March 6, 2021

Let us begin. We see many of you counting on certain things to happen regarding your world. You will not be disappointed but it will take some time. Do not give up but do give it the time it needs to transition into what is needed to create the correct atmosphere for soul growth and advancement. The setting has to be right in the beginning for the proper changes to take hold. It must be done in a certain way for all to prosper correctly. Let God be your guide and afford Him the amount of time it takes for his needs to be met for earth. He will not be denied and now it will be recovered in the right way. He sees with the eyes of understanding and His vision is far so give it the time it needs.

Many of you are offering of your services to bring us closer to healing of the earth reality and this is good. There is much work that has to be done in preparation for the energies to come and there is no other way than the work required. Take heart for the workers are there and they are ready to get started. So many of you are still doing the Light work and establishing what is required in that respect and it is wonderful to see. We have encouraged you to remain vigilant and you are. At times we tap you on the shoulder and need something special and you always answer, “yes”. It is heart warming. It is almost time for those who will step up and step out in leadership to come forward to your urging for service in other ways and you will feel the tap on the shoulder or the voice in your mind that it is you who is being called. Do not hesitate for you have been prepped for this to happen, even if you do not know how. A new earth requires leadership and now some will need to be voted into position where they can serve. It is coming together.

There is something about waking up in the morning and thinking of what you have to do and being positive and energetic about it. It is a pleasure and a joy to labor over something you feel good about and to achieve goals in a field you derive pleasure from. How many of you get to do this now? Not nearly enough. There will be more of this going on regarding your work, or service in the future times. Do not limit yourself in the choice of what you will do and choose something you are passionate about. No longer will there be a time of having to work at something you hate just to make money for you and your family. You may see this as impossible and think there are jobs that no one will want. Let us just see what happens with this for I believe it will work out. Do not deny it yet in your minds and do give it a chance.

Always remember there are ways you know not of and now the changes are happening for real and are no longer a wish, a hope or a far off thought in some distant day. The changes are here and are happening for you, whether you see them or not, whether you feel them or not. We see them. At long last the far off day has come when the dark are overthrown and as the vibrations rise the dark will disappear into the dark fog and haze they created for themselves. Most will be sent to a corresponding place where they will continue to be afforded the opportunity to learn. Some will be no more and we see this as a sad decision for them to make for there is always hope and chance for change.

Without really noticing, a threshold has been crossed into more Light and this will continue to be a creative Light as well as a creative emergence of possibilities for you and we ask that you use these energies wisely. Remain in the mental attitude of asking each day how God will direct you that day in your service and what He will have you to do. It is the way of a God directed person so stay tuned to His channel and listen for His energy to speak to you. This is how far you have come and now feel comfortable with your communication for He will speak to you in many ways.

How are things progressing? Very well, as we see them and you will not be disappointed in this progress. The cards are about to be laid on the table for all to see and they will be the winning hand. The ball has been released and thrown down the bowling alley and the pins are about to fall. You may laugh at my analogies and this is OK but it gives you the idea I am wanting you to have concerning where things are at present and where they will be. Watch and listen closely.

I leave you now with these thoughts to consider. Use your energies wisely to create a peaceful, loving earth. It is what you have been praying and asking for.

I am Joseph In His Service

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