July 29, 2021

July 28 2021. Let us commence. I feel you are ready for another message. Your planet has been overrun with negative energies and you have been fed such erroneous information in small doses and it was accepted by you that it is going to be a shock when many of you read my words. There will be those who will continue to refuse truth.

Your Bible, considered a sacred book of truth, is full of inserts and deletions and has left you with not a clue as to what is correct. Jesus, as you call him, did come and was born of Mary and was destined to give of his love and teachings and had followers but great opposition. The dark was aware, even back then, that they needed to oppose Him in all ways they could. The dark influence was strong and thought they could negate any of his teachings but the Light He brought was so powerful that he taught truth whenever possible.

The followers traveling with him were hand picked and had reincarnated for this purpose and He knew them well before they came to earth. The denial of Peter was planned and was not a betrayal as is taught but was one of Jesus’ strongest and devoted. Hold no harsh feelings against him for he was asked to play this part. Jesus did ascend after three days. He did return and lived on to continue his studies and also to continue his teachings. He lived a full life and was a father of several children. This does not diminish any meaning in his crucifixion or his continued life. Believe on him in his coming and devoting his life to the people of earth.

No plan for you to hold any fear is ever intended for so called revenge of God for your actions. God is a loving energy and there has not been or never will be any type of punishment inflicted by God from your actions other than what you bring upon yourself. There are interventions in the past that have righted wrongs and brought about the desired actions needed for the time. You have been so deceived by getting you to spend so much of your life afraid to face God and therefore so many will not seek him. There is no stronger love for you than that of God for you are made from His energy and creative force and are part of Him. God would not and will not punish Himself. You bring about actions according to how you live and this is what returns to you.

The dark influence has infiltrated your religions and churches and what was intended by Jesus is far from what is upon your earth at this time. He did not come here to establish a religion but a freedom to be who you are in the laws of God and to express the God within. He wanted man to live abundantly, without fear and to love one another. Somehow we must start over in His teachings and begin again to straighten out what has been done and see that this time His teachings are correct.

You have ventured long upon the wrong path and I have seen you suffer long needlessly because of misinformation. My children do not live in fear, especially not from the love of Christ and that of God. There has been and still is a battle raging in the aftermath of sludge and residue of the dark and it is to be swept clean. As you fight in this battle turn your energies to oppose the falsehood layered upon you and bring your Light into the shadow of what is left. It will be eradicated with your help and your prayers and efforts. Give of your service to clean up the remains of dark intentions and do not let this attempt to remain viable exist another year, week or day. Pray that all truth will be brought out into the light and be accepted in fullness and see that your part is completed. I leave you now in this truth that comes. Receive it in God’s will that this be done.

In His Love, I am Parker

July 29, 2021

In addition, the time is running down quickly and changes are about to be made. I will come to you again and give more information that will be useful to you. You are cherished in your work and in your being. Reside in His love at all times. Go forth and stand firm in your faith for the ending is in progress.


9 thoughts on “July 29, 2021

  1. Parker, your words bring a soothing comfort to a wounded soul. Christ was in one of our lives my dad and I would tug onto his clothing and say, “Dad! I’m Here”. Notice me. He visited me one time in this life in 2002 and it was several days without equal. He promised to return when “I had a new type of broken heart”. So powerful and pure and ineffable was this most sacred experience with him all those years ago that a day has not gone by where I have not basically cried myself to sleep missing him and yearning for him. His love and peace and reaching of my reaching is that powerful. There is a hymn called “where can I turn for peace” that I cherish above all others for it conveys so much of the real. I can see wisdom in coming to earth in a veiled state for we would miss our previous Heavenly homes those of us who came from them. I hope he comes again. I know he lives with a certainty that icudes yet exceeds physical sight. Thank you Parker for checking in on me as you have been. I yearn for the light and love that you and the host that accompanies you is bringing. Know you are welcomed and loved also. If you could would you please pray for the most special person to me who exists named Rebeca. This world’s ways and the darks infiltration and money and we’ll many challenges have driven a wedge between her and I. I’ve been to many worlds and dimensions and planes of existence without number (witnessing infinate unique cultures, plants, animals etc) by the power and mercy of the Eternal Father and indeed there are many mansions as you teach but there is no where I would rather be than at her side here on earth where we now both reside. Can you teach what you know about twin flames and how that works? Much love to you Parker. Please send my fondest affections and respects also to Joseph. Your young friend, Jacob


