February 25, 2021

Let us begin. It seems that all is going according to plan and the evidence needed has been gathered. Now we await the action all have been hoping for. Well, maybe not all, but most. Things need to be righted and corrected and the background has been laid. The movements of the legal system on earth are quite complex for this type of correction and it took some time to get everything in order. Now we wait for the next move.

There are several things looming on your horizon and it is difficult to understand which one will happen first. The earth corrections are approaching and their timing is unknown and we are speaking of earthquakes here. Then there is the continued legal procedures concerning all those who have already been arrested. Also waiting are more waves of energy and opportunity there for all to take advantage of in the way of better vibrations and body improvements and more indications of Light and Love. We also have announcements waiting to be brought out for all to experience and this will be large in scope. Then there is the major earth adjustment in pole shift and this may be done in stages, but a major adjustment none the less. Then there is the great flash of light that awaits and this timing is also unknown. Don’t forget about ascension also and this timing is unknown to us. So you see there are quite a few large events waiting in line and we do not know which one will be first. Things were delayed on purpose at times to let other events progress and this caused a backlog and now we have this situation waiting.

While we wait and we know you are ready to get things moving, you should have your body uppermost in your mind and give it the best care you can with rest, proper food and exercise. It will help you to get through everything that is to come and you will have so much on your mind that it is imperative that your body be functioning as well as possible. It is easy to forget about the needs of your body but this is an important time and care should be taken now for several reasons. Your body is changing at a rapid rate into a crystalline form and this has to be done for you to move up into the higher vibrations. Take note to get as must rest as possible. Drink plenty of clean water. Eat more of the vegetables and fruits.

The needs of the people who do not realize what is going on are somewhat dependent upon your Light work now to aid them in their adjustments. The opportunities are there for them but so many are not taking advantage of them and remain in the dark concerning educating themselves to everything that is happening. You are the vanguard group that is making way for not only yourselves but others to make this trip through this major shift in all that is for earth. They have no idea. Things are unfolding on a day by day basis for so many now and unfortunately many are getting left behind because of their actions and by their inaction. Some have made decisions on a soul level and need extra time to experience and learn before they make a move ahead. This is their need and their choice. All is done with love for them.

You Light workers are understanding more than we expected you to and continue to give of yourselves in your mission work so that progress can be made in the changes needed. It is so difficult for us to explain about energy and vibrations and time lines and a multitude of elements that are in play at this time but you continue none the less and have faith in the plan that is in force and directed by the Will of God. It could not be done this way without you. Do not think that we take you for granted but you were chosen for your experience and abilities and many wanted this opportunity that the earth experience would provide. Little did we know that it would take this much effort and time because of the entrenched attitude of the dark to remain at all costs, no matter how difficult their ending. We also had hopes of more coming to grips with who they are and what their mission was. It is your determination against the efforts of the dark that have impressed up the most. Your dedication to seeing this through against the dark is what keeps you at your best here.

There are times in this event that you have been in a holding pattern and even though so much is happening right now we get the feeling that you feel you are in one of those holding patterns. The energy is swirling around you in patterns of greatness and correct foundations are being laid but most of you are not aware of them. The dark would certainly tell you that things are changing for them and not for the better. There is no holding pattern for them in their legal processes. They are being processed as quickly as possible.

Light workers do continue your work and carry out whatever is asked of you. The work you have done at each step has been important but now is a critical time when stability is needed for everyone to hold onto in this time of change. The bigger picture here greatly needs your input and it is difficult for you to understand how important your work is to everything else that is happening. The elements you work with are of such formative nature that they have to be correct and you can do this and at this time on earth no one else is in a position to contribute what you are giving and doing. Things seem to be gathering for so much to happen at once and each one of the events will shake some in great ways. Things happening all at once, as they appear to be lining up, will cause an even greater need for your work and steadfastness. Be at peace with your work and know how important it is, not only in the end result but in the doing of it for this is your calling.

I leave you now with the understanding that we cannot tell you what will happen next, first, or in sequence of events. All is left up to Creator, Gaia and the action and reaction of everyone. We love you greatly and look forward to the progress awaiting your journey.

I am Joseph In His Service

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