September 7, 2021

Let us begin. I am coming to you regarding your circumstances at present. Big changes are happening and the old 3rd dimension is breaking away and if you are the ones reaching out and achieving the vibrations of the 5th dimension then you will see in your rear view mirror the dissolving of that 3rd dimension. To you it is fading away but to those who need to be in that vibration it will still exist for learning and achieving according to their needs.

My people and my Chelas, we send you our love and our direction that you may be unlimited in your achievements and progressions. There is really no limit to what you can accomplish with the full acknowledgment of God within. Do no let me hear you say, “I can’t do that or I can’t achieve that” for it can be done with patience. You have suffered much in the earth environment but you were sent here with much to experience and your challenge was to make the most of it. We see from our readings that you have grown exponentially with what you have confronted and this group has gained in wisdom and it is that wisdom that cannot be shaken or driven out by false profits. You know that God is within each of you as He is in the cosmos and all that is. This mission has been more than any of us ever expected and has given rewards greater than can be measured. Much was needed and hopefully much was expected against all dark odds prevailing and you have proven, not only to us but to yourselves what could be done.

You, as yet do not realize what you have done and how far reaching this accomplishment of yours will affect the lives and energy of so many and all things. It will be explained and shown to you. You are stronger than ever before and nothing of importance can be so distorted with lies that it can be ripped from you. Continue on and stand in the arms of the Father. I take this time to console you with your surroundings and conditions for although it is leaving your perception there are still remnants of dark still in your rear view mirror. It will not be long now and the reality of what we have been telling you of your coming home will be a reality for you.

We see the finish line for you and this is why we cheer for you and your little time left on earth. Even though you have challenges still ahead of you it is with joy that we cheer you on in your journey. Try to let the joy of a mission well done invade your consciousness and prevail in your knowing while you are finishing up on earth. So many are not so fortunate to have had your determination to finish as you have. We salute you and will continue to monitor you as things progress. I wish I could be there every day with you. You have given me much in just the short time we have been together. Take heart from my words.

In His Love I am Parker

14 thoughts on “September 7, 2021

  1. Thank you Parker for your message. Please know that we look forward to each of them, but not nearly as much as our actual home coming. It is honestly hard to wait which should be understandable, in view of the darkness that we must constantly confront. I sent my love to you and all of those on your side. Your brother, Jay


  2. Hi Parker, I reread your message and you speak as though the 3rd dimension is behind us now when all I see in front of us is a depopulation war which will not end until the PTB have culled 94% of the population, and completely control the unfortunate survivors through their spike protein, graphene oxide mind-altering injections. Every movement by the people across the earth to peacefully protest or resist is covered up so that these events barely see the light of day. Those who speak out are threatened, silenced, or killed. The only thing which would prevent the PTB from creating their global prison planet is a massive non-compliance movement by the military/police forces and people across the earth. Unfortunately what we are seeing in countries like New Zealand, Australia, and the UK is that the local military/police forces are the thugs carrying out the tyrannical orders of their corrupt political leaders who are walking in lock step to strip their citizens of every basic human right. So at this point, I don’t have a lot of confidence that when pushed the military and police of the US will not also act in like manner. Noone that I know would say that the bad times are behind us, which is what comes to mind when we think of the rearview mirror analogy.

    Does this suggest that I am just a 3rd-dimensional being, and not among those reaching out and obtaining the vibrations of the 5th dimension? I know I am certainly reaching, maybe I am just not tall enough to reach the cookie jar. And if I am not in the 5th dimension, is there any hope for evacuation? I would like to believe that my work is being rewarded by higher vibrational frequency alignment, I can certainly say that I have felt very profoundly the love of God within, but beyond that, I don’t see anything changing, so it’s hard to know where I stand. Your uncertain brother, Jay


  3. Perhaps I should rephrase my last comment in the form of questions. Are those who are transitioning into 5th dimmension seeing things in the world really changing? Are they seeing the greater challenges as in the rear view mirror? Are 4th and 5th dimmensional beings experiencing a different reality than the one I described in my previous post? Are there now two simultaneous timeliness playing out on planet earth now, such that those of the 5th dimmension would describe different world events than the events I have reported? How can we know what dimmension we are vibrating at so we can know where we stand? Your brother, Jay


    1. Jay, I know one should not give advice unless asked, but I´m noticing you are relying on outside sources for answers that should be your own divine self to give them. The more you rely on others the less you trust yourself (and your Godself), therefore your vibration decreases. Take care. Gil


      1. Yes, thank you for that, I went within last night and asked these questions and got some enlightening answers. Thanks for the reminder.


