March 7, 2021

Let us begin. It needs to be noticed that others not paying attention to what is going on will be confused and perplexed at the truth that will come out. Much is coming out now concerning the Covid 19 and how all the data was handled. So much is going unnoticed and many do not question but take what is given out by the government of the US and the main stream news as truth. Lots of you have questioned and this is good that you start to read other perceptions of what has happened. The truth is out there if you look for it is being posted and printed and voiced but you won’t hear it or read it on your main networks on your TV. The ones who do give out the truth may not realize what a brave stance they have taken for sometimes it does not end well for those who step out with facts. This has been proven from past experience. At present there are more and more doctors writing papers telling of the way the virus has worked and more importantly how it does not work. The question is which ones are telling the truth and how do you know.

We have talked about personal verification and discernment before but it bears repeating here that to make it a habit to go within and feel the response your inner knowing and your body give you while reading or hearing something in question. This takes practice but can be done. Listen to what your response is while you listen or read and feel any reaction. If you still have questions than give it some time and there should be a reaction to it all and it will build. Pray about it and meditate on it and don’t give up for in reality truth is difficult to overcome with lies and sometimes requires getting you to look in another direction while the lies are slipped in from the side. Lies also need a reliable source to spread them around and you have had this many times. There are consequences for telling a lie and it does not end well.

There have been many large lies that have been told to you and they have lived a long life and the correcting of them becomes the difficult part. One of them is that you are the only planet that has intelligent life. This involves several other lies off shooting from this one, such as the UFOs seen in your skies are all from your own governments and none are from other planets. The US has done well with their cover up for decades and they keep trying to keep it alive. One reason it has worked is because it is difficult for you to imagine that other life forms of an intelligent nature might have a different appearance or heaven forbid, be more intelligent than the people of earth. Your Bible gives you the confirmation you seek to help you believe you are the only children of God for you read through a preconceived idea of creation being limited. Many know they are not the only inhabited planet and yours is not the only dimension with living beings and the UFOs seen are not all from your own governments. This will come out and most likely will be received with more belief now than just a decade ago.

The trouble with lies is that most of them have a short life and die in the light of truth. This is why the dark have had to put so much energy into continuing the lies they have perpetrated so that you could be kept within the framework of their created design to one day control the world you live in. It was well on its way to happening but your prayers were heard. Just remember when you tell a lie it goes against the body and it will have a reaction in the body and this is not even considering what it does to others who hear the lie. You cannot remain healthy in body with continuing to speak lies for decades for this is a reaction you cannot get around. All things are connected such as your mind and your body and the energies will come back to you from the outside and from within. Speak the truth in your life and rest well in your being. Avoid the backlash and growing dissonance of vibrations that lies create. You are so used to having to see something right then as a result that you overlook the unseen that is a result of lies.

There are so many reasons backing the commandments that God has given. They are simple in their wording and sound reasonable but the consequences behind them, when broken, continue to gain negativity and snow ball until corrected. Trying to correct the aftermath from breaking commandments is much more difficult than you might think because the transgression of the original act multiplies as time goes by. Do you know the laws that God has given? Think about what your actions cause in others and dwell upon living a Godly life as was intended. Your life is complicated enough from your earth experience. We are coming upon a time of truth and this is the difficult part of correcting things. Align yourself with living in accordance with the commandments given by God and be an example of a better lived life. Pray for the deceivers for their transgressions are still needing to be corrected and this may take awhile.

I leave you now with these thoughts concerning lies. More importantly I leave you considering the choice of a Godly life and the fulfillment possible when living each day under His direction and will for you. Life is a continued journey and we wish for each of your days to be in the Light and Love of your Creator.

I am Joseph In His Service

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