March 10, 2021

We can begin. We see that you are so tired of waiting and having no visual verification of anything. I have endeavored to let you know that progress is being made but you want more. You have been waiting a long time now and still you have to struggle in your world under your rules to keep going. We understand. It was expected in November that you would see signs corresponding to what had been told to you concerning your election process and what happened was not what you expected. Now it is March of 2021 and you are still waiting. Many of you are weary of waiting and your patience is running out. It has been a long journey with many delays and our words of patience and waiting are not sitting well with you. Each month that goes by proves difficult for you to remain positive about what you think is happening or not happening. Your main question is, “Why the delay?”

There are many answers to your questions and what I have to tell you will not be what you want to hear.. It takes time to do what needs to be done and it must be done within the laws of earth you have to work within. You are under the misconception that being in God’s hands means that He will come down and automatically remove the dark, clean up the earth, put good people in office and put a sparkle in everyone’s eyes. The earth movement and the energy behind it was under your watch and the improvements and the corrections are being done by you. The responsibility is yours and it was decided that you would provide the impetus and labor for all to be reversed and the right trail blazed, UNDER GOD’S WILL. He is not doing it for you but will guide and help you do it for yourselves. You have heard this before and it is being done this way.

It is impossible to go back and tell you how long something will take in the future when it is unknown. All we have said will come about in its time of completion and this timing that is up to you, we do not know. We know you have been waiting on an announcement for some time now. It is coming and will happen. The fact that you were looking for it months ago is not something we have control over. Your background and clock dependency has you looking at a different frame of understanding than what is actually going on at the time. We think in terms of things evolving and coming about in fulfillment and completion of energies and you think of them in terms of what day and time it will happen.

We cannot control your faith and your expectations. We can, however, suggest and give you guidelines of how to view what is happening and what to expect in your future. How your earth gets to what has been promised is not designed and laid out by a clock but by milestones in achievements and accomplishments from your work to bring it about. God does perform what is seen as miracles but He also works in the hearts and hands of men and women to bring about His desire. This time He is not using his magic wand but is working with the minds and heart of those in positions to bring about what needs to be done.

It is discouraging for you to feel defeated and forgotten, we know. We also know your outlook is influenced by the fact you are tired of waiting. You would see things differently if you had not already waited so long for this to happen. I continue to encourage you not to give up but to remain diligent in these end days. I cannot tell you how long it will be, I can only tell you it will be. Take comfort my Chelas in your knowing and in the belief of the power of God to bring about what is needed. I leave you now in His hands, as and where you have been.

I am Joseph In His Service

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