March 16, 2021

Let us begin. We see many trying to make their way through these difficult times with understanding and it is difficult to tell what is going to happen with everything. Many have turned to prayer for direction and this is a good step. Being in the council of God is always a good thing and many are listening now where before they had not been. Difficult times always make many turn toward God for guidance. It is wise to turn toward God at all times and not just the difficult ones when you think you can not go on alone. Take time during your day, even for a moment, and focus upon a clear path you feel you are being led into and if you stray, then refocus.

The soul, if given a chance, has strong tendencies and if you listen or pay attention one will always be to turn to Creator and forward movement toward perfection. This is the basis for all movement, like an underlying foundation. In that movement toward perfection are many attempts and many failures and hopefully, much learning. Do not be afraid at failure. We have spoken of how beneficial failure can be and how much of a learning element it is. There are times when you need to analyze what has happened at the end of each day and see it clearly and ask for the learning to be remembered from the living and the experiencing. Try not to let a learning experience get by you without reflection and taking from it what should be remembered. Remember to forgive self and move on after prayer over any incident that bothers you.

Have you turned to action and movement instead of just sitting and waiting? Have you thought of the many areas and people who need love and light? If you see them in need, then it is before you to do something with your mind and intentions to give of your energy and prayer in this direction. If the opportunity is brought before you, it is an indication that your focus means you can share God’s love with others. Only your time is taken for you already possess the love in your heart and the ability to share your love with others, even if from afar. Do not think you have to be at their doorstep to give of this love, through God’s direction. Love one another does not necessarily mean only do this with those in close proximity. Do not limit your energy, thoughts, actions and love to a six yard radius of your being. This is confining yourself and an attempt to limit God within. Remember God, through you, is infinitely more powerful than the six yards around you.

You have affected more change before with your guided channeling of light and love, so now when you sit and wait, choose to take action and bring that God energy to others, even if they are far away. It will be received and again you will have changed things for the better. God works in many ways and on earth He has worked through you multitudes of times to bring about what is needed. You can never go wrong with love toward anyone, anything, or situation.

Now let us speak of separation from God and how this works out for you. It doesn’t! You can continue and go on and many are doing this thinking they have accomplished everything themselves. They have ignored the many gifts given through the love of God whether the individual recognized the God within or not. Have they ever thought about where everything comes from? God energy is there for recognition and when that awareness arrives there is a connection made and the energy will flow through out your being in a different manner. It will take on a new importance in your mind and the more you focus upon it the more God driven your life will be. This recognition cannot be forced upon another but there are opportunities given to each of us that bring the focus upon the God within. The journey is of a different timing for each of us but that is our goal.

Going so far as to create an element of darkness and separation from God, like the dark have done, gives an indication of what separation is like and what can happen. You only have to look at the history of earth to know some of the atrocities that have taken place in the darkness of separation from God. The energies that are coming in, and have been coming in, give everyone more opportunity to recognize the God created life in all things. It has elevated all that is and when you take these energies into your being and use them for good it is multiplied, not only in yourself, but in all things.

We hope you are beginning to see and understand just how powerful you can be in influencing all that is. You tend to think in terms of your own capabilities and leave out the intent and energy of God focused action for good that can be accomplished. Sometimes it is as simple as asking that God work through you to bring about what is desired, even if you don’t know at the time what that is. Do not hinder or obstruct what can be done through you when you ask to be used by God. Each day focus your intentions on doing good and doing God’s will, even if that means at times you remain silent. Listen for His direction and remember the importance of obedience.

I leave you now to think on these things. Live in the Light and Love of the God energy and your intent will help change the world and beyond.

I am Joseph In His Service

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