February 26, 2021

Let us begin. It baffles me that some are floating along with total trust in their government of the US and not questioning anything. It is easy to get wrapped up in requirements of your life and not take an interest in something that has been left up to others to control. Unfortunately others are not always trustworthy to handle certain areas of your life and have led you down the wrong path. You are in such a situation now that it cannot be retrieved and has to start over almost from the beginning. This is why it will take time and much care in getting everyone on board with what is needed. I will not say you are going back to the beginning for you have the added experience of all these years in your US history to rely on as far as what does not work. It will take a certain political frame of mind to construct or structure the wording and environment for your new country and let me be clear about this, only those who really care about your country and its citizens should be afforded the opportunity to have any say in the matter.

I would like to change subjects here and go to lives lived. Many do not believe in reincarnation and it is a controversial subject. I tell you that you have lived many lives in your learning experience and your earth was set up for this to be helpful to you in your learning process. Much of the teachings of living more than one life were taken out of your Bible and this was very misleading. Only by continuing to learn can you advance on your journey and you are given many opportunities to do this. Not all planets are set up this way and some have inhabitants who live long lives so they can continue to learn and grow. Your planet rules afforded you the many lives option and you would call it the fast track to learning. It gives you not only a second chance but many chances at taking what you have learned and bringing it forward into another situation.

You might ask why this method is better than living a long life. Like your country, sometimes it is better to come clean and start over again with another opportunity to do it right or do it better. In your early development like most of you are in now, if given a long life you could get so fouled up and so far down a wrong path that it would only make things worse to continue. Starting over seems the best way to wipe the slate clean and start over as far as your decisions are concerned. This does not mean you were automatically given freedom from transgressions in your lives but that you now have the option of learning from past things and making better decisions in the new life. The laws of energy would still apply in all lives and what you send out will return with all of its facets to contend with. As far as remembering you may or may not remember your past lives but hopefully the learning from them will remain in clarity so that you gain ground in your journey. There are many nuances to living more than one life and as you might guess the same people are repeated in your lives to give meaning to recognition of what does not work. The same goes for them regarding actions toward you.

As you can see the best case scenario is a life grounded upon the laws of God, His Love and also forgiveness. This gives you the best environment for not having to try and correct negative thoughts or actions in the next life. So, you can understand that even in this life if you are doing your best not to harm others and live your best life you may be carrying over some negative activity from a past life that has to be dealt with. This answers the question of why some people have all the luck and others live a good life and have all the bad luck. Actually luck is sort of a false premise and all things are connected to the reality of cause and affect. Do not fall into the trap of thinking there is no point in even trying for it will all come back to haunt you for this is a false idea. Each and every life is God given through love for your growth and your free will choice. It is researched in advance to give you the best opportunity to live it to the fullest and take care of anything that needs to be focused upon for action of any kind. You are not haphazardly thrown out into another life just hoping you will make the best of it. Far from the truth.

This new earth you are venturing into will have somewhat different rules and the fast track into learning will not be the same. Ascension into higher vibrations will also have different rules governing lives and you will be living longer and having a clearer vision of everything. It is a grand transition you are making those of you who are advancing. There is much to learn and so much more to enjoy. Friendship with others will have a different tone and depth considering there will be no tendency for hate, envy, revenge and other negative emotions. Respect will prevail, even if others do not have the same ideas you do for you will be tolerant of their culture and background. No one will want to force their ideas on you and try to get you to live like they do. I hope you can see this happening.

Your month of March will be one of great activity in all ways as we see it from here. Stand in your Godly ways and keep counsel with that which is good, honest and trustworthy. Choose your close friends wisely and do not spend time in negative environments. Let others make their decisions, even if you see them as unwise, unless they ask for your help or advice. Do not let criticism wound you for it is between you and God. Refrain from activities not leading to better times and enjoy your life in all things possible.

I leave you now with these instructions we give in the highest of our intentions and with love.

I am Joseph In His Service

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