July 25, 2021

Let us commence. I am prone to getting too deep into earth history but part of it has to be known. At present your planet has been the place for work into changing a difficult dark influence into light and removing all remembrances of dark influence into the past. Long ago the Anunnaki were given permission to live on earth and this is where the most recent past chapter began. Of course there is more but we will start here. From there they moved into an alliance with Draconians and it was a race to see who could use the other to the fullest degree. It was almost a compatible situation because they were both deviant and far from the purpose of life itself.

Being developed further, servants, or minions as you call them, were recruited with promises of whatever was important at the time and a dark plan was formed to bring power and importance to a few at the top of the command. As time went on people were slowly pushed into a mind set of playing their part, which would lead life into one of subservience and bondage. This was not seen or known at the time and the true meaning of purpose was a closely guarded secret. If not for intervention their plan would have succeeded and it would be too late to fight your way back to what was left of any freedom.

Once again there was a difference of opinion on our side. Some thought more time should be given for people to see what was going on and to band together and overcome the frightful influence of the dark. Others had no hope for what was to come of any chance for things to change. This is in the past now and all is history. Some time ago it was decided that intervention was the only way for things to have any chance to right itself and bring back light to your planet. Earth is bound in its own envelope of reality and is supported by agreement until it is no longer necessary to do so and then it will return to the “real” reality. This is difficult to explain but I would call it a necessary environment for the conflict that was taking place between the light and those who were so devoid of it.

As it stands now you are only left with the servants or minions of the dark influence that once was and this influence is doing all it can to cause as much trouble and chaos as possible before they are removed and they do know they will be removed. It was believed that more light workers sent to earth would awaken to their mission and be of help in delivering earth from the grasp of the dark but this hope was limited and help from outside was called on and was delivered. It will be completed in its entirety of success and earth will once again be delivered into the place of purity and peace as it was intended.

There will come a time when you will see so much more than you do now and you will find that an understanding will come upon you and it will all make sense and will fit together. The important thing remaining now is to continue working and fighting for all that is good and Godly and of the light and to close out what is left in the will and energy that has been given to you. See this through to the end and into the new beginning with all the intention and love that you possess. So many of you are so much more than you ever imagine and have great strength and purpose much higher than just on earth. You are not reaching your full potential in your thinking of your capabilities here on earth. Be in completeness in your being of who you are and come forward in your full capacity to bring forward your light and love which is so much more powerful than any dark here on earth. This has been a war of sorts with so many fronts and it still is, even though it has changed in its leaders.

Have faith in your Creator Source and in the direction that is given and continue forward even though you do not have all the pieces of the puzzle at this time. Live in the fullness of the directive of the Father and serve as you are given to serve for deliverance of earth into the ascended planet that has been foreseen. All things will be given and known in good time and unfortunately now is not the time for all of the pieces and reasons for everything to be known and given. It is coming and I will be there to see this happen. You need to be on a higher plane for all of it to make sense and it will. The force that is carrying you along is not a magic carpet but the real energy and creative power the same as your Christ had when He came to earth to give of His teachings. This is no dream, or play in the force behind it driving it even though we speak of playing a part. The people you see may not be exactly who you think they are but the reasons for you being here at this time and your purpose is valid and accurate and you are driven by the highest cause and purpose.

Do no get side tracked by the confusion of who is doing what and for what reason but stick to your mission of leading all you can into the light and purpose of Creator and Source of all that is. Keep going within for your truth and faith and continue with your work. Serve without conditions and love as you are loved without ceasing.

In His Love,

I am Parker

8 thoughts on “July 25, 2021

  1. Thank you for your post. Some on the earth know about the historical role of the Annunaki, Dracos, Reptilians, Greys, and the Annunaki & Draco human hybrids (Blue-bloods) and their minions. Fewer still know about the sad history of satanic rituals, demonic conjuring’s, and the satanic ritualistic abuse perpetrated by these dark beings. I will not elucidate on these subjects due to their soul-wrenching nature. I will let you do this if your wisdom feels it is necessary. Over the last couple of years, the idea of cannibalism, human trafficking, sex slavery, live organ donors, blood-drinking, and the horrific method of extracting adrenochrome has been coming to light. Suffice it to say that the blood of the men, women, and children who have suffered these things still cry from the dust for vengeance upon them and all their abominable works. Glory to our Eternal Father, who is both just and merciful.

    While some know about this history, the vast majority of mankind is still blind. The greatest mouth-pieces for this subject that I know of are Kerry Cassidy – Owner of Project Camelot, Mark Richards (Captain in the secret space program) – who is still falsely imprisoned, and Ashayana Deane – Channeller of the Voyager Series. Kerry and Ashayana both claim to be in communication with the Guardian Alliance.

    Your telling of this history is most important due to a large amount of misinformation, misdirection, and falsehood surrounding this subject. While speaking in generalities and gauging the audience’s acceptance of this message is necessary, I ask you to provide detail so we can compare it against the things we have been taught, and discard that portion that does not align with the truth. Furthermore, while our sacred books hint to these beings; the serpent in the garden who beguiled Eve, the fallen sons of God-the watchers who married the daughters of men and created a race of giants known as the Nephilim, and corrupted the face of the whole earth, necessitating Noah’s flood (Bible, Book of Enoch), these stories are full of wholes, and lack the substance needed to provide legitimacy for our earth’s history.