    2. Jay, I understand your concerns. Let me say that the circumstances are the same but the difference is in the perception of them. Reality here for us is somewhat in your future for we see the evidence of what is happening and I forget you do not have the same perspective. Forgive me. The changes may or may not be seen depending upon your knowledge of what is behind the scenes. Vibrating in the 5th dimension energies does give you a different perspective and you will see with a higher vibrating sight. At present there are still conflicts, starvation and intense wrongs against others present on earth but try to pull yourself out of this type reality and place yourself in the higher vibrations of the 5th dimension. Here you will still be aware of what is going on but you will have that reality modified and buffered through the energies of higher love and compassion, not to mention your state of mind.

      It is a difficult concept to explain but you do not need to judge your place in the vibrational frequency by what you perceive as happening now on earth. Your location on the planet and what is happening around you makes it all the more real and more difficult to keep your eyes upon a higher concept. Just know that there is a perception of higher vibrations available when the time is right for you. It may be that you are needed where you are to give of Light to what is happening and it is necessary for you to do this. Try not to live in doubt of what you are doing for your being in its abundance of love and desire for a better world gives of better things to come for all around you. It is a difficult road to travel when you are supposed to be of a higher calling but yet be of service in the moment to your immediate circumstances. Just go within and speak with your Father about your service and know that you are aware of the higher calling. Some are kept longer for their gift to others is great and needed. We speak of being in the world but not of it. There are those who answer the calling by seeing what needs to be corrected. Do not concern yourself for you are following your path as needed. You are doing well. There are those who do see two time lines but do not worry about this. Thank you for your questions. Parker


      1. Thank you for your personalized response, it means so much to me. I will read and reread it. Your brother Jay


  4. Hello Parker and TM, the more i read these messages more i feel CM Aton is speaking through. Thank you for the uplifting memo dear Father.


  5. Thank you Parker for this encouraging, beautiful and enthusiastic message. I cannot tell you how eager I am to meet you, Joseph and everyone else and embrace in joy, love and praise unto God. We are so grateful for your missions – all the hard working efforts you have gone to and continue to be engaged in. There is a great deal I greatly desire to share with you although I know you are aware of much. A full heart of gratitude I offer yet sad only a few fleeting words can be shared here while there remain volumes of important matters I yearn to discuss. It feels as though we are pilgrims confined within a ship at sea (or space (humor)) not adrift but bound for the promised land still a little while yet out. I must be content writing as it were by candle light wearied from the long journey for we have survived terrific storms and many privations in this voyage of mortality. It is a miracle that we can communicate at all for which thanks is extended warmly. God be with you till we meet again dear brother! Jacob


  6. Hi Parker, I am sure your instruments are monitoring this, but I wanted to post this to let you know what we are seeing down here.

    Due to the catastrophic threat that La Cumbre Vieja poses on Atlantic coastal cities and states, and more specifically the eastern seaboard of the United States, geologists constantly monitor earthquake and volcanic activity on the small island of La Palma. Recent earthquake swarms of 4222 small quakes have officials on the alert for a volcanic eruption. Furthermore, organizations like the Volcanic Institute of the Canaries reported on Thursday that significant earth changes are taking place with more than 11 million cubic metres (388 million cubic feet) of magma seeping into Cumbre Vieja in recent days, swelling the peak by around 6 centimetres. See this article for details.

    If this were just another volcanic eruption, I would not report on it, but because of its location and its peculiar topography, La Cumbre Vieja is not just any old volcano. Since its last quake in 1971, many articles have been written reporting the threat this little island poses upon the eastern United States and the UK. Just to give the readers an idea, a volcanic eruption of La Cumbre Vieja would cause its steep western slope with an estimated 1.5 trillion metric tons to shake loose and plummet into the Atlantic ocean creating a massive tsunami estimated to build up to 3,000 feet and travel across the Atlantic at the speed of a jet plane. By the time it reaches the US, models project the tsunami will be 160 feet and destroy everything within 10 – 50 miles of the coast. Residents within that area would have approximately 8 hours from the time of the eruption to get out of the danger zone. Projections show states like Florida, would be completely covered, as much of the state does not rise more than 4 feet above the mean sea level. For more information on the effects of the tsunami with models showing how far the water is projected to come inland, see:

    I am not an alarmist, but, the events taking place right now, should cause everyone in the areas affected to be on the alert.

    Parker, can you speak to this? What are your instruments telling you? Are there evacuation efforts for these areas in place and ready in the event that the aforementioned projections become a reality? Thank you, Jay


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