March 15, 2021

Let us begin. We notice that many of you are ready for something to happen, even to the point of something bad happening, just so you can see that there is action of some kind. There has been a long history of waiting for you and it does not sit well to sit and wait. You have questions of why suffering is not stopped and why intervention does not bring about more evidence of change. We understand these feelings and can see why you want all the hurt and hunger and pain to stop now. Some of you are going so far as to question yourself and wonder if your faith and loyalty is not misplaced. Surely God being as powerful as He is would not let the dark things continue on earth, after all He is a loving God.

It does make sense to you to think this but there is a strong element of free will present and it is still a factor in everything. You have thoughts of wanting to know what you can do to get things going or get movement forward. The creation, which is earth, is intricately complicated and involves many elements and all energies have to be dealt with in the manner applying to them. If it were easy it could have been done long ago. In scientific terms you can’t just jerk things around and have it turn out right. We also have the remnants of the dark energy to deal with, even though it has diminished it is still evident. Not that it is still a big factor, but in that it was a key player for so long that it has attached to so many things and all of them have to be cleansed of that attachment or association. It takes time to dissipate energy, be it positive or negative, and we are talking about a whole planet here.

You are up against the new energies and are trying to deal with them and they will bring about different effects in different people. Some of you are responding to the new energy is such a positive way and your energy is abounding and it is not equating well with the lack of progress that you think you see. You feel ready to make headway and don’t know how to proceed to make things happen. The soul is calling you to action and you are not feeling any sort of instruction or direction for that action. We have been encouraging you to involving yourselves in the clean up of earth and many of you are ready at the starting gate and are still seeing a stop sign with no place for your energy to be focused. These are indeed frustrating feelings.

The majority of you can take action and again you underestimate your ability to cause change with your energy. You are confining your action to a familiar venue and one you have become used to in the past and do not venture out to give of your love and light in other ways. You want familiar territory to work in and with and this particular time, circumstances are calling for action of another kind. There are also those of you who want direction for their action as they do not know what they are being expected to do. So you see there are several ways you see yourself as being inactive. Do not underestimate the energies that are coming in and changing things for they are changing you also both physically and mentally and preparing you for action of some kind. This brings about the agitation you feel for action and some do not know how to process this call to action for the way is not clear to them.

A steadying or stabilizing of the desire for action is needed so that this whole process is not painful for you and so each day does not bring about discontent within the mind and also within the body. See yourself asking for the way to be shown how you can use your energies in a positive way at this time. It may differ from what you are used to but most of the time the increased light and love you are receiving are being shared with all things and you do not realize it. Remember I said that just by being you are changing things and those of you wanting to do good are sharing this positive energy with all that is and with others in a huge way and don’t even realize it.

If you feel this creative energy is building up and there is no focus for it then consciously during meditation take this energy and see it going out from you to blanket areas of earth you feel connected to. It may be your home country or it may be a place you feel needs this love energy at present but call it to action and to healing and to improving the area you designate. Your energy is so alive and creative and it is unfortunate you cannot see how much difference you make. This focusing of your energy is a Godly act of love on your part.

Another way you can focus your energy is in the form of words for they can possess the meaning of the God within as you speak them. If you think you do not have a venue you would be wrong. Again during meditation focus your words to an area you feel inclined that needs your specific words and speak your God given words of energy to the people or area in need. Your focus will direct the meaning and have more affect than you can imagine. Now think of many people around the world doing this and speaking words of light and love to others and you can understand how this energy can create big changes. Do not feel your words have to go through the ears of others on a physical level to affect change in their mind or heart. Intent of a positive action has always been underrated. Take the feeling for action and use it in the way that feels most positive for you and give of yourself with these energies and feel the God force being used through you for good.

So as this energy of “don’t just sit there, do something” builds up within you find an avenue for it. Focus your God Light or your God given words upon an area or a people and give of your action in His service and feel the energy leaving your body and being channeled to others. I feel this will give you the confirmation you are looking for. Take this time and make it yours to give as you wait on other instructions to be given and remember as the arena and stage of what goes on changes, the manner in which you can be of help will also change to fit what is needed.

I leave you now to think on these things and call you to action for this time. Be of good cheer knowing that you as a God being have the power to move mountains. If not today then tomorrow.

I am Joseph In His Service

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