July 23, 2021

Let us commence. I find that many of you know a lot about what is going on, not only in the world but with earth and her procedures. This is gratifying. I have availed myself of your website offeroftrust and it is enlightening reading your questions. This gives me more opportunity to give information, so here we go.

The earth is traveling through space in a spiral and we will say she is traveling upward. In space we do not use the terms up or down for it can be misleading. Your universes are somewhat on a flat plane and we speak of a planet’s position as being on the Central Sun side or away from the Central Sun side. When we speak of positions of planets we usually use the term “quadrant” for this is how they are measured off according to territory and how they are ruled or governed. So your solar system is quite far away from the Central Sun and is ruled by one called ATONN. This quadrant is under the patrol of the Ashtar Command and he is a Fleet Commander. The comings and goings of all the craft in this quadrant are under the Ashtar Command. As you might imagine this is a huge responsibility.

You might ask if your universe is somewhat on a flat plane then how could earth be traveling up on a spiral. Most all things are traveling in a spiral and we will use the term “up” again for there is enough space for all and everything to travel in any direction, at least as far as we can tell. So all things, including man, are on a path traveling in a progressive journey upward. This makes it easy to keep track of and to chart. The Central Sun is the hub of it all, or at least our known part, for we suspect there is much more that we do not know yet.

Let us take a look at what you call time. Each spiral of your universe is a measurement of advancement and of time. This term is handy to use to measure achievement and location. One spiral of your universe and therefore your earth, is a movement upward and not only that but an advancement and progression in all things, such as densities, knowledge, achievement and elements. Have you ever noticed that from time to time your scientist will discover a new element? This comes with density and corresponds to the advancement along the spiral upward. It would not do for a 3rd density planet to have far too many elements to deal with, or the same elements as a 5th density planet. Energy is not the only thing that corresponds with the density of things. All parts or elements are in a state of compatibility with where it will exist and it will only exist where it vibrates comfortably for it cannot exist elsewhere. Different densities or dimensions are composed of only the elements that are needed and used to make up that dimension or life contained there.

So, when you ascend to a higher level you are not only increasing your God knowledge with the increase in vibration but also all physical elements to go along with that increase and that which exists in that vibrational frequency. Are there many more elements contained in higher dimensions, yes, certainly. Things that you have not thought of yet do exist and here we get into the existence of things in different dimensions which are not seen by physical eyes or perceived with the body’s 5 senses. You see there are so many worlds you have not yet discovered and this is why God’s creation is more vast than you have ever imagined.

Let us get back down to earth and your ascension into greater dimensions. We are talking about a progressive movement contained within a definite time frame and this is the pattern for all planets but not the same time frame. When you compare the position of a planet as it pertains to how far it is from the hub of its universe, you will find that it will take a different amount of time for it to travel one rotation than it does another planet in a different position from the center of the planet’s rotations. All and everything you have, including your mind and body is geared around your location from your sun and the time frame it takes to travel one rotation around your sun. It is also geared to the time it takes to travel around one spiral of advancement through space. And here is where we get into magnetic fields changing places and recorded history of a planet. You are about to move up into a different dimension and all the changes that come with this change. Your world is about to become more comprehensive in all ways you can imagine and this is why different dimensions are a big deal. You are about to become a more advanced God creation and so is your environment. You have to qualify for entering this dimension. If you do not qualify it would be against all laws of science and this cannot happen. All of God’s creation is synchronistic and this makes it amazing. It is also automatic in its rules and parameters.

So, you see that those not qualifying are lovingly retained until they do for it is a scientific principle that is in effect here and is compatible with all laws of nature and being. This law also goes for plants, animals, elements, diseases, viruses and all living things. This is why you cannot have a 3rd dimensional disease in a 5th dimensional existence for it cannot exist there. All things follow the laws of existence.

I leave you now with this information for your better understanding and we will build upon this knowing for this is foundational.

In His Love,

I am Parker

10 thoughts on “July 23, 2021

  1. Thank you kindly for that explanation. You mentioned that not everyone will ascend. Will you help us understand how we can know if we are 4 – 5th density ascending beings, or 3rd dimensional being who will not participate in Gaia’s ascension into 5th density? Thank you, Jay Hoop


    1. Jay, Let us look at the understanding of ascension. This is a process and you are always in this process for you are always improving in all facets of your journey, or should be. At least you are always learning one way or the other, like what doesn’t work. There is no sense of failing or not ascending and no blame. A person not ascending has no concept of not ascending. They just remain in the dimension where they are and continue, either where they have been or they are moved to a different location. In the case of minions of the dark, they are removed and relocated to another appropriate location to continue their journey with the same environment to work with. A person not ascending usually has no concept of the process of ascending and really doesn’t care and they feel no sense of loss. If you are striving to ascend and obeying God’s laws and channeling God’s love, you live and thrive at a higher vibratory rate and are compatible with a higher dimension. This usually happens on a timetable of your own choosing but this time Gaia is taking her children with her. Let me explain. Dimensions are levels of achievement and have levels of density within them. So you can be in 5th dimension on a low level of density and rise gradually or speedily to a higher level of density within that dimension. It is all painless and automatic according to your vibration and there is no discomfort of missing friends or loved ones. A higher level of dimension holds no pain when moving from 4th to 5th dimension. It may be difficult to understand but you will find it to be a process in most accordance with all laws of advancement. Parker


  2. Parker, thank you for that answer. I ask this question because I think there are many people who would empathize with my desire to know where we stand in this ascension process.

    I relate the following because I suspect many others will empathize with my life’s experience in my pursuit to know God. For as long as I can remember, my soul has yearned to return to Source. I chose the word yearning to describe the soul’s experience when searching for God, but the word itself lacks the fullness of what one experiences, and only true, humble, and sincere searchers, will understand what it means to yearn to know God. Men like to call Him God. I prefer Father or the One Source and Center of all things. The latter title may sound impersonal, but I like it because while many think of our Creator as above us, everything I have experienced is that He is IN all things and THROUGH all things and at the CENTER of all things.

