November 29, 2021

I am come to inform you that earth changes are close now and you should be aware of this. Those close to fault lines or the coast of any large body of water should have a plan to be prepared. This information is not to frighten you or cause distress, only to prepare you so that you may think ahead and listen for news of any directives given. As always go within for any instructions given or urges for actions and ask for protection. In these cases an accurate degree of changes is unknown and precise description or numbers cannot be calculated.

There are those who advocate not giving energy into dire circumstances and bringing these visual disturbances into your thoughts, and I agree but I am of the opinion that it is far better to be informed and prepared of certain eventualities that are pending than to go uninformed. This information is at the risk of upsetting some and this is not the purpose of such. Go in informed peace with knowledge of pending changes so that you may act in a correct manner corresponding with earth events. Be Noah in your thoughts building upon the God force within you concerning these end times. I cannot tell you what steps to take but I give you confirmation of Gaia’s actions in front of you. Again a time frame cannot be given as this is left up to her. I do not want to step over the line of pushing fear upon you. I am like the mother hen spreading her wings over her chicks to shelter them from storm. You are greatly loved.

Place yourselves not only under the shadow of my wings but under the hand of the Almighty that you will be held in guided action. Those of you receiving shelter in place, be at peace with this. I also watch and wait.

I am Manning

6 thoughts on “November 29, 2021

  1. We wait we anticipate these changes, I am high on a mountain far inland., we will endure till the end for we are the remnant! Thank you always for your wise words of encouragement for these things must come first. What an exciting time to be here in the now. I pray blessings on all who come here. Godspeed


  2. Where is everyone? No comments on the last 2 post other than mine? Did something happen that I’m not aware of? I find very unusual .


  3. Hello Michael,
    Still connected, still waiting. I guess everybody feel time is coming. I’m where i’m supposed to be at the moment, following the signs and the teaching from above. (english is not my main language, so not sure i can properly express my tought trought this post).

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  4. Hi there, nope you are not alone and to my knowledge no one has beamed up yet. Manning, I appreciate the updates on earth changes. I hope that no one will be heard saying or thinking, “Yeah we have heard it all before… They said back in… that… and nothing has happened yet…” I say this because there is a tendency among those who disbelieve to need proof before they will act on warnings given. There is a fundamental difference between preparing and planning. We plan for things that are predictable and within our control. We prepare for things that are difficult to predict and are often out of our control. Because predicting things like earthquakes, wars, famines, economic collapse, etc. are hard for anyone to do with accuracy, the best advice I have heard is,”Its better to be prepared a year too early than a day too late.” As Manning has suggested, preparedness must include the wisdom of the Father within. Here is a personal example. I found a place in the mountains that I thought would be ideal for a family buggout location. It had everything a buggout area would need. However, one day a microburst came through the canyon where this buggout spot was located. The winds were strong enough to snap 24″ pine trees in half at about 10 feet above the ground. Inspecting the area showed the devastation was so great that in the area I thought I would retreat to if necessary was covered with fallen trees. I literally could not stand on the ground. I had to hop from one fallen tree to another. Thus listening to and heeding wise council is good, but it must be combined with the wisdom of the Father within who knows the situations and circumstances of each person, Jay


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