March 13, 2021

Let us begin. Our indicators tell us that you continue to grow and learn and listen to the God within. I forget sometimes to whom I am speaking and that my readers want what is in my heart and mind for them to know. You are the seekers and you are the ones paving the way into the higher realms. I wish I had the ear of everyone but since you believe and understand, I am thankful you are here and I have this opportunity to speak to you. Be at peace, my readers for it is your purpose and my purpose to be here with this connection between us. A privilege for me to give a message and teach what is truth.

In the existing and thinking of the hearts of men and women is the innate feeling of wanting to go forward, to learn and to advance. There is no standing still because energy propels, only time for rest and reflection when needed. Being is a state of energy and is alive in all of us and takes us forward. We are designed to continue and this means doing and learning. Our mere presence brings our energy and light into the situation and circumstances of where we are and this is what I want you to be aware of. You are a being of Light and you influence all that is, by being. Everyone of you is a teacher, whether you know it or not, by your influence and your energy, by BEING. It is important that you know you affect everything and you change things at all time. Some make things better and some, unfortunately, make things worse and are a negative influence. Your words are so very important and they also have energy when you speak. Remember you are the individual expression of the God within and you have power and potential.

Think on these things and know that you have been placed here for this very reason of potential for change and your background and experience before you came here gives you the right to be here at this time. Yes, there is a responsibility that goes with being here now. Consider that you are a powerful, God filled being with enormous potential to change the world and in great numbers when you join with others of like mind you change even more than one world. I kid you not, you are that potentially influential.

So, when you breathe, breathe in the life giving created force of God and when you think, think of the God within and what your mission is for this life. When you act and speak, know that you can channel the words that God would have you speak and the action that He would have you do in all situations. You have that kind of potential connection of a God infused life to be lived at this time of immense importance for planet earth. This time of transition, this process now happening here has not happened on this level and scale before and you were chosen because of this potential to help bring it about. Do you now see yourself in a different Light? Do you now understand why I give of my words to try and get you to understand how important you are? It is you that have this position and this place to accomplish great things and deliver, not only the people, but Gaia herself from the dark forces that have plagued so many for so long. This is a deliverance of huge proportion and a mighty awakening opportunity for all beings who are in the position on their journey to do so. Do not ever see yourself as ineffectual or unimportant and remove these thoughts from your mind. Better yet, do not let them enter.

I bring you truth and words from Mother, Father God that you see who you really are with clearer eyes. Now, I ask you to go about your days with renewed strength and faith in your mission and when you think, think of what God would have you say and when you pray and meditate, know that you are sent here at this time to create the changes needed for what will be known as the liberation of earth and go about your work with renewed vigor and involvement in this whole process. Be compassionate and kind in your dealings with others and know they are also powerful beings for good if given the chance and understanding to do so. You were not picked up off of a street corner just so you could experience the ride. Much thought went into the decision for you to experience this. You have cause, reason and intelligence in this matter of earth and it has come forward now. One of the best parts of this knowing is knowing when not to speak and when not to act. You will, at times, be moved to this action also. It is in your experience to also be used in this way of silence. There are times you do not have to speak for you are an example and a teacher to others at all times.

I leave you now to think on these things and to use this time wisely. You are the Light, you are the Love and you are the truth.

I am Joseph In His Service

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