February 22, 2021

Let us begin. We see a trend now forming and your desires for your new earth are taking on the energy you are giving it and it is establishing the foundation that is needed. This new foundation is made with no dark influence and will serve you well as you add to it with everything that is needed for the correcting time. It could not be formed or made with fragments of dark energy intertwined within it. This does not mean that all dark energy is gone but it means you have chosen to use the energy that has been given for this purpose and it is pure in intention and you have chosen well. There are instructions given at night on how to do this choosing of energy and joining together with others of like mind and desire to construct or form the necessary beginnings of a sturdy cornerstone to build on. As we have said these days will go down in history as they are being recorded now. The earth chapters will be studied for a long time and be helpful to others. It is noteworthy that you are quite ready for this creating to happen and are enthusiastic about starting and eager to learn how to make this change. You only want to see these days under the dark influence in your rear view mirror.

There are some of you that are eager and willing to devote much of your time to this at night while you sleep. Others are very willing but demands of the day and night, usually involving children, limit the amount of time you can devote to instruction and work. We notice that all pray heavily and can only be likened to a huge army of Light workers who have banded together and are marching forward in your desire to change the world. I would certainly not want to be one that tried to stand in your way. Your determination is self evident in your actions and your Light is beginning to be known far and wide. There is no way now to stop this energy you are using and Creator is at the helm. As we have said the dark in no way have any idea what force they are dealing with or how God works through His many souls to bring about the desires of His heart for His people. You have made yourselves open to this instruction and will and things are getting done. We see it clearly here. Your fortitude is outstanding and brings some of us to tears for it has been so long that you struggled to be set free.

It takes courage to rise up against the dark or any opposing entity that wants to keep you from your connection with your God that is within and His laws that govern. The desire to maintain the dark influence had the upper hand for so long but is in no way strong enough now to face the band of Light workers in force that spent the time and effort and a lot of it on their knees in prayer. It needs to be mentioned here that the angels rejoice any time someone comes to the Light but when all of you join your powers of directed energy to use for good, all of heaven rejoices and takes note at what you have done. Now that you have established yourselves together we wish you could see the energy moving and taking shape into the formation that is of Light and will prevail. You faced some difficult days in facing the dark and some of you paid a high price for you were targeted in different ways. You kept going and did not give up for your desire in coming here was reinforced by your past successes and your inner knowing of the importance of your mission and of the success that was needed. That determination will see you through in continuing to learn and work for what is needed.

The status of things continues to gain ground in the right direction and we await announcements concerning the legal platform that is being established to once again return your world into what was intended in the beginning. So much of the world is rebelling against the restraints that have been placed upon all individuals and you are ready to regain your freedoms in all forms. A lot of what happens in the US will affect the rest of the countries in their actions toward freedom also. The relationships of one country with another will slowly change for the better and so much that is being lost now in rhetoric and posturing will be put aside and more respect will enter this field of communication. Fear will subside in your dealings with other countries and more trust will grow. We look forward to seeing this happen for you and this is what you deeply desire. Imagine your world with no fear! You can accomplish this. (I am seeing here many hearts having their hopes and dreams come true and the joy it brings.)

We await a more open contact with you in your coming days and we have wanted this for some time. There is so much we want to tell you and hopefully all of it will bring about better days and lives for everyone. There are many specialists, as you would call them, here to give you the information you need in making the changes necessary for great improvements. There has been free energy for some time and it is being developed for all to use. We know that so many of your thoughts concerning children are uppermost in your minds and that challenge will be met. Improvements in food production can be vastly improved concerning the nutritional content and you will also reap rewards from better health. The improvements list goes on and that does not take into consideration the brand new things that can be learned that will amaze you. We stand ready and waiting.

I leave you now with your grand force for creating this new world and we will meet you when you are ready. This is a strange statement since so many of you have been communicating with us for some time now and as some think this is not an imaginary, made up story from a deranged individual. If your friends only knew what you have been up to they would be amazed. As of now you are just thought of as different while all the time you have been in contact and communicating with people from other planets and other dimensions. ARE THEY GOING TO BE SURPRISED! We are your friends and we hope that your contact and connections with us have proven beyond any doubt that we have been sent here by Creator and we have your best interest at heart. We are no threat by any means. We will get to say that it is so good to finally get to meet you face to face after all this time. We know you well.

I am Joseph In His Service

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