March 8, 2021

Let us begin. We see many trying to understand what is going on in your world today. Questions are arising in many minds and answers are needed. Where does everyone stand on communicable diseases and how can the individual defend against them. Is this our new way of life and will we have to forget about how we used to live. Are other countries coming close to major aggressions against others. Will this Covid vaccine protect us.

The body has its own defense mechanism and if an individual will eat wisely and drink clean water the immune system will do a lot to keep anyone defended against communicable diseases. We have never been ones to advocate putting disease pathogens into the body to protect it and this is what vaccination is. Yes the body may build up an immunity against it but it is not the recommended way. Your lives need to be lived in a different manner because your food is devitalized and your water and air less than clean. It will take some doing to bring it back into what is needed. The questions remain and living in fear is not the way either. Fear flows throughout the body and this does not bring good health.

We recommend that you live in a state of belief in recovery and reform as far as your earth is concerned and you cannot go wrong visualizing and contemplating peace for everyone. Fear is not the way to go. Caution is good in certain instances and wisely brings alternative ways of avoiding harmful decisions. Creating your outer world begins in the mind and the mental collective is strong in creating what is needed. Begin in your creative center to form in reality what is wanted and in line with God’s laws and it can be achieved. Living in fear to breathe and go outside your homes is not conducive to good health.

Materialism has grown to have a strong hold on your world and drives most all to work long hours to get ahead. Most of the things you think you need are traps for holding you down and inclining you to serve the wrong motives for what you do. Rethink your needs and compare them to your wants and you will find a big gap between them. There is a trend now starting for a more minimalistic life and smaller housing. Having more things does not always lead to more freedom and enjoyment. Usually it ties you to having to take care of more things. Begin to simplify your lives from excess and in this you will find more freedom to live your lives in a manner that is less demanding. If you suddenly had more money how would you make your life better for yourself and those you love? Would you add to or simplify? Would you trade less material things for more freedom and time to enjoy life?

Many do not have what they need now and money would help them provide what would make their lives better. There is a big chasm between the haves and the have nots. The plans of the dark were designed to leave the money in their pockets and have you needing so much that you will follow instructions to maintain or try to get ahead. This leaves the few at the top to make the decisions and have control over everyone not having lots of money. There is a big difference in living in poverty and living simply. A large house with several cars has to be maintained, kept up and insured and this takes time and effort and leaves little time for enjoyment of life. Many are now leaving the large cities for a quieter life in the country where they can grow their own food and see the stars at night and they will not miss the sirens of fire trucks and police cars and ambulances. They may have to adjust to frogs, crickets and night insect sounds. The country life is not for everyone but many find more comfort in this way of living. Society moved from the country to the city and experienced it and now society is looking for a better way. Technology makes it possible for many to work from home and this means you can live outside the large cities.

Having the opportunity to decide where you want to live is a blessing and not offered to everyone. Your society is trying to find a better way of living and this will continue. Quiet time has dwindled for many and being alone is impossible for some. You must find time to go within and listen to your own thoughts and see how you are thinking and talking to yourself. Start by noticing what you think and how you encourage yourself during the day. Do you build yourself up and respect yourself? You need to make an effort to do this for you and your body are listening to your commands. You are stuck with yourself all the time and you need to be positive in your thinking and your outlook. This starts in your mind and your self talk and you have not yet learned how important this is. Most parents spend time encouraging their children and building self esteem and then when they become adults the negative mind talk begins and you end up becoming what you think others might see in you. If you want to become a better person start by telling yourself how important you are to all that is and how your energy blends with all life and you can make life better for all people by becoming more positive with yourself. Do you realize how all life on earth would be different if everyone would quit their negative self talk and speak in an uplifting manner to themselves? It would change the world. Respect yourself and be kind.

Most all things will never be the same again and by the end of the year there will have been so many changes that you will have trouble believing them. Accept the possibility that much can happen for the better and let it be a valid concept in your mind that your world can revolutionize and reorient the way all life conducts itself for the better. Pave this path with your positive thinking and allow it to happen with your prayers and visualizations and let this creative energy form into reality. It is a mighty team effort and cannot be accomplished by just one person. It is a collective thing just as your collective prayers for a better life were given up to God for Him to hear. Consider the possibilities and options for a better life for all people on earth and then allow it to happen. It can be done and this is the direction in which you are headed.

I leave you now with an open ended list of possibilities and options to improve, reform and create the life and world you envision in your minds. You are a source of where these ideas come from along with the help of God. You are always creative and most of the time do not realize it. I am asking you to take note of your creative abilities and join with others so you can change the world you live in and make it the place you want to live. It will be done.

I am Joseph In His Service

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