March 1, 2021

Let us begin. I am going to speak of mounting energy coming in which is God given and this energy is what is needed for all to feel the Love element more clearly. The soul is designed to be love driven and is created by and in love through creative Light. You can deny love and you can refuse it but it exist and is there anyway in all of creation. The God within you is Light and Love and is the source of all that is and turning within and acknowledging what you are opens so many doors for you to other things.

The energy coming in is bringing love from Source into your earth environment and you can feel it surround you with each wave. There are other potential elements contained which are needed at this time and each wave is custom designed for what is needed for everything. This love is making a real difference in all things and not just people. All elements are affected and can never go back to the way things were. Everything is working together on a different energy as they function now and the potential for greater things is being created by this change. God has ways you know not of at this point in your learning and you still, at times, limit not only what can be accomplished but how it can be accomplished. Set aside your limitations and allow the ways and intentions of God to be the source of your existence in every way and His love that is already within you will be realized more fully. You look at what is and most of the time do not think about how it is or how it became. Everything that is, is so much more than you can contemplate and has more reason behind it and do not forget that each of you belongs here at this time for a reason that has so much depth and scope and purpose. Don’t waste time questioning if you belong here. The energy being sent in these waves gives of many things and a fuller understanding of the power of love and the way it works is one of them.

Yes, let us speak of the way love works. It is a living thing, an energy, that is of such potential when existing in its fullest form. When that love energy is thriving within you it expands your perception of being and makes way for a better understanding of life, not only for you but a better understanding of others. It is like putting on glasses and allowing you to see more clearly. It gives you that desire to serve and to make things better than they have been for you now see so many opportunities. You care about others on a higher level and as love abounds in your own life it is gifted to others around you. Love can grow, expand and multiply higher energy and lifts you up to a higher plane of being and existence. Love can bring others to a higher level also. It is sort of contagious and reaches out in its potential to help others in ways you cannot imagine, when shared. This is the opportunity that you have now with the love that is coming in. You can understand why it is transformative and why earth will never be the same. Feel it and let it abound and give love its due respect by being thankful for not only the love already within you but for the gift of love that is being given with each wave that comes.

Things, time, plans are progressing, growing and establishing your new ground rules and there are shifts in energies and the dark influence is decaying and dissolving as planned. Their influence weakens with each new day as Light overtakes what they had planned. Work with what is given and has been given to you and as you are directed to do so. Each time you mentally intention to join with others of like mind and use the energies given we can see this happening. Do not every wonder if you are doing any good for it is so evident. We know there are times when you question your work and you have periods of doubt but we tell you that you are doing great things and making changes you cannot imagine. This is what was intended when the decision was made to send all of you into this earth environment. Your work is what has been needed and is still needed today to continue in the manner God wills for your future of earth. The moment God intended intervention for earth, it was felt throughout all that is and the energy was set into motion. Still there are many moments for us when we stand in awe of the power and glory of Creator.

I leave you now to think on these things and hope that my words have given you a deeper meaning of love and the power of God. Please do continue your work and co-create what will be with God.

I am Joseph In His Service

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