    One last point. As a searcher of truth, it has been frustrating because none of the so-called sources of truth ie. the Bible, The Urantia Book, The Seth Papers, Ashayana Deanes Voyager Series, The Phoenix Journals, etc. differ on so many points that it is impossible to know which of them are true, or what part in them is true, or if they are all wrong. I could go into the discrepancies of the different accounts, but that would take too much space, and this is not the best forum for that discussion. But to get to the point, we need a reliable source that details what really happened. What is the truth about our premortal existence, who Lucifer and Satan (Lanonandek sons) really are, the war in heaven, the Lucifer rebellion, the garden of Eden, the role of Adam and Eve, The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life, the origin, birth and destiny of mortal man? The nature of the eternal worlds and eternal progression. We are divided on these subjects because our sources are divided on these subjects. I know this is a big request and not one that you can answer in a short reply or even in a post, but this is what we need. With love, your brother, Jay


  2. Thank you Jay for saying what needed to be said. Hopefully Parker will be able to address your comments. As one who was forced to go through satanic ritual abuse at the hands of Mormon church leaders in ways so awful it would not be permitted to be described on this or any public forum. (I promised my dear friend Patriarch Eldred Gee Smith that I would not destroy the church, so I won’t get into the details and name names/methods etc – but satanic ritual abuse is rife in the church especially among the highest leaders). So what Jay is asking for is something I am very curious about myself and hope you can tell us what you can Parker. For years Melvin Russell Ballard has had the capacity to do something about these most awful things but he refuses based in his own image and pride. He even sells his time in exchange for Priesthood blessings. Ask Ken Brailsford, Paul Jensen or David & Deborah Huber to name just a few. Ballard was trusted but turned out to be one of the most wicked and vile ones sadly. Parker and Joseph you have no idea how grateful we are for you coming and assisting us at this time. We are grateful for the divine intervention. I will add some comments of some experiences over the last 8 or so years that will hopefully explain more of exactly what I am discussing here. The satanic ritual abuse needs to end Joseph and Parker, it needs to end.


    1. Jacob, your heart is sincere and with good cause. Dark actions within a trusted position as you have mentioned will end within the will of God and be done before the courts with justice. Do not fear my dear one. All will be taken care of as it is so directed. All will be healed. Parker


  3. Dear Ryan and Kelly, I just landed from Chiapas Mexico to Salt Lake and met with my friend Brock Seeley who mentioned some things he learned in your classes with another friend of mine Roddy Kartchner. I felt impressed to send you 2 emails of some topics may be of interest. Ill be in town for about a week. Here is email 1 of 2. Godbless

    2016 Mitla Oaxaca
    Dear Brock,
    Just had a very instructive experience with 3 people, 2 men and a lady who represented themselves as belonging to to the lost 10 tribes of Israel. They were very clean and looked no different than we do with one another. The meeting was brief but very instructive. So much information was communicated so quickly that our visit did not take much time. It was as if downloads of information were given during this experience is the best way I can put it. They said that they know me well and had been sent to assist me in some personal matters. They said that they are part of a Zion like society led by John the living Apostle that the Lord caused to be led away in the same manner that he has taken other peoples away for various purposes. They said that they serve others of Israel, that never does anyone progress where it is not a crucial part of the process to serve others who are not as progressed. That it is a duty. That our gifts and blessings spiritual and temporal are all from God and it is given to us to be blessed ourselves but then to bless others so they also are blessed in like manner. They said that the closer we are to Father, the more we serve others in true love. That the Father is the greatest servant of all and His Son Jesus Christ. That no one is more sincere, works harder, sacrifices as much or has so much love as they do. And the more we understand and are given, the harder we ought to work and sacrifice.

    They said that we are family and that Zion is not complete without all the tribes being together. Only then can the Lord return and claim us unto his own Bosom and then unto the Father with Abraham, Enoch, Melchizedek and others who the Lord has led away from time to time. They told me that we on the earth are subject to great abuse and secret combinations in forms too pernicious and too many to get into, but that the time is short for the secret combinations spoken of in the scriptures and that the Lord will himself destroy the evil (2nd Nephi 10:15). That when the shackles we bear now are removed reality and senses will be improved more than we can fathom. They said the office of their service is to assist us and to contend with major factions of opposition that we generally do not know much about.
    They said some of us know a little bit about some of these things and the information is available in many things but is lost as it were in a sea or soup of information so vast and so erroneous and mixed with misinformation and voluminous intertwined information that it takes the Spirit of God to locate and discern it. Likened to a ball of cords all knotted up and difficult to unravel, follow and make straight. They said the time is coming when much confusions and pollutions will be taken away. They said that they even do not know all things, that they are in many ways including technology more advanced than we are but nowhere near where the Lord is in wisdom, knowledge power etc.