  2. Thank you Parker for your counsel. All true and sincere seekers of truth will not stumble over your words. I ask you a few questions for additional understanding. Is Jesus Christ a God who descended to earth to become a man, or was he just an enlightened man like us sent to teach us a higher way? Is Jesus Christ the same as the Creator of heaven and earth, in the sense that John wrote when he taught “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men.” This scripture is understood by men to mean that the Word is Jesus Christ and that Jesus Christ, the same who was born of Mary, is the Creator of heaven and earth, and the literal Son of our Eternal Father – the One Source and Center of all things. Is Jesus Christ the same as the one you call Christ Michael Atton? Or is he just a more evolved and enlightened mortal man, but not literally a God who became a mortal man? Also, what is the meaning of his suffering in Gethsemane and death upon the cross? Did he suffer to atone for the sins of men, inorder to appease the demands of justice and provide fallen man a means of reconciliation with God?

    We understand that when Jesus Christ ascended, he took His seat on the right hand of the Father. This statement could have a lot of different meanings. What is your understanding of that meaning? In another post, Prosper said that when Jesus Christ ascended, he ascended into one of your ships and resides there to this day. If this is true, this suggests to us that you understand Jesus Christ and Michael Atton to be different people, that Jesus Christ is not the creator of heaven and earth and not the litteral Son of God, but just a highly evolved mortal man, who has a very close connection with God.

    After his ressurection, it appears from your words that he completed on earth a full life complete with marriage and family. In an earlier post, Prosper stated that when Christ ascended, he boarded one of your ships and resides there to this day. The ascension spoken of in the Bible happened shortly before the day of Pentecost, which appears to be when Prosper said he boarded your ship. In order to complete a full life on earth, complete with wife and children, did he then return back to earth unknown to men as Jesus Christ to enjoy the remainder of his life? If this is true, when his life was completed, in order for Prospers statement agree, he must have once again return to one of your ships and resides there to this day?

    Parker, will you please set the record straight on these things? Thank you, your brother, Jay


    1. Jay, Sananda, or Jesus as you call Him, is different from Atonn. They shared the same body so Atonn could experience also the life on earth for awhile. Atonn did not come in his complete entirety but only a small portion of his being was evident for receiving information and He parted the body and earth before the crucifixion, leaving only Sananda. Sananda was and is like us in that He is His expression of God as we are our expression of God. He is a highly evolved being given a position and responsibility concerning earth and did return to a ship, which is where He was before He came to earth. Heaven is an incorrect term used at the time to mean up above or a place of peace. The statement to sit on the right hand of God is misleading and leads you to picture a throne of sorts and this is incorrect. Sananda, or Jesus is a hard working individual who came to earth with the intent to correct the path that was being taken by the masses. He gave of His information, was crucified and returned home, or ascended back to His ship of origin. He is not the creator of your universe, but Atonn is. Re-think your term of God. God is a Light, a creative energy from thought and through His origin and energy creates all things through His expression, thus earth was created by God through Atonn. Jesus is the Son of our eternal Father as we are all children of our eternal Father. Jesus did return to earth to live and complete a life here and it was important that the lineage be kept in tact including the genes involved, as this was an important part of the correction planned. There is so much deception that has been given. Jesus is close to God but how can he be closer to God than we are if God is within each of us and we are our expression of that God. Our path, our purpose is to realize that we are that expression of God. Jesus knows this and therefore has achieved a high level of understanding and therefore a high level of expressing God in His presence and life. Think on these things. Parker


  3. Dear Joseph, Parker and beloved ones, if there is any type of need for one in a veiled state on this quarantined planet to reach out to the reality of our loving spiritual family at this time in the cogs of universal development and/or ascension Gaia is an important part of please consider this message my best attempt at such. With full purpose of heart in full allegiance to Christ the great King and our Eternal Father the Sovereign our creator and Source the great Emperor and to the Glory of the God’s of Light everywhere forever and ever, we are family, we are one, amen Amen Amen


