February 28, 2021

Let us begin. It is with joy that I come to you today. We here are so glad that you have come this far for there was a long way to go at one time. I reviewed a few of the messages from years ago and it is so gratifying that many of the things that were on our minds at that time have been resolved or done away with. Primarily you have advanced from your experiences to a point that it has been easy to work with you regarding the energies and the Light. You have been through an educational process where that is concerned and you responded well to our urging for what needed to be done. This review lifted me up while reading it and I wish I could have shared the experience with you. Let me just say that the monumental task that was before all of us years ago has been whittled down to a much smaller size.

Now, let us look at the monetary system. This is one of the things that has taken so much longer than expected. By now we had planned for you to be so much further ahead in your ability to enjoy life by not having to work so hard but it did not happen because of several reasons. The agreements that were made were not honored by those in control. It was a gargantuan task to get them to agree to anything in the first place because of their greed and desire for control and prominence in the world view. This one particular thing has been a struggle all the way but I can say now that the gold needed is now where it needs to be and the world banking system has been planned down to the last detail. This is one of the things I want to see done and it will be gratifying for each and every one of you in its end result.

You have been victims far too long and have spent most of your lives laboring long hours for little gain after taxes. Those that were in control of the majority of the stored gold would not give it up nor were they satisfied with what they had. You would think that after all these years they would have learned where the real happiness resided and it certainly wasn’t in the having of hoards of money or valuable goods. We have been first hand observers of so many that have personally owned so little and we see them as joyful in their life and their relationships and connection with their God and Source of all things. These people who owned little by all standards had power, joy, friends and all the things that life offers everyone and brought Love to so many others during their lifetime. We rejoice over their discovery of riches within.

Where do you stand today? This is one of the things that is going to be implemented and the switch over will most likely happen in steps regarding all the banks and also your personal monetary worth. We have no date for this nor can we give you an idea when this will happen but so many steps have already been taken and many pages have already turned toward the goals that were set for your freedom regarding personal wealth. Do not give up on this for it is alive and well.

I would like to speak of transgressions and the process of forgiveness. This is a much bigger issue in your lives than you might imagine. It is one of the most difficult things to get over is the wrongs that have been done to you. All are in the process of learning and when someone perceives a wrong has been done it is only natural to feel hurt and sad. Lashing out is one result that happens and then the hard feelings go deep into your being and so many times they remain within the mind but also within the body. So many of you are carrying around a body with stored negative hurts in joints and parts of your body and they have caused you to have problems physically. We are not talking about who was right or what the other person should have done. We understand that many things have been done against you all through your life and you were the recipient of others lack of learning and their insecurities. How do you go about getting these end results of hurt out of your mind and out of your body?

Let us start with recognition and that comes from asking within the relationship you have with your body and also the relationship you have with your Creator. Ask what needs to be forgiven from the God within you. Ask to see the negative thing(s) you carry around with you and have not released. This can be from yesterday or it can be from childhood long ago. I tell you the hurt you have been through in the past, if stored within your body, will remain and cause problems if the issue is not recognized and somehow forgiven and removed. Start with your mind. These things will be shown to you mostly by dreams and visions and you will be reminded. Take them one by one and lay them upon your alter before God and ask that you learn how to forgive what and who is necessary to resolve these issues. This may take some time if it is a big issue but it has to be done for it will not go into the higher vibrations and will hold you back. Understanding of why the other person did what they did will go a long way to solving this issue. It is usually their lack of love for themselves and lack of security in their place on earth that makes people travel alone without their self worth. So many fight every day for their place in the world and it is easy to hurt others when you are hurting yourselves.

No matter what the reason you can acknowledge that you still carry the hurt within you over what has happened to you. Prayer and meditation on releasing hurt can go a long way when your intentions are true. You do not have to agree with what the other person did but you need to release it from your mind and body and take that energy that you were giving to the resentment and anger and transform it into something positive and that something is forgiveness. However long it takes do not give up and you will be surprised at how you feel when you no longer carry this weight with you. Do not spend time wondering if they will be punished for what they did. They are responsible for their actions as everyone is and it will follow the same energy rules that apply to all. This is not your focus for this is no longer an issue with them but it has become an issue with “you”. You have taken it from two people down to one and that is yourself. Do not literally take it in your mind and hands and damage your own life by holding onto it. Realize the other person has most likely gotten on with their life and you did not because you stopped time and held onto it. Let the God given love that is available enter this incident and surround it and ask that you forgive not only the other person but yourself for harboring this for all this time. Turn it over to God and let this be His issue and not yours. Release it into His hands and let Him deal with it so that you can be set free and then release it and see it as being gone from your mind and body. Replace this in your mind with the knowing that it is no longer your will to hold onto any part of it. Ritual cleansing of the body is good and ask that all negative energy be removed from your body and set free. This can be visualized or another element can be used such as water. Smoke is sometimes used also. If necessary do this more than once and ask if you have released the negativity from your being. Feel the difference as this heavy weight is removed and then give thanks for you have freed yourselves from this negative issue that has been and will hold you back, if not released. It takes work but most of all it takes love of self.

During this process of moving down your road of experiences you will have to deal with many issues of experiencing and learning. Forgiveness is one of the most difficult things to learn but is one of the most rewarding because it involves the energy of love, not only for others but for yourselves. You are loved, no matter how you feel about yourself but love of self is needed in your understanding of all things. We keep coming back to this issue of love and how important it is for all things. It is the answer to most all questions you will have in your learning experience and we keep focusing on love because it is so important in your understanding of all that is. God is Light and Love, so when you get to know love you get to know the God that is within.

Before you move up that ladder of dimensions you must leave all things behind that will not travel and thrive in the higher vibrations. It is impossible to take them with you if they are negative. It is well worth your time and effort to ask if you have anything that needs released from your past. You will be shown what needs work sooner or later and then work on these issues. Many have asked how ascension works and how does one ascend into the higher planes of existence. Continue learning and continue recognizing that God is within all things and within you. Ask these questions and when an answer is given work on what needs to be changed and what needs to be forgiven. This is how.

I leave you now on your path and all others on their path and this is also how things work. None of you are at the exact same place on their path so have patience with others as they struggle along like you have had to struggle along on your path. Show them understanding and remember that love is needed along with forgiveness. These are answers I give you for your questions of advancement. They are laws of energy as they regard to different levels of existence. They cannot be defied or ignored. Advancement requires work and this also applies to everyone. You are doing well. Do not give up now. Love one another.

I am Joseph In His Service

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