March 22, 2021

Let us begin. We see many trying to figure out what to do regarding the vaccines. Should they get them or not. It is being recommended by the governments to keep people safe and keep them from dying. We believe that Covid is becoming less and less and is on its way out and the people have done a good job of keeping it from spreading. Most have followed the rules and kept out of large groups. The washing of hands has been good also. We are not sad to see it go and we certainly do not want it to make a come back. People need to be free and to walk in the sun without masks. They need to visit with friends and meet in groups and tell jokes and have fun. Social aspects of society are very important to good health.

Those responsible will have things to answer for and their impact upon the world also included the lies regarding increasing fear in everyone, or at least trying to increase fear. Some did not buy it and continued to be free in their actions. Imparting fear is a number one tactic to keep people in control and is an old favorite. The year 2020 will long be remembered but it does contain efforts to divide people so they can be more easily controlled. The dark has failed. The people got a taste of it and realized they did not like being controlled. Their strength is coming back.

So much is being kept from you regarding your government and their attempts to rule by a few at the top. It is a long standing continuation of mind control to keep you working and sending in tax money for use in different areas of interest to make more money or exert more control over the masses. Along the way there were those who attempted to go against the few at the top and they met with threats and disappointments and some even death. This truth will come out and be told. Honesty would get you killed in the past.

Your world is changing and the movement against being kept at home is being challenged. This will be a summer of freedom and those at the top will think twice about using the same tactics again for you are catching on rapidly. You have decided freedom is a better choice, for staying immobile and wearing masks was also not in the best interest of good health. It also had its consequences. It turns out people can think for themselves and the days of blind sheep to be herded may be on the way out. We will see what happens.

Let me speak now of coming to terms with your past. History contains elements you are not aware of and reasons for certain actions are not what you thought they were. Wars were contrived at times in your past to make money and they did make money for those in control. This has been a favorite thing to use when more money is needed or wanted in certain pockets. The deaths of thousands of men and women who were basically sacrificed served to keep the numbers down and this was a desired side effect. Your best people were sent for reasons of greed for the most part and those behind it will be asked to face judgment and pay for their crimes.

Also in your past is the fight for control by one country over another and this desire for power fit into the hands of those who did want war and this desire for power was used to contrive the wars that were desired by the few at the top and do not make a mistake here, for there are only a few at the top who do control things. Others fit into the plans and if they did not the chess game began until the desired emotions were brought about and used to move the chess pieces into the proper positions for the desired results. It has happened many times in the world arena. Puppet strings were attached to heads of countries and the strings were pulled. A few well placed words and a few attacks implicating certain ones and the game was on. Those at the top were driving the aggression and the war was on. So many have died and left many grieving at home. This will fall on the responsible parties and the review of deeds will take place and laws of God will be followed. It cannot be avoided and there is no where to hide. Be prepared to know many were sacrificed for little reason other than profit.

The past has many secrets and they will be brought out and so many are ready to hear about the secrets and what went on behind closed doors. That is the trouble with going against God’s laws. You cannot get by with going against them and the day will come when a review of life will take place and this time there will be truth in the review of what took place. It will happen and is happening now concerning those who have already been arrested. We know you are ready for this to come out into the public, even though you do not realize what an in depth review will bring out. You are ready for action of review and for the secrets to come forward. You await some type of movement in the open that will reveal change and work for honest government to replace the ones ruling countries now. It is time and you want to see it happen. Your prayers will be answered and are being answered at this time whether you know of the movements or not. So much cannot be seen from your view point.

As time goes by a review will show that intervention was taking place and the road to complete freedom was started and is being carried out now. It is in the process and we know you are also tired of hearing this but it is true and it will be shown so there will be no doubt. There is power in your thinking and also in this time of patience and waiting to see what you want to see. We understand you have suffered long enough. If you are tired of having patience and want action what steps will you take for this to happen? What can you do to bring this about? You have heard about the power of prayer and seen it work in your past. Do not set it aside now and give up your meditations and visualizations and give up your work now because you are tired of waiting. If you knew how much you are needed there would be no question of action and continuing. You underestimate yourselves.

We urge you to continue your work in these positive creative areas and do not falter because of unseen results. The wheels are turning and you are headed in the right direction for we can see it from our vantage point. Feel the difference in the love that is present and the vibrations present now containing the help that you have wanted and needed. Please continue.

I leave you now to think on these things but mostly to continue your actions to bring about the changes you want.

I am Joseph In His Service

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