March 20, 2021

Let us begin. I see many who are preparing for something to happen and yet not knowing what that something is. There is movement from several different sources including the monetary system and the political front. People also are just tired of being held back by rules, laws and taxation, which do not let individuals express and live in a manner they feel free to do. They are bound by necessity to work incessantly to fulfill the requirements brought about by law. So, the feelings rising are a combination of several things, but the desire for freedom is unified and well defined.

We bring up the desire for freedom because it is world wide and brought about into focus by the restrictions of the Covid virus and government mandates. We seldom see a planet so moved by the same emotions as this time on earth and there is mounting energy to bring about the end to being kept at home and the wearing of masks. There is something else that comes into play here that is sometimes overlooked and that is the human touch. To connect with others on a physical basis has reason behind it and gives of friendship and love and is now denied going against the expression and flow of energy from one to another. This has been in the process of being denied because of ill intent in the past concerning the inappropriate actions of some and is now totally seen as ill advised for health reasons. The human touch is known to be healing in many cases of illness but there is more behind it.

The energy from one body to another for the purposes of healing is an old concept and used in more of the old practices. All forms of this being denied does not go well with anyone on a deeper level than you might think. This is another reason for wanting change and freedom and you do not have to understand it to want the restrictions lifted.

There is growing movement for this freedom and more people are stepping out and stepping up to voice their questions concerning the wisdom of continued restrictions. People want the freedom also to choose how they intelligently assess the information given to them concerning the whole picture of the Covid story. The time for government control is not only being reviewed but confronted and many have decided that many decisions do not belong to the government but returned back to the people and more local government. This is what we see going on concerning the world at this time. Your history is not one of freedom but of restrictions and for the first time the energy grows world wide to be free from all of it and this time will not be denied.

Now can we talk of eventualities coming. The time progresses and chapters are closing and completion of energies are upon you and those who came here from other places to help during this time of earth transition have completed their missions, or soon will. Many will be returning home and the method of return for many will be in a ship from their home planet. Those who are keeping track of you and the many lives you have lived on earth are well aware of your timing of return and are ever ready to see this is done properly when the time comes. This method has been accomplished many times before at other locations and is nothing new for them or you. Nothing is left to chance so do not wonder if you have been forgotten or if you will be left out. When, you might ask. Again there is a sequence of events that is coming and not determined by time but by accomplishment and this will be the deciding factor. We feel certain memories will return as time goes on as energies are more readily accepted within the consciousness. What would have been strange a few years ago will fall into place within some and they will plan accordingly.

Other eventualities concern those loosing their physical bodies and making transitions of a different kind to close out this life for them but they are also in loving hands and have not been forgotten. Remember all is as it should be and decisions have been made regarding certain aspects of departure from Gaia. The ascension process is still in the future for earth and the inhabitants upon her and some will be moving up into a higher vibration and not losing their physical body. As you can see there is a lot going on at this time and this takes many hands to help and they are here and have been giving of their services to see that all goes as well as possible for everyone and all things.

Everyone has had a chance to make their decision of following God and especially the dark have been given every opportunity to turn from their ways. Some have. Most on earth now are followers and some not even realizing the repercussions of the decisions they have made in the past. It has been decided for the most part and plans solidified.

Things will become more evident for you and a lot of your questions will be answered by the unfolding of events and information coming out. Pay attention to what is going on and as I always remind you, remain in the council of the God within you and seek His guidance. I leave you now with all this going on and the eventualities in front of you. The phone is ringing and it is for you.

I am Joseph In His Service

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