March 5, 2021

Let us begin. It seems that all is well in the desire for a better life. You are getting a taste of heavy control and you don’t like it at all. Different countries have different levels of control in their history but everyone now has a dislike for it and is trying to find ways to overcome it. This feeling of breaking out from under the constraints placed on everyone is getting stronger in all major countries and will soon be world wide. There is conflict coming in those who seek to exert this control upon you and they will resist your attempts at freedom. The dark will look for new ways to bring more fear into your lives and there is talk now of another health issue and this is Ebola. We here are waiting to see how you respond to this new tactic and if you will believe another story of a contagion. We are not saying there is no such thing. We are saying that it worked for the dark last time to strike fear into your mind. Respond as you will.

The movement for push back from control is growing and gets stronger every day. There is only so much that can be perpetrated upon you without you looking into the details of what is going on. More and more health professionals are speaking out and the truth can no longer be hidden. The numbers of the Covid virus were skewed to show larger death numbers when some were actually from the flu. This is misleading. More and more people are beginning to talk. There are still some who have swallowed everything as was intended and continue to be loyal to doing what they see as protecting themselves. Those who do have pre-existing conditions are at risk as they would be from the flu. What a mess this is in that it puts people against people in what is believed.

I would like to speak of interrelated facts concerning aging. Now that different conditions will concern earth and different vibrations will exist, it will affect everything for those advancing. You no longer will need to age and die at so young a life. You will learn to live longer and keep learning in the same body you were given. Your health measures will improve. You will be under a different set of rules and the dispensation for coming back into a different body after 70 or 80 years is not required as it was for your fast track learning. This means your laws will need to be changed regarding retirement and you will still be seeking to serve in some way throughout your longer life. This is seen as a real blessing for you and we think you will speedily adjust to this change. The world will not view older people as they do now because the quality of life will be better and you will be more experienced in the same body. What a difference this will make. Older people now do not have the desire to continue with the infirmed and hurting body they possess. You will now have the time to continue your desired studies and enjoyments. This will take a time of adjustment when you think about people living into their hundreds of years but it will be welcomed. Talk about specializing in a certain field, now this can really be done.

The field is wide open as to what you can develop, create and make with your desires for your new world. We are anxious to see what your imaginations will come up with and how you will implement it. Your minds are bound only by your thoughts of your own limitations. All else will be unrestrictive and this will be for the first time in many, many years.

Now to what is going on at present. There is increased earthquake activity around the fault lines of your earth and this will increase from the pressures building. Your political system in the US is far from settling down and will see a surprise element coming out shortly. The waves of energy customized for what is needed will continue to come and the collective consciousness will continue to grow in movement toward more Godly things. All of these are emphasized and you will continue to experience them. The result from the higher vibrations are accepted by so many and the people want more of the advancement in love that is felt. Those who choose not to advance, either from dark influence or just are not ready to go forward, will find it more difficult to deal with the changing times and conditions they are in and they will make it difficult for all those around them. They will pretty much feel miserable and it will seem nothing is going their way, and it isn’t.

You are on a path that cannot be stopped. How you respond to it is up to you and it has so much great potential for everyone. So much opportunity for everything is being allowed and will continue in terms of what you can use to your creative advantage. Use it, experience it and see what can be done with it in positive terms.

I leave you now to face what is going to come and we think you will not forget March of 2021. All facets of emotions will be involved with the changes confronting you and this will go on for many months now. Change is the name of the game for everyone. Reside in the God within and know you are in the arms of Father, Mother God.

I am Joseph In His Service

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