    They taught me about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that Joseph Smith is a true Prophet and the Book of Mormon is a true record, although it is only a sliver of scriptures and records of what awaits the faithful Saints. They taught me that Faith in Jesus Christ is the only real protection and power we or they can rely upon. That his Holy order of Priesthood is without beginning of days or end of years with power to bless infinite blessings.
    That the Savior Jesus Christ is really in truth the absolute only way back to being forever with and like God in exaltation. That there are many paths that lead all over the place but only the one straight and pure that leads to where our Father in Heaven desires us to arrive back to Him through, eternal lives meaning seed and being added upon. There is no other fullness of joy and purpose other than being a part of and having an eternal family – That there is more to what we understand as family. For example in some ways we progress together and no one truly humble is left out. And they are stuck until all worthy are included also.
    That our various challenges and trials are designed to help us become closer to the Savior and his atoning power to save. Without our tailored challenges we would be less humble and less apt to follow the Lord into salvation. That our trials are in very real ways protections against our own pride and going amiss unless we were bridled. They emphasized that more will come as we live what we know (that true humble sincerity will bring anyone who abides such along the path of progression) and that we will find great joy in the work we have been given, a work that many before us have when then were given the abundance we will have (spiritually and temporaly) did not prevail against the power of prosperity and fell away. They stressed how important it is for us to be humble always as just a little pride can snowball into a great avalanche. So we need to be careful. Also to not be paranoid but go forth in confidence following the example like Brother Joseph and that the Lord’s servants are supposed to be cheerful and believing and confident in the Lord and happy not to levity, ease idolatry or drunkenness but always being firm and hopeful. That all the virtues of nobility are there for us to enjoy and to not fear.
    They told me that there are all sorts of entities out there. I asked them, “like star trek?” and they said yes that there are many truths in that show and that Gene Roddenberry and others like Carl Sagan were inspired to pursue and advocate such things- meaning that there is an infinity of creation and we are not alone in the cosmos. They mentioned a few other things about that. They treated me with great kindness and seemed to communicate somehow in mind with me as well as speech as they answered me at times when I put forth or was organizing my thoughts to articulate before I spoke out. There seems to be some type of way to discern mentally or spiritually the exact things and in the exact manner we desire to express.
    The Adamic language is very powerful and is much more than what we think a language is. Certain utterances can bring immediate results. They said the fullness of the gentiles is at the door and will arrive suddenly and in such terrific ways even the elect will be surprised in ways. They said to not believe in fear anything, but to realize there is a plan and a lot of preparations on their end and that our efforts will join theirs. They said that they also have agency and make mistakes, that only the Lord has all the puzzle pieces put together and that He alone holds all the cards. They did not talk much about the Church per se mostly that the Lord would test his people members and non members alike and that ALL faith in money and worldly materials would fail and only those who have a true individual testimony would survive the separation of the wheat and tares. They talked about different mantles and the difference between the gospel, the church, the kingdom of God and the Priesthood and differing roles and functions and leadership positions and accountabilities. They taught that many of the saints lump everything spiritual into just the church but that there is so much more to it while fully respecting the church much like one would respect an elementary school once having graduated. Who would return to the elementary school they attended as a grown adult and stir up things there? We talked about the remnant who are the seed of Joseph, Lehi’s son who was promised in the book of mormon that his seed would never perish as long as the earth should stand and that this seed is already in some limited measures organized and possesses ancient records as 2nd Nephi teaches us when Nephi promised that the records would be handed down from generation to generation as long as the earth shall stand. We discussed the Indians and their leader, a long time promised servant of God, a coming prophet and the rights and power God has given to him, himself and that reading the book of Mormon, 3rd Nephi chapters 16 and 20 and 21 is reading as it were the most plain way things will unfold. We talked about many things though the time together was compressed it at the same time was extemded and they were very animated and cheerful. They had a great peace and calm about them and I can’t explain it but they felt really really clean. Like unpolluted and like they had a mental sanity and level of function far surpassing what we have. I asked about this and they we said that we don’t often realize it but are under attack in strange, profound ways in technology used against us. Something like in the food and air and frequency’s and something about the magnetic field of the earth being trifled with. They mentioned about genetics being also trifled with and plans evil people have to destroy their fellow man using diseases, tampering with genetics and psychological weapons. Also things about the the book of Revelations and being sealed against such attacks. Anyway I felt it important to tell you about this. Still in Oaxaca and will be in touch as able. Your brother, Jacob


  4. Parker, woops I didn’t mean to paste the “President Packer letter” in my last post. I meant to post the experience with the letter that followed. I apologize sincerly. Also I have been making pamphlets of all of offeroftrust.com and handing them out. Many friends of mine do not have computers or don’t know how to use them. How do you feel if a book/pamphlet is made of offeroftrust? Would you ask Joseph how he feels about this. There are materials on offeroftrust.com that are very advanced and very beneficial for all of humanity/people who will consider them and I think it’s a good idea. Something about a book that transcends info coming from a screen wouldn’t you agree? Much love and respect dear brother. Jacob


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