March 14, 2021

Let us begin. We see that you need time to understand what is going on with your government and the attempts to keep the present administration going with your President Biden. There are many setbacks concerning his state of mind and his inability to think clearly, We know this is confusing and you are wondering what can be done now concerning this situation. Vice President Kamala Harris is surely involved and the plan was to have her in the position of President within a reasonable amount of time after the inauguration. They foresaw this happening and she is in a place to do this. We know from listening to closed door meetings before the election as these things are planned out well in advance and they try to leave nothing to chance. Unfortunately this may not happen for the Democratic Party as they have planned. Often all this is done before hand and even the decision of who will be the President is chosen long before the campaign begins. It is manipulated that far in advance by a small group of people, mostly men.

The first big setback for them was the election putting Donald Trump into the seat of the President of the United States. That was a shock to them and definitely was not planned. They began working to remove him in some manner from the very beginning as he certainly would not follow their wishes or fit into their plans for the people of the United States. They failed and there were many attempts to remove him in several different ways. They made sure he was not elected again, and this was a sloppy job and it was obvious to most everyone. Many refuse to accept that it was not legal. And now here you are waiting for something to happen to set it straight. I am not trying to stir things up or agitate things in the least, in fact the fallout of setting things straight will not be that easy but it has to be done.

There are things in life that keep coming up and need to be dealt with and this is one of them. The resolution of an illegal vote will not go away and in spite of what many think it was not done legally and gave the wrong results leading to an improper inauguration. It is like planning a wedding to the person chosen and then having someone else step in at the last moment for the ceremony. This would be seen as so wrong and not legal and everyone would know. This is basically what happened. Does this mean the two people before the alter are not legally married to each other? Yes, it does for there was deception and the laws were not followed.

There were several big hands in the election to cause what appeared the final results and they will be brought out along with the truth and you will be surprised at how close the United States came to falling completely into the wrong hands and how close each one came to becoming completely controlled by an outside force. It is a complicated story but will be told in its entirety along with other truth that is necessary for you to know. Take heart for that time is coming. There was more than one group that wanted control of the United States.

The history of the world has many twists and turns and has seen many who attempted to conquer and control it. It is located in an advantageous position in the grand scheme of the universe and is prime real estate. It has been coveted by many and ownership was in the dreams of several large and powerful groups. You are not the first to claim it for it has been lived upon by others who have claimed it before and they came here from other planets. As I said it is a complicated story and the control issue has continued for quite some time.

Even with this diverse history we are in the now moment and responsibility of bringing earth back to her desired state of existence and environment is in your hands. Regardless of what has happened in the past there are things that need to be done for your planet and cannot be put off any longer. For the earth to remain inhabitable the air and water have to be restored to a state of perfection and there is no way around this. Keep this in mind when drawing up that list of things to be done for it can be put off no longer.

Do not become disheartened for progress is being made toward the correcting of all things concerning earth. Remember there is a proper and correct time for all to come about and it will but there are steps that have to come first or it will not stand correctly in its process. Certain elements have to be removed from influence and taken completely out of the equation and that energy removed. Certain influence has to be gone and out of the picture for this to work. It is being done.

You are standing ready and willing to continue your work and you are so necessary at all times but especially at this time of complete change. I leave you now to think on these things and to know you are greatly needed at this time. Be of good cheer and know you are being led by God’s direction in what you do. It will take many hands to get this done.

I am Joseph In His Service

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