March 19, 2021

Let us begin. I see understanding in many and acceptance of God’s timing and way of bringing things about. It is pleasing to be in this state of harmony and peace resides within the mind and heart. It is disconcerting to go against the flow of things and acceptance and faith is better. Many desires of God take time and also many desires of God are thwarted by man’s reluctance to be obedient and for these two reasons movement seems slow.

I would like to speak now of compliance with creation and nature. The understanding of nature and plant and animal behavior adds to harmony and another step further than acceptance is working with both. The plants are bound by their own laws of need for good water and light but also they possess an intricate system of communication with each other. It is quite accurate in nature and is just now being discovered by science. Although not completely understood it is most comprehensive for their abilities aid them in not only resisting all types of harm but in fortifying themselves and thriving. Man has worked to understand only that part which allows him to take of the life giving qualities of certain plants but there is much to learn regarding the symbiotic nature of how one plant works with another to aid both. Plants are hardly at cross purposes with each other. Man could learn so much more about plants and it would aid both man and plants. There is much healing to be gained yet from plants.

Taking different types of plants from one country to another is not always a good idea for a plant’s chemistry is somewhat determined not only by the weather and soil but the vibration of that native location and when put in another country it changes the frequency of the plant and therefore the intention. You must still think in terms of vibration and their reason and purpose for being, with plants because they can be moved. If given for healing, then the conditions when created and given must be maintained to continue to adhere to the healing qualities of that plant and its intention for being. When the intent behind a plant is pure in its origin then the healing qualities are maintained in that country and environment when first established.

Plants for food are somewhat different as they can be given from one country to another for consumption as to be digested and turned into energy and physical regeneration. You see the plant adapts to the new environment knowing the people consuming the food there are also adapting to that environment and they are compatible. The plan therefore works. There is a belief that plants know if they are being raised for the purpose of making money only or if they are being grown by loving families for life giving qualities and there is wisdom in this belief in that plants do respond to surrounding vibrations from intent. It would help if food being considered for eating from far away would have a sensor telling if it would be compatible with you. I am not saying to not eat food from other countries, only that food may harmonize better if compatible with your system. The same would apply with plants for healing. It would help if the plant would tell if it is efficacious in healing what is not in harmony with you, but unfortunately there is no information by looking at the plant. Long ago information of healing plants and their purposes was given and written down and have continued to be available through the many years but few take note in today’s modern world.

Information will be given for a better understanding of plants and their purposes. They are most interesting and have yet to be appreciated in their fullest by the majority of people. Consider that the energy of creation goes into all living things and plants share this source of creation and energy and willingly give of it to you. A seed planted with loving intent in a tended garden by loving hands has a higher life giving vibration and so do plants raised by farmers who’s intent is for the betterment of mankind. The connection between all things is stronger than has been realized and the same goes for your influence in the world. Not only would it be helpful to understand this in its entirety but also to understand how to read that compatibility with all other things, or the lack thereof.

We come again to the teachings of everyone being connected but in reality all things are connected. Love one another has a much broader concept in its meaning when you consider that everything is connected, not just people. There is only one source of all things and the intelligence behind vibrational compatibility is so immense that it is hard to conceive of the science and structure behind it. Whether you curse the world or bless the world makes a whole lot of difference in everything.

I leave you now hopefully with a bigger understanding of a much broader picture of everything. Consider the in depth purpose and reasoning of everything you have never really thought about before and see how that understanding would increase your reverence and respect of the Creator of all things. I ask you to consider this for a moment.

I am Joseph In His Service

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