July 26, 2021

Let us commence. I am destined to give of information to a new world and you are the ones receiving. There will be a bigger audience in the future and all will have a chance to hear. It is commanded of me to do this by our Father and by overseers of your planet. This part is preliminary but the future part is official and will be documented that certain information was given. It is required of ascended people who have come to a stabilized position that they receive certain information to continue and I have had experience in this with other planets. In your Father’s house there are many mansions and you will be amazed.

We know you are concerned about what will happen next. When will things correct themselves and when will the real truth be given. All is coming to fruition, but even if it does not happen as you have expected I would still be giving of certain information in your future. I have listened and I hear some of you say that you want the truth from the horse’s mouth. Well I am that horse, sent by God and ordained to deliver what is needed. You are His children and have never been forgotten. Sent on this mission, your presence has always been known and your whereabouts. Your Father does not forget or forsake His children.

I will make myself known with somewhat of a flurry later but for now you have my attention at this time and we are going ahead with this. Be it known that your names are recorded and your service also. You are part of the vanguard, leading others to a higher dimension. Set yourself to a higher standard and do not take lightly your part in what has been and what is to come for your service is extraordinary and so I tell you to continue in all respects as you have been instructed by your counselors and your inner guide. Connect with your God self daily and at all times possible for as much as you have taken your work seriously, your work has gained momentum and is vital at this point in time.

I tell you that what you think of the God directive within you should be done with holiness and reverence for you have been sent and sustained by His will and it is not upon Him to send simpletons to do his work. Take care of your body and remain in His light and do not loose your faith or determination while carrying out what is commanded of you. Be of good cheer in his calling of you for he chose well. Listen to His word and continue His study daily. I leave you now to think on these words and give you encouragement from His words that you continue within His light and love.

In His Love,

I am Parker

7 thoughts on “July 26, 2021

  1. Thank you for your message. I have prayed and meditated for years following the direction of various religious beliefs and gurus. All would benefit from receiving your guidance about the most effective forms of prayer and meditation. I can think of no greater counsel than this; for knowing how to approach Father is paramount to all things.

    I think we would all agree that stillness, and drawing our attention inward with sincerity and holiness of heart are at the core of prayer and meditation, and that bodily health, joy, love, laughter, forgiveness, service, and a willingness to do the Father’s will all facilitate our humble approach toward His Holy Throne of Grace.

    Are there other things that will add to or diminish from the effectiveness of our prayers and meditations? Here are some examples:

    What is the most effective diet that will align our lives with higher frequencies and facilitate communing with Father? What foods and substances should we obstain from? Should we avoid all red meat, poultry, fish and shell fish? Should we avoid all animal products including eggs and dairy? Is an organic vegan diet the most conducive to higher living? Are there grains like wheat (with gluten) and GMO corn that we should avoid?

    When meditating, does body position, posture, and finger and tongue placement make a difference? Is it better to be sitting up or lying down? Are there environmental elements like colors, sounds and vibrations that can help? Does it help to be in nature? Do we need to open, align and balance our chakras to effectively meditate? Are there harmonic energies from physical items like chrystals that can be of good use? Does being in or around geometric shapes and angles, like the pyramids help make a difference in our attempt to connect with Diety? Does consensual and loving intercourse have a positive or negative effect upon our power to commune with God? Is there a method that you would suggest when adding visualization, imagination and manifestation into our meditations?

    On a more religious and esoteric note, are there priesthoods, ordinances, rituals, alters, ceremonial clothing, keywords, signs, tokens, etc. that can open the channels of communication with God and other holy beings of light? Are there sacred names of diety, names of arch angels, sigils, pentacles, pentagrams, circles, shapes, numbers, ruling planets, dates, or instruments, etc. that are used by godly men and women to call forth holy beings who are in the service of the Holy One? Is there a heavenly sustained and godly method to this approach, or is all of this dark, man-made, superstitious, or nonsense?

    The goal of meditation is to raise our vibrations to align with our inner diety. Should we be seeking to communicate and merge with our higher-self?

    When Jesus Christ came to the earth, He worked hard to break down the false traditions of man-made religious rules and restrictions that choked the people in their religious worship. My intent, in asking these questions is not to create from your answers another form of religious living that ends up restricting agency and destroying the abundance which our Father designed for His children. Rather, my desire is to learn how to improve my life in greater harmony with the truth.

    I know that I have listed a lot of questions. Please be patient with me and understand that because the dark ones have kept us from knowing the truth for so long, when the heavens are opened as they are now, I cannot help but leap at the opportunity to learn as much as I can. Please know that your answers are recieved like cool water drawn from a deep well and poured upon parched soil. I humbly trust your guidance and look forward to aligning my life in greater degrees of righteousness through applying the correct methods and principles you teach. Your willing student Jay


    1. Jay, All truly seeking to advance with connection to source will, at some time, try one or more aids in their journey. I advise that connection with God Source does not require any of this except intent and true heart desire. If you find something that does help you connect that is a plus and can be used but do not lean upon it being mandatory.

