March 24, 2021

Let us begin. We know you have questions concerning my last message and we are here to answer them for you. Yes, your earth has been evacuated before and people were taken off to different locations of safety. This was a long time ago in your history and you have no record of this. Your earth is much older than you know and many civilizations have come and gone.

There are different reasons a planet will do this tilting. One reason for an imbalance is the disturbance from another heavenly body that travels close to earth and exerts a magnetic pull. Another is being hit by debris in space. One thing you have had to contend with on earth is the heaviness of darkness in certain areas which makes your orb off balance and unable to rotate in a balance way. Earth has been fighting this for a long time. At present energies are unbalanced and need to readjust throughout the entire planet and that time is upon you. Gaia has postponed this for many years, trying to give her children more time to turn away from dark ways and turn to God. She has paid a big price to do this in terms of harm to her. It would have been to her advantage to give in to this re-balancing long ago but her love for you is strong.

We understand it is difficult to contemplate giving up everything and taking a chance to go somewhere else you are not familiar with but these are very important measures of saving lives. The disturbances in coast lines alone with inundating water will cover many acres and the water will come inland and cover land for miles when this happens. Gaia has also delayed her shifts in tectonic plates and we cannot say for sure when this will happen. She was determined to buy more time for you but now it can be put off no longer and these moves have to take place.

We wish we could give you some type of time line when these things will happen but that is not possible other than to tell you that all indications show these things will happen and now plans have to be made. We have more than enough ships to evacuate everyone and places are ready for you and have been ready for some time now. We saw this coming and started warning you long ago. Many are concerned about being separated from children and we tell you that families will be kept together concerning parents and children. There is the element of free will choice and no one will be forced to step into a beam of light against their will. Does this mean loved ones other than parents and children will be separated? Free will gives them this choice.

Are there dangers in this procedure? The biggest problem is with fear. Fear races the heart and raises blood pressure and brings about changes in the body that puts a stress on bodily systems. If you are severely impaired then fear is a danger and you should remain as calm as possible. Remaining calm is a key factor here because when you step into the beam of light you should remain still and calm. This procedure is safe and works well and has for many years of your time.

Now we get to the lies that are floating around and being spread by those who do not know us. We are trying to help you continue your life in the body you are in now. We have no desire to cause you harm and do not want to take anything from you. We have everything we need but we come to help you for this is God directed and His desire that this be done. We have comfortable chairs we could be sitting in when this happens and our viewers would give us a close up of the events but this is not our way. Our desire to help you is driven by love and there is no way we could idly stand by and not lift a hand to help you during this time. Permission has been given for us to intervene. You may have been watching too many movies where creatures from other planets have different motives and wish you harm. This is not the case with us and please do not fear our motives. You will adjust to new surroundings and you will be safe to continue your lives if you let us help.

Please ask your questions and we will answer so that you can understand what will take place. There are provision for animals also and they can be taken to safety. The time period for recovery from this tilt is unknown because we cannot determine the extent of any earthquakes or volcanoes that may happen. It may take awhile and I mean years for the land to be in condition for people to return. Once we give you the alert that we are coming and then we appear in your skies, time is of the essence and we prefer you drop everything and prepare to board. Yes, it is that important that you do so for it is a world wide event.

All of a sudden this puts things in perspective for you. Are long range plans looking different to you now? Our job is to prepare you for this event and tell you that help is at hand so that you do not perish. Study our words carefully and than study the earth and her physical events on a daily basis. See for yourself the increase in earthquakes and how severe they are. Look at volcanic activity and add all these things up for a clearer picture. Make your decision wisely when considering everything and go within for guidance.

I leave you now with these heavy decisions to think on. Our purpose in all this help for earth and her inhabitants has not changed from the very first day we arrived and that is to help everyone to the best of our ability. This is our directive and our God given instructions.

I am Joseph In His Service

9 thoughts on “March 24, 2021

  1. Is the pole shift happening because the Archon’s and Artificial Intelligence (evil spirits) feel like they are losing control and are using technology to make this happen?

    Will the Great Awakening and Ascension be cancelled or postponed?

    Could this be the alien invasion that Verner Van
    Braun spoke of on his death bed?

    Is the pole shift causing humans to be disoriented, dizzy and off balance?

    Be Free Joy


    1. The tilt has nothing to do with artificial intelligence or dark forces, other than the heaviness of dark energy caused by the dark causing an imbalance in the rotation and this exacerbates the situation. This anomaly is caused by energies which are difficult to explain regarding moving into a different energetic location in the heavens and earth is birthing into her advanced vibrations of a higher dimension. This is a simple explanation but for now it will have to do. It is part of advancement and leaving the old behind.

