February 24, 2021

Let us begin. It is our observation that you are skilled now in certain areas and know enough that you remain in a state of mind to continue learning. When I say skilled I mean in coming to a planet and bringing it back to the Light that was intended. This takes time no matter how adept you are at doing this and you have put in the time. We do not mean in any way that you know it all but you did rise to the demand for this place and met the challenges that confronted you. We only wish that more of you came to the knowledge of what their mission was and also that more of you were not side tracked with false information. This put a larger task in front of the ones who did confront the enormity of what was needed. There is yet work to be done in the complete eradication of the dark for there are numbers, influences and deeds still around in different stages of completion. As I have said before I would like to see every last bit of dark influence gone from each person on earth.

You are in the process of moving your intentions a bit from working with bringing Light into the earth realm to now taking new instructions regarding uniting with others of the same intent on earth to establish the foundation of the new earth without any dark influence. A little different but so important that this part be done regarding vibrational standardization of a beginning foundation work for a higher requirement. The codes are different and you don’t have to worry about this as it will be done through the giving of the proper creative Light. You do need to learn how to work with and within these new parameters of instruction and that you are doing. You see, you have been doing this all along as circumstances have required it of you. Do not get stuck thinking that all your Light work is the same. Be open to the instructions and Light given as the creative potential of Light is vast, or should I say endless in its ability to create what is needed. You are just now beginning to understand how important you have been and how important you are in your work and in completing your mission for it is not over just yet. A chapter has been completed and a new chapter opened.

Not only is there a new chapter but the beginning of a new earth so do not fold up your tents just yet, even though much has been accomplished. Your abilities to adjust are needed now to usher in the materials, for lack of a better word, being used for this project. Even though all dark has not been extinguished just yet it is important that new construction be started within the needed vision of the new and this vision will become your reality and that of all others on earth. It does not work to come to the river for crossing and not have at least an idea of how to build a bridge. You need to know the dimension of the bridge, the materials used, the time it will take and most importantly who the engineer in charge is. A sloppy analogy but you get the picture. Actually when needed the bridge will be there and you will have the means to cross it.

One of your challenges now along with everything else you are doing is to bring others with you. Help them when the occasion presents itself but do it gently. This is a mission of love foremost on the part of everyone concerning earth. A lot of this work for others you have already done and continue to do. Now is not the time to retire or take a sabbatical. More information is coming in that will nudge people to notice the changes and turn toward the Light and all that encompasses. This process continues to continue and this thought may not be what you wanted but it is what is needed. We get the idea that you wanted a huge clock on earth that was counting down the hours and minutes and when the time came you would take your time card and slip it in the slot and log out for the last time. This is not the case here.

In this last part of change the energies have been so changing and we mean from moment to moment, that what was needed from you has also changed frequently. Your adaptability has been greatly needed and upcoming is an example of that need. You will see grand changes soon. The outing of the dark influence and negative activity they put into motion is in direct correlation to the new vibrations being established as they come in. Continue what you are doing in your work. Take the instructions given, and a lot of this will be at night as you sleep, and work wholeheartedly as you have been in the God directed freedom of this earth. So much is yet to be done and it will become more clear to you as things progress. You see this freedom of earth has been one of the largest challenges ever proposed and there were a few in the beginning that thought it could not be accomplished. Many knew it was possible and spent countless hours telling others that it could. Your accomplishments speak for themselves and what is needed now is for you to continue. There will be more information available on this beginning of plans at a later date.

We come this day to encourage you to be the Light beings that you are and remain steadfast in your commitment to your mission and promise now to complete the energy and Light work needed to take out the last of the dark. They are at their finish line and most cannot even see it. The new establishment is here and taking over and this will be a shock to the dark that are left. I leave you now with the vision that we see from here and it is everything we have told you in its wonder and God given design. Soon you will also see for yourselves.

There is so much more I wish for you to know but this morning I am needed elsewhere and must be off.

I am Joseph In His Service

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