March 23, 2021

Let us begin. I wonder how many of you would consider getting on a UFO? We hear lots of talk about wanting them to land and wanting to talk to people who would come out of one but in case of an emergency, how many of you would get on one to save their life? We have had several instances in the past where people in danger areas have been removed before an event, like and airplane crash, to save their lives and they continued to live in a different location. We don’t always do this, only in certain circumstances. There are many questions that have to be answered correctly before this is done for they are very special circumstances.

Back in the 1960s we started giving out information that there would be a polar tilt where the earth would begin to wobble and then continue to change positions where a different location was at the north pole and a different location at the south pole. Certain plans were formed to evacuate everyone on the planet, or at least give them an opportunity to evacuate, when this happened. This action of earth was delayed but a close watch began to monitor earth for signs of this eventuality. We have not completely removed this from the possibility of happening and want to mention it here to say that it is still within reason that this can occur. We will give you further information concerning this in the future. Certain forces have begun to pull a small wobble in the earth’s rotation and we are keeping a close eye on it. We have evacuated planets before and are well practiced in this process. There is no need for fear or anxiety but you do need to be informed of what is going on. With all else that is going on, now you have to have this come at you from left field and we regret this intrusion of another thing to consider.

There have been several descriptions of an event like this over the years and it has also been referred to as a magnetic pole reversal and a magnetic tilt, with somewhat different descriptions. Both of these scenarios involve the earth’s magnetic poles moving to a different location with the earth not actually changing places, only the magnetic poles moving. What we are talking about now is an actual tilting of the earth to one side during its rotation. We are watching this closely and will try to keep you better informed of this possibility. We are fully capable of both monitoring earth’s rotations and giving you further indications of any necessary information. Please stay tuned.

Now, let us talk of what ifs. In case there was a danger of this happening, after careful consideration of close monitoring, would you want to be taken off planet to another location of safety? Is it within your consideration to take this big step to save the life of your family? Unfortunately this question has to be brought up at this time. For now think about it. Where would you go, you might ask. We would see that you were placed with all needs met regarding environment and air quality. As we have stated, we have done this very thing before. How can we suggest this where it doesn’t sound out of the question for you to consider? It is not out of the question that this might happen again.

If so, it will be on an emergency basis and time will be of the essence. We have to bring this topic up to you again now after all these years. We know you have questions and we will try to answer them all. For now we give this idea to you a little at the time for it has been commanded that we do so. Those in authority have made the decision that this be done to keep you informed and it was not done without long hours of contemplation and decision making. We would not bring up such a serious subject just on a maybe or a whim. Certain imbalances on earth have caused an unbalanced pressure on the axis and created a heaviness in areas that would make this a topic to study for further consideration. This has been going on for some time now and has advanced to a level where we need to inform you of eventualities if it continues. This has happened many years ago in your history. We continue to watch this closely and will give you more information concerning this issue. It is not done lightly, we assure you.

I leave you now with the promise that we will make this as clear to you as possible. More information is coming. For now we have broken the subject to you for your consideration. This is necessary or we would not do it. You are in God’s hands and a way out of danger will be provided, for you will not be left to chance and uninformed.

I am Joseph In His Service

4 thoughts on “March 23, 2021

  1. Sure, I would do that to save my family. I’m pretty sure I already have because I dream about it often. Thank you for your continued messages.


  2. Thank you, Joseph, for bringing this up.

    Most , definitely. Ever since reading the Phoenix Journals around 5 years ago I am mentally prepared for a pole shift and/or axis shift. I have food for many people if it were decided no pick up would be necessary. I would most certainly want to be picked up with my family.

    Thank you

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  3. Yes, your earth has been evacuated before and people were taken off to different locations of safety. This was a long time ago in your history and you have no record of this. Your earth is much older than you know and many civilizations have come and gone. Joseph


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