March 18, 2021

Let us begin. It behooves me to impress upon you the importance of staying in connection with your guidance and your God within. Listen closely to any urging or instruction that is given and when in doubt pray and meditate freely upon any subject or question. The connection of that question will be made, even if the answer is not known to you at that moment. The answer will be in the works, so to speak, and will be received by you when it and you are in compatible receptivity together. Guidance is real and I invite you to let it be real in your life.

Do not be afraid to change your mind. What was once a rule of thumb for you in the way of guidance in times past does not mean it will remain etched in stone for the rest of your life. You, along with your guidance, will change along your growing and what was once appropriate is now the new and improved guidance, for lack of a better description. Your guidance is customized and designed for your every need and sees within a state of insight connected with you that is in the moment. It is a highly underrated resource you have and I would ask that you attune yourself to receiving this help for it is readily available for you to ask. Do not give up and continue to go within and know that part of receiving is silence on your part. You cannot receive when you are continually telling of what you want.

When you are seeking answers, know where to shop. If you are seeking tools go to the hardware store but when you are seeking of God then seek in love and higher attributes of your life with reverence and respect for the Source. Seek peacefully and in harmony with all that is. When you are surrounded in chaos, do not look for answers within that chaos but seek guidance on another level of a higher understanding and that is not confusion and contradiction and misdirection. Establish within you a place of purity of thought that is created in Light and producing of love and this is where you will find your guidance. It may take practice but most of all it takes desire on your part. You have to listen for you will have several different sources of instruction during your lifetime.

There are, at times specialized sources that give of different things, such as comfort in time of stress, healing in time of sickness, security in times of danger and guidance in times of need for direction. See how you are loved in all things and in all times? And you thought you were alone. See that it is important that you learn of your available help and you develop these connections and you have them on speed dial. You can start by not denying them. Compare the difference between how your days develop when you try to do it all by yourself and without God direction and how your days go when you ask of your Father how He would direct your comings and goings. Decide for yourself from your experience for I think you already have the part where you tried it alone.

You might think this will take up a good bit of time doing all these things and it may seem complicated to you at first but the source of life that runs through your being that gives of this guidance is as firmly a part of who you are as your breathing. It is not something you go and pull off a shelf but a door you open that has only your name on it and only you have the key to enter. Crossing this threshold is one of the most peaceful and loving experiences you will have and once attained you will cherish and use it the rest of your life. Go within and ask, seek it out and you will find.

I leave you now with these thoughts and sort of a map to go by. Find your own way that is private between you and God.

I am Joseph In His Service

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