    Despite my human frailties, I have tried to learn and live by all of our Father’s commandments. I am learning to be like Him. He has taught me to look to Him in all things, and to put nothing between or above me and Him. He has taught me to stop hating myself, and to see me through His eyes so that I may understand the divinity that I am. He has taught me to live and let live, and to walk among men without judgment. He has taught me not only to love my fellow men, but to love my enemy, to pray for those who hate me, and to do good to those who despitefully use me and abuse me. He has taught me that the path of happiness is found not only in letting go of hatred for my fellow men but in forgiving even undeserving men their trespasses. He gave to me a wonderful companion who throughout her life has led me in these attributes with a gentle and natural expression of herself. In years past these teachings were hard. Loving and forgiving those who do not merit my love and forgiveness felt forced and unnatural because even though I was doing it out of obedience to Father’s commandments, I was doing it without Him. When I learned to surround myself in the loving presence of the Father, forgiveness became easy and permanent, even in big issues. I ask you, can anyone feel hatred, when they are in the presence of love? And is there any greater source of love than from our Father? In truth, He is the only source of love, and any experience of love that we feel from another is only a reflection of Him. If after spending time in the Father’s loving presence you still feel hatred, then you must spend more time with Him, until all the hatred is absorbed and forgiveness can be done naturally and easily. These lessons cannot be gained through other men’s experiences, and can only be learned by doing, and the more I have done this, the easier it has become.

    I was raised in a Christian belief system, and while I value the contributions of religion in our path toward Father, institutions of religious learning teach on a group level, often require strict adherence to their religious views and can stifle true spiritual growth through strict dogmas, limiting beliefs and false doctrines. On the other hand, I have come to know that true religious worship comes through personal experiential knowledge with the divine influence within and that sincere meditation and prayer are essential to gaining that knowledge.

    I share these things only to illustrate my personal path, and while it is true that my pursuit to find Father has been deep and sincere, I don’t feel that far along the path. I am all too aware of the duality within me and the upward and downward tug of war that I feel between my soul and this 3rd-dimensional body/vehicle, which causes me to wonder who I am, what I am, why I am, and where I am in the grand scale of ascension. Do 4th / 5th-dimensional beings still feel the pull of the lower animal energies that are so prevalent in this 3rd-dimensional existence?

    Additionally, while I have learned to feel his loving presence, I am keenly aware of how hard it has been for me to hear Him and His attendants. I try to listen, Father knows I do, but there is something that blocks me from consciously hearing His/their inner voices. Joseph said that invitation to board a ship would likely be done through a personal angelic message, which caused me concern and made me wonder if I was at the needed ascension level, thinking that perhaps all 4th and 5th density beings have learned to listen to their inner voices.

    These are the things that have caused me to ask about ways of discerning the level of ascension that I/we are on. So from your answer, I suppose that the fact that I/we are aware of ascension, suggests that I/we are on the path and hopefully, I/we are far enough along it to join you on your ships. I pray we are because, with all of my heart, I want to see Gaia in her 5th-dimensional splendor and experience the conditions of our new heaven and earth, in this incarnation. Thank you, Parker your brother Jay Hoop.


    1. Jay, Once ascended there will be no pull of the 3rd dimension as there once was. Your whole perspective, along with your body will be changed. Very few have a direct communication with those on our side. It is much more common to feel the influence of God within. Do not worry about hearing the call for evacuation. You will know, as will all others who need to know. Parker


  3. Thank you Jay, we’ll said. And Parker our loving friend thank you. And my fondest reaching out to Joseph. Please send him of our love and concern for him as an individual and our graditude for all that he does. I know his work is indeed sacred and great and don’t want him to forget us who know and love him (and Prospers and Albert etc). Parker are you familiar with the teachings of Jossph Smith? I specifically mention the central Sun known to us as ‘Kolob’. Also I have been fascinated by the original story of ‘the wingmakers’. For all I write here there there are many pages written in my blue book. Can you confirm you are able to consider these things since this is a general forum and this blue book has 100 times the content of what I sincerely desire to convey and express. I know Joseph touched upon this briefly somewhat ambiguously earlier. I can feel very strongly Joseph’s works now and it is very significant to say the least. English and spoken words have limits. God has shown me worlds/dimensions without number in various degrees of glory. I have spent hours and days and weeks taking in the beauty of these places to the point I simply don’t belong here.

    God speed brother. We formally request to be with you now or as time may permit for we are vagabonds on this earth being hunted down one by one. Much like the Star Strek Episode named: ”Transfigurations” season 3 episode 25. We love each of you dearly and cherish our growing friendship. Thank you for answering God’s call for the intervention and know if the roles were reversed (and we had the spiritual & technology advancements we would do the same for/with you. We are in extreme life threatening dire straits because the dark have taken all our finances through sophisticated diabolical means that we need to survive. I can’t take much more friends and family members dying in my arms because there simply was not food to nourish them with. With much love and respect, your friend, brother and family Jacob


  4. Thank you Parker, I am humbled to be able to communicate, share thoughts and learn from one as advanced as you. It is an honor and privilege. Jay


  5. Hello Parker and TM,
    Id like to ask about multiverse theory and how it relates to our bodies and energy fields. Im testing quantum jumping and downloading qualities from my alternate selves so i can validate this. Thank you.


    1. Matthias, Consider the purpose of your venture. You are an explorer or sorts and strict adherence to scientific laws is required. Consider a guide if you do not have one and necessary theory will be given to you. Be careful in your tests. Parker


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