March 4, 2021

Let us begin. It needs to be said that so many are wanting peace in the world. It is a silent prayer for most all of mankind now that peace prevail. No one wants war of any kind for all have had their fill of it and know what war does to everyone. People think a lot of the future for their children and do not just concentrate on the here and now. You are progressing in your thoughts for what is wanted and you are willing to work for it. You have lots of history to look back upon and you are learning from it. Gone are the days of wanting to strike out with a weapon and countries talking with each other is the first choice. This is a great step from your past and is commendable.

Working out differences first starts in the mind and heart and carries forward into the cities and the countries and then into the world. Start the negotiating with differences in your heart and it will grow. We go back to the love principle here and letting another have their way of doing things and experiencing their culture, no matter how different it is than yours, is better than trying to force others to do things your way. We are speaking here of actions that do not hurt others when practicing your culture. It is the way you were brought up and the way you learned and the right to practice ways of being. First is the language barrier. No matter what language you speak, let your words be respectful of others. If you do not like the way they do things then do not participate or follow but allow them to do things in their own way if they hurt no one.

Fundamental disagreements can be discussed without violence when people of different cultures live in the same country as in most countries now. If you move from your native country to another country do not expect to change others of the new country to fit your own beliefs. Love one another enough to allow them to live their life without harassment of any kind and let them meet in groups to worship in their own way and speak to their God with their own words. This should be allowed and is a right of life when it hurts no one else. Do not stand in the way of people who want to worship God in their own place of worship and let their be no burning down of churches and definitely no killing just because you don’t like how they do things. Where do people get the idea it is good to take a life or many lives just because you don’t agree with the way they do things. This gets down to individual families and their homes and their children. It should stop in every place around the world. Let it be so. It goes from there on up to differences from country to country. Learn to work out your differences without physical violence. If there is no way, find one or cease to do business with them until a way can be found. Life is God given and no one has the right to take it away just because you don’t like how they do things.

Now about the law breakers. There are rules to be followed and when one does not conduct themselves under these rules there are consequences. If a large group of people do not like the rules then work constructively to get the rules of your city, state or country changed to represent the majority. Do not get a big stick and a flammable source and burn something down. Do not fight and kill people when you have not tried other ways to resolve the differences. Learn how to solve these differences first by looking at the laws of God and then finding words that explain how these laws should be followed. It does not conclude by thinking you should kill someone. This is not the way. Turn around from the idea that this is a way under any circumstances to resolve things by annihilating others. There are exceptions, of course, when someone is harming others against the law they should be stopped. It is a good time now to look at your past and see what killing of others has resulted in and how long the recovery period is. War will no longer be allowed.

There have been people in your past, and now, that profit from war and have promoted all kinds of actions to incite war of any kind for their own greed and you will be hearing of this in the revelation part of truth and the names and actions will shock you. What has been done is unimaginable. Even now there are those who beat the drums of war and work to bring war about, even to the point of paying others for certain actions and their names will also be shocking. Do not think everyone is working for peace just because it is 2021 and war is a bad idea in your mind. We hear the thoughts of leaders and stand with ears in the back rooms of meetings and we know what is in the hearts at those meetings. This will be told and it will be hidden no longer. What will you do with your anger when you find out? What will you do when you realize millions of young men and women have been sacrificed and lied to about reasons for war? How will you act when one of those soldiers was your child?

You see we are talking about the truth here that you wanted to know. There are atrocities of enormous content and action in the road to power for some people in positions to deceive many. You will no longer allow this to happen when the truth comes out and you will see with stronger vision what has happened in your past. How big were the lies? Big enough when you count the dead from war. The truth will get right down to the heart of things and we are talking about huge deceptions and lives of innocent people. What if it was just one life we are talking about? No one should have been sacrificed.

This truth concerning reasons for war is just the beginning and it will all be brought out for you. What you were told concerning relations with other groups and other countries was hardly ever the truth and you have been used in various ways to sacrifice your time, money, effort, beliefs and lives of loved ones for the purposes of a few at the top for reasons that were against the laws of God and of your country. It will not be allowed again.

Let this desire for peace grow and find ways to work for it. Your environment is changing and as with all things it starts in the minds of the individual and the energy grows into a universal consciousness and then into a world consciousness. This is what is happening now so continue to work in this direction. The energy waves coming your way are helping to create this platform for you to change the world. Use it first in your own heart to think that war is not the way and then see how this feeling grows and then find leaders who can be trusted and want the same things you do.

I leave you now thinking on the way you have been deceived concerning war. It is not a pretty picture but you will learn from it and chart your own course for your new world. We have every faith in you that this will be done.

I am Joseph In His Service

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