more you realize this connection the more you will want this relationship and you will not want to give it up. There will always be a place of peace concerning God within and this source will remain a comfort and joy no matter what challenges you face in your journey. This life is only part of your learning and advancement and you will go on to greater learning and advancement and accomplish things you cannot imagine now. I encourage you to look forward to the amazing times available to you with your relationship with God. You will be amazed.

I leave you now to consider my words and I encourage you to be optimistic in what is to come for it is part of a larger picture.

I am Joseph In His Service

3 thoughts on “March 25, 2021

    1. Stasis is a cessation of movement and concerns people and animals. It is used when adjustments are needed for earth and cannot be accomplished when the earth is rotating. It is a harmless method of repairs or bringing into alignment of energies. It is a worldwide thing and is only used when needed. It has been done many times and you never know when it happened. Joseph


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