March 2, 2021

Let us begin. We see progress being made from our point of view. We also see that there is disappointment in some because you have not seen progress. It is difficult to wait and there are many times in life when the best approach to things is to have patience and wait. It does not mean you are not progressing or making advances. There is a timing of the mind and heart that requires contemplation and assessment of things and this is action, even though it seems that nothing is being done. When circumstances present themselves for you to have these moments use them to take a breath, a rest, a moment for clearer thinking and give thanks for them. They can be gifts and you do not have to swim so hard and you can float and relax and ride the waves of what is for a moment. So do not be afraid to take this action of being in harmony with what is by being seemingly inactive and having patience for you are with the current of things. Even the birds of the air do not flap their wings all the time and they choose to float on the currents. They are still being supported by what is.

You are now so used to instant everything and when you see nothing happening you feel stagnant. Remember there are more senses than what you have been told and begin to use the other abilities you have, or will remember you have, to assess things on a different level. Not all of God’s appointed workers are working the same shift and people clock in at different times for appointed missions. Just because you feel inactive does not mean others are not working their minds and abilities in overdrive to do their part at the right time. We all have different assignments and they kick in at different points of advancement for that is the only appropriate time it can be done. Let the active puzzle pieces fall into place and fit together for a perfect picture that God has in mind and do not worry because you do not perceive anything is being done. The ball in play is hot from activity and has scored many points for the home team while you were looking in another direction. This game is so far ahead of what the dark are thinking as they are still trying to find ways to keep you occupied so you will not realize you have been lied to. All the while their secrets have been known by higher entities working for your freedom on God’s behalf.

You have gotten past what you have decided was a lull in things before. Reality is a tricky thing and we could discuss this aspect for some time. Just let me say that not all things are revealed to you automatically as they happen. The elements of positive movement were set into motion long ago for this transition of your earth and great minds both in your heaven and on your earth were cognizant of what was needed to be done to get the ball rolling. It was done and was not revealed at the time. Certain aspects were set in stone to be relied upon now. It has been coming together for the past few months and there is definitely action and activity of progress even if you do not perceive any. This being the case there is no need for disappointment. If you must we cannot stop you for it is your decision but when things are revealed you will know. Remember, “The evidence of things not seen”.

There are times in your history where it has been my failing and maybe ego is involved also, where I want to say, “Did I not tell you this was the case or this would happen”. I am preparing a statement now, so please forgive me and I will continue to work on this aspect of my character. I leave you with these thoughts to consider and hopefully I leave you with a better understanding of the workings of the intervention of Creator in the liberation of earth. See with the eyes of belief in the majesty of the workings of the Father to bring about his Will in whatever way He pleases.

I am Joseph In His Service

2 thoughts on “March 2, 2021

    1. It is within your will to decide this action. If you feel inclined to share this message please do so. My words are for those who need to hear and there are many ways this comes about through the will of God. I am thankful that you consider this and hope that you are guided in love in your decision. Thank you for this consideration. The sharing of messages is God moving through my words. Thank you. Joseph


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