March 11, 2021

Let us begin. It seems that most all of the activity concerning progress is where you cannot see it. It is all behind the scenes and you cannot tell. This makes it difficult for you to know that things are being done and this is the confirmation you need. Certain ones are still being removed from society and being placed behind bars, awaiting their appearance before a judge where the charges against them will be read. In addition to this others have hired their defense attorneys and wait for their time in court. There are so many to deal with now.

While this is going on the information concerning the Presidential election in the US is to be brought out soon and the public will understand why it has taken so long for all the statements to be taken and the evidence to be gathered. This is the end result of many working hard to bring all this about in legal form and according to law. Then the public will know the laws that were broken and who broke them and what a vast number of people were involved in forcing the results of the election. It has been like a gathering storm building up and it is about to break into something that cannot be denied.

I would like now to speak of coming into alignment with the will of the Father concerning your life. Each life is different and has different goals that are set and things to achieve and lessons to learn. It is obvious that many have never thought about this or asked what is set out for them to do in this life time. If someone does wonder about why they are here they never bother to ask how they should proceed. The point at which they believe in God and ask how they should live is a turning point in their life and things start to change in a positive way. This does not mean they become more beautiful or handsome and come into a large sum of money. It means that outer wishes have been set free to align with inner intent. This moment is a time for us to rejoice and the angels smile for another child has turned to God. This is no small moment.

There is a harmony that is set up in your life when you not only acknowledge your Creator but you consciously seek to do His will. The will for your life is custom designed for this life time and seeking inner direction is necessary. Very few of you are born with knowing what their intent in this life is all about. It can be so different than what you might think and receiving Divine instructions are needed to know how to proceed. Many of you go ahead and only find out what doesn’t work after years of trying the wrong thing. This also is learning and works to help you realize how much guidance is needed when going it alone did not result in a happy path. There is really no such thing as traveling life alone for there are so many who surround you, some in reality and some in thought, but they are there and are ready to guide you. It is up to you to ask and most of the time you ask when something planned has failed.

We suggest the best approach is to ask in advance of plans and on a daily basis what God wants you to do with your day and your life. It is for sure if you never ask you may try many things that don’t work in the long run. Even those who do ask and are pointed in the right direction have a difficult time in life. When the mind is aligned with the will of God there is a smoother sense of accomplishment than when you go it alone, depending upon your assessment of things only. It will often feel as if you are swimming up stream and there will be setbacks and roadblocks giving you clues that you may not be setting your eyes on the right goals. Living in the will of God does not mean everything will fall into place and you will have success a plenty but it does mean that compared to living outside the will of God, it will seem a lot better. At least you will have the peace and satisfaction that you have been obedient every night when you fall asleep and many times at night while you sleep answers are given.

The life well lived does not follow the same path as all others. The life well lived is the one designed just for you and lived according to the laws and commandments, no matter what roads are taken. This is why you are not to compare your life with others and measure success by modern standards. One may find success with repairing bicycles and doing the job well, while another may become a heart surgeon and help many to live a longer life. Both are following their life plan and living in the will of God for this life time. You cannot judge others by any rule. You must let God set forth the parameters of your goals and you must align yourself with the will of God and this will be different for each and every one of you. Do not seek the goal of others by thinking success looks good on someone else. Seek within for your own things to accomplish and set out to achieve them no matter how others judge you or look at you with criticism. It is the bond between you and God within that sets your course and how you go about living your life. Listen to your own directives and instructions in prayer and meditation and know that a Godly life is between you and God, not you and society.

We spend too much of our lives measuring ourselves with what is socially acceptable today and refusing to listen to what is solely for us. Think of the many men and women who live quiet lives providing for their family and raising Godly children and never are mentioned in the newspapers or given awards for achievements. These people strive every day to be Godly examples to their spouse, their children and their neighbors and do not seek recognition by the public. They have achieved a measure of success that many will never see and yet they are overlooked as examples of living in alignment with their inner instructions and wishes for this life time. Do not think you have not exalted yourself under the will of God if you are not recognized by the masses of society. Continue what you know is true for your life between connection and communication with the God within and find peace within. It means you have lived well no matter what assets you have in monetary form. You are blessed with riches of a heart nature and your life cannot be measured by the generally accepted rule of today.

Society is a cruel taskmaster and it is possible to work beyond belief and still not measure up to what society expects from you. These goals are false and buy into the common standards and beliefs. You may stand apart and surround yourself with others who also stand apart but you will rest in the arms of your Creator in the satisfaction that you listened when you asked each day, “God how can I live this day that will be pleasing to both of us and in alignment with your will”

I leave you now to think on these things and the plan for your life. It is between you and God and not you and society.

I am Joseph In His Service

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