March 21, 2021

Let us begin. Often it comes to us that many are in a quandary concerning attitude. What is the right stance to take mentally about others who do not choose to advance or study or learn anything about who they are or why they are here. They wander through life trying to have a good time and forget serious subjects but keep up with current movie stars or famous people. What do we say to them after we have been told to spread the word of what is going on? We would say to you that they have free will and if they refuse to take seriously what is happening then walk away for they have chosen their course and made their decisions. They are not ready to confront the subjects at present and it will take more time for them. Learning has to be given time and the mind and heart are not ready to receive. More experience has to be given to have them receptive. One day they will ask questions, first to themselves and then to others. Eventually they will ask of God, but for now they will decide how they live their life and how they react to everything.

It is hard to step back and watch loved ones not be interested in truth for as you see it they will travel down the wrong road and this is disturbing for you. We see your lives before us and know that where they are, you have been. There was a time when you also did not ask the difficult questions and made your decisions. They will open their eyes when they are ready and seek truth when they are receptive. Love them enough to let them choose their own time to seek, for then they will listen, not only to you, but to their unseen teachers and God within. There will come a time when things will happen to trigger the appropriate circumstances and the questions will form and come forth and this is God’s timing for them. You are challenged when having to walk away before this time happens for you want them to understand and they are not ready. They are loved in the same way and the God within them waits on his children to turn to Him and seek Him in their journey, whenever this may be. This is how it happened for you.

There will be those who think they know truth and will not be moved in their opinion of who is right and you may be the recipient of harsh words for your knowing and your beliefs, but again walk away and do not let their criticisms burden you with unkind words. Do not carry around the thinking that you must prove to them that you are right and they are wrong. Carry your light and know from whence it comes for you have experienced the questions and the answers came and you are living your truth and your light. Know that each one is responsible for their own journey and their choices and their beliefs and you must believe in yourself.

When a person is ready they will ask and the door will be open. Do not flood them with information but answer their questions honestly with love and then let them take time to think on what is given. Things will happen that you will know and many will not believe you know what is going on for how could you when they did not and they see themselves as intelligent people. What gave you the right to this knowledge. Why was it not given to them. Little do they know how you have searched and asked in prayer and meditation for many days and nights for answers until you focused on the right questions and sought out the answers and meaning behind them. Your journey is continuing and so is theirs. Be kind when they ridicule you and call you names and say you are crazy or insane or of the devil for they do not see the whole picture clearly. We take time to work our way into a clear picture and then you realize how little you know and you keep going forward to learn more.

This journey is not easy and will not be easy for you have been given the opportunity to live with unbelievers and times are difficult. If everyone knows what was going on, what would be your purpose for being here. You are in the cauldron with all the harsh realities and living in these conditions brings about many challenges and harsh words and criticisms from others is part of it. Fortify yourselves for this time is about to come when you will stand out because you are solid in your knowing and your belief carries you through the unfolding without the reaction most will go through. You will stand out in your stance and reaction to all that will happen and you will be doubted by others and they may be afraid of you. Go forward in your knowing and truth and do not let fear be a companion for it will distort your vision. In times of unsteadiness go within and hold on to your source of strength and walk through all the confusion and fear and mind disturbing individuals that would throw you off course and bring you down so that they would have a companion to travel with. Remain on the high road and let God be your companion in and through what comes about, no matter what it may be.

You know now where your strength comes from and you know how to keep going when so much negativity is going on around you. Keep returning to that place within where truth is given and your reason for being here is always before you. You are never alone and those of like mind are abundant for you can join forces with them and together be strong. Do not forget your brothers and sisters in this mission you have chosen and fortify each other mentally no matter how far away they may be. This is a joint mission and you are together in your purpose of bringing earth forward no matter how many detractors may surround you.

I leave you now to think on these things, to gain strength in faith and in belief and to walk your path in Light and Love for you were God sent. Be at peace as much as possible in the midst of chaos for if you do not then who will?

I am Joseph In His Service

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