  4. Thank you for your response. It is with deep and long sustained sadness that I reply. I report on the religious conditions of men on earth. Throughout history, the children of God have been led by men & women who claim to be the spokesman of God on the earth and call themselves, Popes, Prophets, Seers, Revelators, Fathers, Bishops, Pastors, Evangelists, Patriarchs, etc. These men and women or their followers, usually establish churches and lift themselves up by priesthood authorities through which they bind down generations of people into various forms of religious belief and daily living. These men and women use for their support the written and canonized word of god and their own revelations to lead the children of God as sheep from one dry and barren pasture to another. Almost without exception, these leaders have selfish motives, receive personal gains, and require their followers to worship or nearly worship them. As one would expect the different churches and belief systems, while having some similarities, always differ in various points of doctrine, causing the children of God to be divided into congregations, each one thinking they are the only ones in possession of the truth. In horrible hypocrisy, this self-righteous division has many times resulted in the exalting of one group over another, suppression, slavery, wars, and death. With this sad history, how can any of those on earth hold their heads high and call themselves the children of God? Is not the child supposed to be patterned after the parent? When did our Eternal Father who is full of love, mercy, grace, patience, and truth endorse any of this? It is amazing to me that our Father still calls us His children and says, “For how can a mother forget her suckling child that she should not have compassion upon the son of her womb?”, and cries, “How oft have I gathered thee as a hen gathereth he chickens under her wings, and yet ye would not.”

    If this was all we have to worry about, it is surely enough. But to add to the confusion, now we have those who claim to be outside of the conditions of men and come representing our Father, and yet even they are not in agreement, or at the very least, they endorse sources that are not in agreement. Let me be specific: In a reply to a post on June 25, 2021, my dear friend Jacob stated and asked the following: “Much of what I have read in past messages seems to correspond with teachings in what we here on earth know as ‘The Urantia Book’. Is this a record that our Pleiadian friends would have us study more?” Joseph’s response to this question was, “Jacob, the Urantia Book was given through valid channels and it continues to be a solid reference and read. Yes, it is recommended for study. I am not aware of any updates on this that need to be made.” From this response, I gather that the Pleiadians view the information in the Urantia as trustworthy and dependable. Yet, the Urantia teaches that Jesus of Nazareth, the one you call Sananda, is the same as Christ Michael, an order of Creator Sons, of direct origin of the Eternal Father-Son, and that Christ Michael (Jesus of Nazareth) is the Creator of the earth and the local universe of Nebadon. The Urantia further teaches that in order for Christ Michael to advance and become the Sovereign ruler of His creations he needed to incarnate to earth and experience the lowest form of creature life creation – man. The Urantia teaches that this mortal life is man’s first estate or experience in a conscious/physical body condition, in which the soul is birthed through the higher mind’s influence on the lower animal mind. Furthermore, the Urantia speaks against reincarnation, endorsing a continued post-mortal “Morontia” progression from mansion worlds 1 – 7 and a continued progression in progressive stages of Spirit evolution in our eternal ascent back to the presence of our Father. The Urantia teaches that when Jesus died, he went to mansion world 1, and was resurrected as all men do/will, after which he returned to the earth for a short period of time to minister to his apostles and followers, and then returned to Jerusem as the Sovereign ruler of His local universe of Nebadon, where He resides to this day. It is impossible for me to reconcile the record of the Urantia with your description of the mortal life and post-mortal life of Sananda (Jesus of Nazareth) and Christ Michael Atton.

    If these were little discrepancies, I would not worry about them. I honestly do not care, what the truth is. I am not defending this statement or that one. I don’t as they say have “a dog in the fight”. I just want to know the truth. Sadly when it comes to discerning the truth, I feel like a man coming to a fight blindfolded and hobbled; for man lives in a condition of altered DNA, the veil has been drawn over our eyes, we have been lied to for eons and even those sources that claim to be the horse’s mouth do not agree. I humbly ask you, with all the discrepancies, how can anyone of us be confident in our discernment of the truth? Eternal Father be patient with me in my struggle to know, Your son, Jay


    1. Jay, does not the Father love us in our imperfection? Does a father denounce his child when he makes a mistake? We are always His children, no matter how we express our God given life. We are always His life and His creation. The differences of opinion concerning His word shows how far we are from His teachings and how much it has been manipulated to suit the agendas of those who wanted to be in charge. It does not diminish the love that is offered to us from God. Try not to focus on the differences in teachings but in the commonalities for there is a thread of same teachings and beliefs in the origins of most, especially the older ones.

