February 23, 2021

Let us begin. We offer all sorts of advice and counseling, depending on what is needed and most of the time we do not hesitate to tell you what you need to know. In most all cases we do get through to you and you have the option to accept or reject. There are cases where information is imperative for you to know, even if you do not understand and this is one of those cases.

We are coming upon the time of crossing the bridge and you have heard of this before. We asked you to plan long ago for this time and how to conduct your life so that you could ascend to a higher vibration and way of living and most all of you reading wanted to do this because of what you were leaving behind. You did not fully understand what you were going to other than it was a vast improvement over what was. We now tell you that you should have prepared already and done your work in the choosing of thought and actions that would bring you into harmony with what was needed to cross that bridge. When the time comes, it comes and this is the first time where a planet and the people are given opportunity to do this in tandem.

Ascension and learning of any kind can be done at any time and can be done at a later day when the requirements are met and there is no shame in not being ready. It is a process and the way of being that you continue to learn and rise up to a higher level. This instance on earth is a little different and Gaia was adamant about her children going with her in ascension and this is one for the history books. She is ready to take her children with her now and she waits for you. The time approaches and we can tell this, even if no one knows the hour or the day. It is all in God’s timing and at His will. We are instructed to inform you of this and we are telling you that the time approaches. The way of ascension has been explained to the best of your understanding in the past and it was up to you to prepare. The universal laws are simple and all that cannot survive in the higher vibrations will not go and this goes for all other things on your planet also. Plants, animals, sickness, disease, greed, avarice and the list goes on. It is a simple law of universal energies and the science of it is easy to understand.

You have free will and if you choose not to go it is your right to do so. There will be opportunity for this to happen when you are ready and have done your homework. Things will not be complicated as some imagine and the process, even now with some, has been such that many are living in the 5th dimension and a few even higher. What you achieve automatically draws you to where you belong. The division of family and loved ones is what most people worry about and this also is not as complicated as some think. Energies of your being will remain with those not ascending. Those ascending will not feel the pain of separation as you might imagine. This is hard to explain but is a blessing on both sides.

Also on our list of things we are encouraged to inform you of are the earth adjustments concerning earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The hold that was once put on these activities has been released and they are free to express and seek their energy adjustments as are needed in all places. It is being done as far as being in process now and will continue as earth requires. All systems that have been involved in this long process of earth adjustment and the overtaking of the dark influence have worked together in the will of Creator and Father, Mother God have seen to this. In this case it took more than a village to be involved and make this happen. It has taken millions in your skies, or heavens as you call it, and many on earth to bring this about. The hosts of heaven were called to action and they have followed instruction as to what was needed at the moment. As you might imagine this changed often. If you imagine the biggest production for an event that you could, it has taken even more and the love that abounds for you is more than you can imagine also.

I have taken you from basics of individual thoughts and actions to the enormity of a production so vast it has taken many life times and years to bring about into reality and even now it continues. It doesn’t matter if you understand but it does matter if you are ready. We stand ready to give to you the information necessary and have done so in the past. We have done our part and now it is up to you to stand strong in your advancements of the God within so that your journey will also continue, no matter where you are on your path. We love you all and hope that you will seek the heights to which you can achieve in all times of your being for you are the expression of the Light and Love of God within. I leave you now with these thoughts and our love and hopes go with you on your journey.

I am Joseph In His Service

(There was a previous question concerning ascension by a reader on December 6th and it was answered by Prosper on December 8th. You may want to refer to this information.)

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