March 12, 2021

Let us begin. I am not going to tell you that things are progressing but they are. I am not going to tell you that you will have your promised earth but you will. I will tell you that you should be feeling the relief from the heaviness of the dark influence upon earth as the key players are being removed whether you can see this or not. Your senses have lived so long under the environment of the dark that it should be a noticeable difference now that this has been lessened. Your mind and heart should be able to bear witness to the fact that there is more light around you and this is continuing to increase. You should not need anyone to tell you because you should be able to experience this for yourselves. Your tiredness of remaining on earth while fighting for freedom is understandable but more of these days are behind you now than in front of you. Learn how to express yourselves without the restraint of the dark to hold you back and see how you feel and what you can accomplish along your road to ascension. It will be amazing for you and wonderful for us to see.

I would like to speak of regrets and imposed penalties. We all make mistakes and do things that are less than wise in our journey. It is part of learning and sometimes we fail to forgive ourselves and impose penalties upon ourselves. We come to the conclusion that we deserve to be punished and set about finding that this is the reason for some of what happens to us. There are those who carry this with them their whole life and never realize that this is self imposed and the burden is heavy. Do not do this to yourselves. When you transgress against the laws of God the energy generated will come back and mete out its own judgment according to the laws that are set up and this does not fail. Work to know when you should have made a better choice and then work to change that energy to one of forgiveness from another and then for yourself.

Holding onto self loathing creates such a negative reaction and it just surrounds you and you end up creating all sorts of things as punishment that will come to you because you generated it. It can be no other way for you are the creator of your life. At times there are past things that come into this life from other experiences that need to be dealt with but we are speaking of this life and the road to forgiving yourself. It does no good to bear this burden for years and we see this over and over and most of the time you label them as bad choices and are determined to make yourself pay for them. Remember bad choices are part of life and the learning experience and we all do it. How you react to them is what needs to be worked on.

Most of the time we are aware of our wrong doing or bad choices because it will come back for us to see the results. That is where we need to change our thoughts concerning what we have done and go about learning from it. Ask that all facets of this less than wise decision be shown to you. Seek to learn the reasons for what you did. Examine the why of your actions and also ask that you be shown if there are things you can do to make the experience less hurtful for others and for you. As you would go about forgiving another person then go about forgiving yourself and give thanks that you have seen the result of what you did. Be observant of others and see how their actions sometimes result in less than desirable results and seek to think before you speak or act. Forgiveness is a big lesson to learn and the part that we forget the most is to forgive ourselves.

If it can be done voice your knowing that you have hurt someone else and ask for their forgiveness. When you go about forgiving yourself realize that you must take the learning experience from the action with you and work not to repeat it. Always think before you speak when your emotions take over and it is always a good thing to wait until better thinking takes over. Use this knowing from experience to unburden yourself from the carrying of hurtful thoughts against yourself from lack of love for you. The being that God has created in you needs love and forgiveness as much as you think others do, so do not leave yourself out of this equation. Learn from the experience and carry this learning with you. Love yourself and forgive yourself and do not make it a life sentence of regret and inflict more pain upon you from your own creation of punishment. Hold your God self high with respect and forge ahead with God’s love surrounding you and realize that you and God are one. Get good at forgiving and do not carry all these burdens with you.

The joy of an unburdened life is lightheartedness and is a much better way. Create a life without huge boulders from your past and use only the learning from them to add to your knowing. Most people wish for and expect so much more happiness for others in their life than they do for themselves. Try each day to unburden yourself before you go to sleep at night from the things you need to leave behind and don’t’ wake up with them the next morning only to be carried around another day. Work with the God within you and ask to be shown the way. This is a two way dialogue for you have the inside track to this communication.

Sometimes it is not easy to give up the past. This is not a place you want to go back to repeatedly nor do you want to live there. The time of your creating and unfolding is in the now moment and always will be. This is where the wheel of direction is in your hands and you determine which way you will proceed in life. Be at peace with yourself and your direction by living with God expressing through you in each moment and work toward making that expression a positive one. This is what life is about. Try always to create a better future by fully living in the now in a law abiding and positive way.

I leave you now thinking on these things. Abide in the knowing that God can direct your steps and energies if you but ask and listen.

I am Joseph In His Service

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