      The Urantia book is worth study. Sananda, Jesus, Esu, whatever name you wish to call Him, is one entity or person and Christ Michael Aton is another. When Jesus came to earth they were two embodied as one for the earth experience and this is where Aton experienced the condition of earth at that time through Jesus. So for this period of time they were one, even though they are two individuals. Christ Michael Aton, a creator Son, is the creator of your universe but Jesus is not. Part of Christ Michael Aton shared the same body with Jesus and left the body around the time of crucifixion.

      Reincarnation is not necessary on all planets but was needed for earth. Let us look at what happened after Jesus left earth after crucifixion. See that all is not taken in its proper meaning from the written word. Jesus did return to the ship he resided in before he came. The designations of mansion worlds 1-7 are states of advancement for the soul and show degrees of achievement. It is somewhat for teaching purposes and gives you an idea of progression. Jesus, like all of us, go through these 7 states of advancement when advancing along our path. Jesus is in a position of leadership and rules over earth. He does not reside in the town of Jerusalem. Be advised that there is a ship called the Jerusalem. He did return to earth and continued his teachings and his life until death. When a being is advanced with strong energy, it is possible for part of their consciousness to reach out, or divide and be cognizant in two or more places at one time. When Jesus returned to live out his life it was not His total being that returned but part of his energy and power that was in a physical body. This is done with a mortal body because the total energy of an advanced being is too much for a corporeal body and would destroy it. So it is possible to be in more places than one at the time. I can understand your confusion for the wording can be taken in different meanings when reading. I had rather be before you, face to face, in my teaching. Then there would be no misunderstanding. Parker


  5. Thank you for your reply. Learning is a multi disciplinary process. When we are young and immature, we tend to see things in absolutes with clear black and white definitions, by which we judge good from bad, right from wrong. As we grow in our understanding of truth, we often see that that which is wrong in one circumstance, may be and often is, right in another. Thus grey areas are introduced into our black and white paradigms, requiring adjustments to be made in things we once thought were absolute.

    I have found that sound learning requires the development of several Godly attributes. 1st, the humility necessary to admit that the student does not know everything. 2nd, the faith, curiosity and patience needed to nourish a seed so that it will grow and bare fruit. 3rd, an open mind which allows a concept to take on new meanings as it matures. Here is an example. A person, lacking the knowledge of a plants developmental stages may compare a seed to a mature plant and conclude that because they share no resemblance they must be different life forms, when in truth they are the same plant just at different stages. 4th, all truth aligns with eternal principles which are reflected in innumerable ways and expressed through God’s vast creations. Thus, proper learning requires a development of Godly attributes and an understanding of eternal principles, which as you have mentioned are repeated throughout many ancient wisdom texts.

    Just a few points for clarification. The Urantia is another name for Gaia and the authors of that work are speaking specifically about the conditions of Gaia and her progressing children residents. The Urantia describes the mansion worlds 1 – 7 as separate, progressive planets/spheres (not ships) with distinct elements, increasing celestial beauty, and laws just as the elements, beauty and laws that Gaia and her resident children follow are different in a 3rd dimension from a 5th dimmension, and that all men when they die are changed into a Morontia condition and progress from 1 mansion planet to the next in class formation. This is very different from the progression which occurs through 3rd dimension reincarnation cycles on the same planet. The Urantia describes Jerusem (this is not a typo for Jerusalem), as the Heavenly Jerusalem and the planetary headquarters of our local universe. Maybe that is where Christ Michael Atton resides. Interesting that you have a ship called Jerusalem, but in the Urantia’s description, it is a governing planet and not a mobile ship.

    Anyway, I thank you for presenting your information, and like I said in another text, true seekers will not stumble over your words, for they will hold to what they know, consider what they do not know, and set aside for later what they can’t place in their current understanding. A wise man once said, “All truth is circumscribed into one great whole”. Thus, sooner or later all truth will fit together somehow.

    I want you to know that I sincerely appreciate and enjoy our discussions and learning from you. I thank you for the time you spend responding to a sincere seeker’s desire for further light and knowledge. I too look forward to meeting with you and speaking friend to friend, person to person, mind to mind. You are welcome to come over for dinner anytime. 🙂 Do you like a good garden salad? Your brother, Jay.

    P.S. I am serious, if you want to arrange a time to meet in person, I officially extend a friendly and warm invitation.