      The great awakening and ascension will not be cancelled at all and this event is part of the whole thing. The timing and sequence of it all is well planned and part of the whole advancement process and following scientific patterns set out in the beginning for your planet. It will become more clear to you as it all happens. The principles governing such events are being followed and earth strategy is being followed for this time. Gaia is advancing.

      The alien invasion that was spoken of by Wernher Von Braun was part of a vision he experienced and he was not understanding what he was feeling and seeing at the time. It was predicated on his understanding of space travel from other planets and his assumption that visitors would be more intelligent than earth residents and a takeover would happen. Also he may have been pulling memory from a different time in earth history when beings did come to earth and stay. If life on other planets is more advanced it does not automatically mean they want to take over. Your earth is a beautiful heavenly body but advanced beings can also mean loving and compassionate beings.

      We do not want to take over or invade and as I have stated before we have everything we need and a very enjoyable life. Earth was not given to us. The pole shift is only at a wobble at present and what is causing dizziness are the intense energy waves coming to earth and they can cause a disorientation. They will continue to increase in intensity and strength.

      Thank you for your questions. Joseph


  2. Thank you dear Joseph for your in depth explanations! I feel so much better now, whew! Learned about the pole shift from school. Did not think I would live to see it. Scary stuff! We will Be Free Joy with patience and in thankfulness for the greatness to come because of the boundless, eternal love from our Creator.

    I am new to your teachings so please enlighten me, are you from another dimension such as God’s Angels and if so what dimension? Do you have a physical body or are you light/energy beings?

    Much appreciation for all you have done and are doing!


    1. Dear Julia, I have a body that can be seen but reside in a higher vibration and at present am on a large ship over your earth. I am from the Pleiades and have come long ago to help earth and her people through this historical making time. I am usually in a higher dimension than 5th dimension but lower my vibration so that I can communicate with those upon earth. It is a coordinated effort taking pre-arranged actions for this purpose to establish a dedicated communication with someone on your surface. It has certainly been a pleasure for me to help and has been a joy to do so. Joseph

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      1. Dear Joseph,

        Thank you for letting me know who I am communicating with, I’m sure others who are new may wonder as well. It is my opinion that the more we know about you and the mission, the more we can learn to trust your words.

        We have been deceived and manipulated so much it is refreshing to hear some WAY FAR OUT truth that rings true inside your heart. Looking forward to learning and growing.

        Is meditation the only way to alleviate the dizziness and disorientation?

        Thanks for your kindness in answering questions,



      2. The dizziness and disorientation are sometimes difficult to alleviate because the energies now are in constant fluctuation. Clean water, plenty of rest and a diet of light food go along with meditation and this is your best answer. Joseph


  3. Hi i need Help joseph! I have a Big but simple question, it is Big because up til now Nobody is able to answer this question, about AStral beings attachments to Dolls. ‘aka Haunted Dolls’ . Even psychics are not able to See what happens in the astral. Here is my question. What happens when you leave food for the spirit. for the haunted dolls who have spirit attached to it or bound to it. Do they eat it or only draw the energies from it. or actually eat it on that side of the astral realm and just not physically eaten? or does this work. LIke when people leave offerings to the spirit, or to the haunted dolls. I think i may have a Haunted doll and i tried to offer food to the spirit. but i dont know if He/She takes it or not. i am not psychic to know. Can u do a check up on these Offerings to spirits. Nobody in the human world have the answer they Only just guessed. and that doesn’t cut it with me. people say this people say that. Draw energies , some say they it’s only a gesture and not actually eat it. some say they Eat it. i just dont know! We need someone from the 5th-6th dimension or higher to See it happening and tell us the Big answer to this long time Question which nobody has the truth to it. And i think not even the most powerful psychic can see it happening, Only the greatest Astral traveler can find out. or Someone from your realm.


    1. Astral beings can attach to most anything, not only dolls. The energy they have varies with each being but the beings thrive off of energy from people and events, such as gatherings of weddings, funerals and such like and not the food. The leaving of food is more to do with years of customs and respect for the departed and also wanting to appease the being so no harm will come to the living. They do not actually eat the food but take in the energy from the people offering. Always protect yourself with light and ask for protection for some astral beings are of a negative nature and you should not try to communicate with them. I suggest that you always pray for the departed and let them seek their energy from the source of Creator and not from the living for this is not what they should be doing. It is not your job to give of your energy to negative astral beings. It is good to respect your departed loved ones but be careful of associating yourself with those you do not know. Thank you for your question. Joseph


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