March 3, 2021

Let us begin. It concerns me that we are not ready for what is to come. You are not ready to hear what will be told and I am not ready to comfort you in the way you need. I want to be up to the task and know what to say to you so you can traverse this part of truth about your world. It slowly became under the dark influence and happened a step at a time and you took it in without noticing enough to protest. Unfortunately when explained it will not come a step at a time like it happened for it will come rolling out all at once in its entirety, page after page. We see this as how it will be told to you. And remember you have asked for this to be revealed. There is not much that we can say to take away the shock of the revelation. We have thought on this long and hard and will do the best we can to soften the blow of all the evidence being given. It is coming and we hear you saying you still want it to be told. You are correct and it will be. Our hearts are with you closely in this part of your transition.

Of all the times we have tried to aid you in your many twists and turns on earth, we see this part as a real challenge for both of us at the same time. Those who are here on our side will be available and will come to your side when this can of worms is opened. There is some truth that cannot be softened. This period in your growth is the result of the dark overtaking earth and not being stopped. There were so many opportunities along the way where you could have opposed what was happening to you but you did not. It was a good plan they had for total control and it would have worked except for the intervention of God’s hand in it all. You were a trusting lot and judged others by your own standards and this did not uncover the long term ideas they had for your future. At first we look for so many to say this is not truth and to outright refuse to believe. Then as time goes on all the pieces will start to fit together in your mind and it will be the only logical conclusion.

Recovery is up to you and there will be different stages for different people. There will come an understanding as a collective that this will never happen again and you will learn from the experience for generations to come. It will be handed down to your future and will be taught in schools about the time when the people of earth were imprisoned where they stood and allowed it to happen. The invisible bars were being added one by one and the plan would have been complete if not stopped. You will learn how this was done and it will go to serve a lesson in your minds for future reference. A very difficult lesson but one nonetheless and it will not be forgotten.

Then there will be the picking up of the pieces of normality and putting things back together again so that you can get on with your lives. This is where you decide how you want to forge your future and where you start constructing and creating it to your specifications in freedom from tyranny and control for the first time in a long while. This is where we come in concerning our information you might need and be able to use for improvements on already held ideas and also entirely new ideas that will pave the way for your better life. It will take time and you have it now to spend by investing in what you want and what you need. It is a grand plan in its inception and fulfillment of a promise to you. A gift of love by your Father, Mother God.

There are no other words I can think of to give to you at this time. I leave you now for the time of revealing what is, what has been, and what will be and this is a tall order. Take it all in carefully. Watch and listen for you deserve the truth and we will be standing by to do what we can. Our doors are always open to you.

I am Joseph In His Service

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