      You mentioned diet and I advise that avoiding all low vibrational foods, such as animal flesh can advance the process of connecting with higher Ones or higher vibrations. If possible listen to your body and agree upon what is needed for your proper health. Your body is also sacred and there is a time for giving up animal source foods. All GMO foods are not suggested. Connecting with a higher source can be done in any body position but sitting is needed for downloads or receiving certain types of energy. Opening channels of communication with God may be aided with objects or words but is not necessary. Strict rules given for monks or orders of service are structured for obedience, purpose of life and are dealing with a group or large numbers of initiates and this works well but is not necessary for an individual. What does help if possible is a regular time of day for communication and trying to stick to a schedule will give good results. You always want to call upon those of Light and verify that you are protected in your attempts. The most important things are desire, intent and not giving up for you will be making progress whether you see it or not. Never call upon the name of God in anything other than sincerity. Parker


  2. O God the Eternal Father,
    We come before you at this time in graditude for the wonderful intervention which you have granted take place. We are in stupendous awe at all that is involved in this great work and we are learning more about it all the time even daily now. This undertaking is something the mind of man could have not have conceived and we bow in humble reverence before you for allowing this to take place. We here on earth have been so very enslaved/suppressed for many generations/eons in countless ways including a knowledge of the true history (and current affairs) of this beautiful planet Earth/Gaia and also the understanding that we are not alone even in the local area we know as outer space. We are grateful for the loving friends that you have sent to guide and instruct us through this entire intervention. There is still so much cloaked in darkness surrounding these things yet we move forward with our teachers eagerly in hope and trust honoring you and your infinate purposes of which we are a part. We love you. Holy Eternal Father you have never left us entirely alone and have felt after us as a loving Father watching over your children here on this planet which is a very small part of your vast domain . We are learning to love and trust our Pleiadian brothers and sisters who are also your children. I remember Hugh Nibley teaching that Adam the great Patriarch of this cycle of humanity was brought here to this earth from the Pleiades in order to give his children a home to grow and develop on respective to certain levels of progression. We do not comprehend even a beginning of the infinate ever expanding works of Thine yet we know you are real as are Thy holy purposes and we know that you love us more than we can imagine. We are grateful to be a part of Thy great Eternal Family. Father we are on the precipice of changes/developments in our progression/evolution so vast and significant (we do not understand just how significant) yet we know and can feel the divine stir within our souls of the changes taking place. Kind and Loving Father we are so eternally grateful for the fact that much if not most of the dark influences operating on this beautiful planet have been defeated or are mostly defeated and on their way out forever. We can feel our brothers and sisters from other parts of the universe keen satisfaction that this is indeed the case. Our brother Joseph has taught us just how close we came to utter subjugation/control under the dark influences and we rejoice eternally that such did not take place. Someday we will know the full story, but we thank you now holy Father. We know that you are aware of all things and thank you in the best way we know how for saving us from unfathomable doom. We know there is still great work to be done and we ask you to continue to guide us in our efforts to accomplish this work according to Thy holy will. We know that you very often make good use with others of Thy children from other planets/dimensions/realms in fulfilling Thy works and we look forward for the next steps prepared for us in the journey onward and upward. Father, I do not know of any written fiction or epic type movie that even compares to Thy works concerning us and where it is Thou desires to take us to. We welcome the dawn of a new age and way of life and progression. Our hearts are full. We thank you for all of our many blessings and humbly ask that all the wars and strife going on upon the face of the earth come to a swift end so we can move forward in light. We have not power to express our love and adoration for you and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in any mortal language yet know you and He hear all the unutterable/ineffable things from our hearts and souls. Please be with those who suffer, the poor, sick and otherwise afflicted for our hearts reach out to them as they were us. Please let all of our friends from the many realms/dimensions/planes/planets who are assisting us know of our graditude for them not just as groups but as individuals. Please let Joseph and Parker and Albert and Jacob and Prosper etc, even all of our Pleiadian friends know of our and my personal love and desires to communicate with them in greater ways be known to them, again including ineffable things. Let us always be connected with Thee Holy Divine Father. Let Thy Love shine upon us evermore and let us conduct ourselves ever more wisely before Thee and ever more become as Thou art. In all sincerity and according to our knowledge we pray knowing that there are so many beliefs/cultures/religions/nations etc who Thou art the Great Father of us all and Thou hears and answers all sincere prayers. In the name of the Holy One even Jesus the Christed one, my Ahman Christ Amen.


  3. Parker, I reread your message and this time learned that you were speaking about our service and calling in this great endeavor. I will humbly seek guidance from our Eternal Father to direct me in this great work. “Father, here am I, send me.” I approach this with soberness and solemnity of heart and will magnify what the Lord places in my hands. In His service, Jay


  4. Thank you Parker, your counsel aligns with the Spirit of Truth within. Your taking the time to answer is sincerely appreciated. Jay


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