February 27, 2021

Let us begin. We see progress, even if you cannot. Energy is hard to see in its many forms but it is changing very rapidly for several reasons. The dark influence is becoming less as many are removed from the stage, the waves of Light are continuing to influence not only the people but the earth and the people themselves are changing for the better, which changes the energy and collective consciousness. So few can feel or see on a perceptive level the energy of everything. All who do can tell you that things are changing. Now many can feel the influence of the energy and know it is changing for the better. Others notice the changes in people and their mood, demeanor and propensity toward kindness and brotherly love. So many more individuals feel the love influence but because of inhibitions will not exhibit this brotherly love because it makes them feel vulnerable. The mental inclination to help is there, even if it is not brought out into the open on a daily basis. It still changes things because the individual has changed.

We speak in terms of soon and now and near and in your reality it is weeks, months and years in some cases. It is a long term view for us into your future, when you consider thousands of years of your past history, it is soon and near. When you have a history of decades of a certain behavior, what is a few more weeks or months. Unfortunately this is misleading for you when you think in terms of soon and near as being next week. It is a shortcoming in our means of conveying information to you and has brought up some major problems because it has been mingled in with delays that have changed the time table of things and therefore seen as inaccurate or incorrect when viewed as a whole or total block of information. This is unfortunate for big reasons. Our credibility is vitally important to us in the process of conveying information to you and we need you to see us as truthful and trustworthy in our words. There are two different areas here: One is our concept of time being different than yours and our inability to change the wording of information to fit your concept of time. The other is the many delays that have taken place causing doubts and misgivings in your mind. The two have been lumped together into one big thought of falsehood which labels all we say. This is incorrect.

We have worked hard to try and correct this misunderstanding and it has damaged our credibility to some extent. Some of you understand this has taken place and have made adjustments accordingly. We are thankful for this as we do need you to see us as truthful. So much influences what happens from day to day and when we tell you something it is as seen at that moment. When there is something that is solid and in stone we try also to give you that understanding and one of the things in stone is the will of God to intervene in earth affairs and bring the earth and its people back in line with what was intended in the beginning. This intention of Creator is not and has not been changed, once initiated. It is being carried out and will continue until completed. As far as the other subject of our difference in terminology and in the way we view time as compared to your way of viewing time, it is so ingrained in both our concepts that this remains a sticking point to this day. My scribe thinks it would be easy for us to learn your way of thinking and correct our way of explaining things time related. I have heard her think that we, as the help that have come, should have studied your ways of word meaning and adjusted our conveying of information as needed for a better understanding on your part. This sounds good but she does not understand what levels of existence our thoughts have to go through that are energy related from our minds into your receiving of information and how those thoughts from us are distorted through these levels of energy. We try most accurately to see that what we intend is what you receive and this is a monumental task on a hourly basis and so much is dependent upon the receiver. We know that our words are also taken as different meanings in different people and they are the same words. We wish it could be more accurate in the delivery and in the receiving. We need this accuracy most assuredly and wish as much as you do that it was this way.

There are many obstacles to this communication and the distortion of our thoughts to you is a big one and we work on this all the time as best we can to see that correctness in intention of messages is given. Do not let this side track you in how you see our truthfulness and intentions. We have enough trouble with interference from the dark to completely do away with our messages and distort them. Try to see that differences in the way our two cultures view things where time is concerned will be different and adjust your understanding as we try to adjust our understanding of how we word our thoughts to you. We wish all misunderstandings could be erased from the past and this would make things much better where this is concerned. Time in itself is difficult for you to understand because it changes from place to place or from dimension to dimension as the scientific laws are different governing that plane.

As this relates to the here and now there will be announcements and there will be much change in your government when information is revealed and truth comes out and this will happen within the next few weeks as we see it from our perspective at this moment. Could this possibly change, yes, but the background of evidence is completed and ready for this revelation and the energy for revelation is there and waiting. This will start the ball rolling. Are earth changes pending in plate tectonics and pressures needing to be equalized, yes, and we see this as happening within the next few months from our perspective at this moment. Also on your horizon is ascension and this is harder to speak of as the timing is not known to us and depends upon the people themselves. Our bar is set high for accuracy and we attempt perfection in our information delivered to the best of our ability and this is every day. You have a wonderful future ahead of you when speaking of your new earth and the promises concerning the type of life offered and available. This is another one of those rock solid things that will not change because it is a promise made from a higher authority.

So, you see our challenges all along the way of this earth mission are many and some are quite large. We seek to always gain your trust in all we say and do. Our love for you is real and does not falter. Our intentions are God directed and God driven and we are here to help however we are allowed by Creator. We ask that you do not let anything stand in your way of receiving God’s love no matter what disappointment you may be going through regarding man or us or delays in anything. This is real and this is happening on a grand scale and it will be completed. God does work in mysterious ways at times and it may not be in the way you expect but His “Will” will be carried out without question in this matter of earth intervention and deliverance from the dark. Their days are over and some of them will be removed from all things permanently. Some of their energy remains now and it is in the process of being removed. There is nothing more definite than God’s finality. You are loved more that we here have ever been able to express to you. I leave you now in the hands and love of your Heavenly Father and Creator of all that is.

I am Joseph In His Service

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