March 17, 2021

Let us begin. I beseech you to listen to my words today. The truth comes in all its complexity and all its many subjects and it will be difficult to take in. It will take awhile for it to be explained but it will be given and then it will travel like wildfire around the world for all to hear. Be ready, if that is possible and remember you wanted the truth. Once it starts there will be no way to avoid the rest of it for it makes a complete story or picture and one part will follow the next until all is laid out. The reasons for it all will be the most difficult to understand. You are so used to thinking in terms of only reasons that make sense to your world.

As we have said you will measure things by your sense of logic, goodness and propriety and what you will hear goes far beyond the laws you deal with, into a world that seems impossible. It may take some time for it all to be taken in. The readers here are better equipped to handle a lot of it, for after all you are reading words given by an off world entity that are given to someone by thought only. This shows you have reached out in your mind to take in what others might say is impossible. Everything has to be measured by your own yardstick of mental acceptability. Others may not be ready to push the limits of their imagination quite that far.

This is the gray area we believe to be unknown and this pertains to how each individual will react to what is brought out. Human behavior can be very erratic and different reactions will be produced. When one truth is given, you will hardly have time for it to settle before another will be forthcoming and so on. This is why we have tried to cushion you as best we can against what is coming. You will hardly have time to reflect. At this point there is nothing that can slow it down.

We are hoping that the God within each of you will give you stability and strength to traverse this part of the truth giving with the least amount of anxiety and emotional stress but there has been such a cover up and most of it successful. It has also gone on for so long that there is much information to cover. Let us move on.

In the grand scheme of things your world will be headed in the right direction for the first time in many years. Energies will be set on a course of healing and the collective consciousness will form into a more cohesive agreement with all parties on board in most areas, after all don’t most people want peace and freedom. The movement forward will take on new meaning and people of earth will come close to unifying in their work toward healing of Gaia. This will take some time but it will begin and you will be surprised at how much energy will go into making the world a planet of recovery. Before this happens it will start with truth being revealed and that is your next step and the one you have been waiting for.

There is not much more that I can say. We here stand with you regarding your next step. Remember to spend time going within for confirmation of truth regarding any and all subjects. There will be much more I can give you in the way of understanding when this truth process begins. Remain in the love and light of Creator and love one another.

I am Joseph In His Service

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