  6. Dear Jay and Parker and Joseph I apologize for getting to the rodeo a little late. (23 unique forms of simultaneous types and tones of tinnitus louder than a nearby jet engine taking off torment my awareness without let or hindrance which slows me down quite a bit. I sincerly pray my friends that there will be remedies to this affliction aboard the Phoenix or somehow earlier if possible. Now you know one reason why I am so eager to join you if anything but for relief from this buffeting. Regardless this trial has been a blessing in disguise for it has been a great teacher as suffering can be. It makes one tough. Not really being able to enjoy music of any type for decades as painful as it has been has allowed our Eternal Father to compensate in other ways. He also reminds me that when the trial is lifted the sound and composing of music will, “yet be sweeter still.” I know that music is not only a part of our earthly mortal capacity to enjoy, it is also a part of our eternal spiritual heritage. I express gratitude for the trial knowing God our Father has wise purposes for all things that we are challenged with. This winding up scene we are all involved in now binding the dark influences is very rocky indeed. We are dealing with far more than thorns, thistles, briars, and noxious weeds at this point without any doubt.)

    Friends this discourse and interchange between us all is thrilling to say the least. The intellect is fascinated – yet even more significant is the love that exists. Thank you for the love that abides in your beings for us together and as individuals. It is felt. To communicate with you who have come representing the divinely approved and commissioned intervention is to me an honor without equal. This type of exchange in this manner at this time is very rare. I for one cherish the opportunities of every type we have had and continue to enjoy here. Jay please do save a seat for me at dinner with Parker. Parker how is Joseph doing? We miss his gentle way he delivered messages to us. No less are your messages received with graditude dear Parker. I can discern the great attention this special communication we are having is getting. I respect the fact that caution must be observed as well and hope to never unintentionally cross any line or protocol.

    The topics you have been discussing have great importance. There is something that I have always (after reading it a decade or so ago) held very close to my heart which the master taught in what is called the ‘kolbrin new testament’ which merits considering. I don’t remember the page or exact words but the teaching went something like this: “Do not say this is true or false, rather say this is true or false according to this or that.” The library of topics or ideas or things that I have heard about or studied that are not understood by me is very large and ever growing yet at the same time so is the “Ahha” of understanding of things correlating to those things I did not understand with time and the learning of new things. In other words God is ever giving here a little and there a little, line upon line, precept upon precept. An ever abiding love of truth coupled with humility, patience, tolerance and an open mind and heart eventually will equal as a beloved hymn teaches us, “all now mysterious will be bright at last.” There are things without number which are very advanced and impossible to be comprehend until God ordain such be given according to His infinite eneffible wisdom. I hope not to stray too far from what early on I asked Joseph about (and he confirmed to be the case) when I said I could tell this website is given to a general audience. I am grateful for the latitudes which have been granted by you dear ones as things have heretofore unfolded. Again dear ones please forgive any going beyond the mark. I respect your purposes and am grateful for your kindness in all things so far. This shows me that you truly are who you claim to be for the intelligence involved in everything has an inherent disposition of loving welcome and trust at every turn.

    There is so much more I would like to touch upon quite specifically about what has been said here in these posts yet feel it expedient to call it a night. I am hopeful to see what tomorrow may bring in the way of additional words from you our dear ones. In love sincere, your young friend, Jacob
    Just one more item – in the spirit of the comments on this post may I share the lyrics from my favorite Hymn:
    Oh Say, What Is Truth?,
    1. Oh say, what is truth? ‘Tis the fairest gem That the riches of worlds can produce, And priceless the value of truth will be whenThe proud monarch’s costliest diadem Is counted but dross and refuse.
    2. Yes, say, what is truth? ‘Tis the brightest prize To which mortals or Gods can aspire. Go search in the depths where it glittering lies,
    Or ascend in pursuit to the loftiest skies: ‘Tis an aim for the noblest desire.
    3. The sceptre may fall from the despot’s grasp When with winds of stern justice he copes. But the pillar of truth will endure to the last, And its firm-rooted bulwarks outstand the rude blast And the wreck of the fell tyrant’s hopes.
    4. Then say, what is truth? ‘Tis the last and the first, For the limits of time it steps o’er. Tho the heavens depart and the earth’s fountains burst, Truth, the sum of existence, will weather the worst, Eternal, unchanged, evermore.
    Text: John Jaques, 1827-1900


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