January 25, 2022

I am weary and worn but need to come to you and update things. It has been a huge endeavor recently because of the tension regarding circumstances between countries. There are several behind this that you may not see and there are devious plots involved that would perpetuate discord for their own reasons of gain. Believe that there are those who are not in your best interest and wish you harm and this intent is what we have been continuously working to overcome. All on our side are involved in this, it is that much of an effort. Source is determined it is to resolve and conclude without needless loss of lives and so it shall be.

Now, how have you been holding up? I have had little time to check in with you but have done so now and see that it has been difficult for some both physically and mentally. Take heart that you have more than an army here on our side that are working continuously in your best interest and so many much more learned and powerful than I. I am thankful for all of them who labor through the love they have developed and exhibit in every breathing moment of their lives now. This is one reason that I have come to you with teachings so that you will have a better opportunity to also grow and gain insight into the embodiment of the love frequency and will wrap it around you and into you and live as source gives us the opportunity to do so. So much negativity and lower vibrational experiences will be eliminated from your lives when you live through love and this is what I want for you. I can see the goal I want you to see and work for. Do not give up on this endeavor. The reward is worth all the hard work. I, myself, still work to achieve higher levels of light and love.

The meat of the intent in the declaration of Source is always through light and love and this has always been and will be. The origin of it all can be nothing else. When it looks like nothing is being done and you are getting nowhere, it is an illusion for there can only be one source driving the minutia of events that all lead to one goal. This is what took over the moment that Father laid his hand and intent into intervention of this earth conflict and it has not changed, nor will it. Like a beautiful flower unfolding into the light and showing its full beauty and perfection, so is the Father’s intent and final goal. Yes, I would like for things to be lovely and peaceful but to get there we have to go through conflict so the dirt of the woven fabric that has been manufactured on earth can be slung aside, leaving the beauty of the finished product for all to behold. This is what is being done now.

You know the saying that given enough rope the bad ones will hang themselves? That is very close to what is happening now. Circumstances were put into place so that the “bad ones” stepped out from behind their safe places and it was as if the spot light was turned on in their faces. Look for them for they will be the ones bringing darkness into the room. Do pray for our continued strength, for we will continue and will succeed on our side. What we need is your good will and intent that this continues and will hasten the time to the end of this long struggle and outright war that has been going on. It has been a war of secrecy, deceptions and hidden agendas but a war none the less. Now devious ones are getting careless because they are threatened and these are the few that are left. Most have been taken away and if necessary replaced.

I would love to sit with you for a longer period of time and do what I so enjoy for you have been excellent students in your desire to learn but I must return to this work as it is not yet over. Continue to give of your time to your meditation and continued sharing of your love to the mental collective of those on earth that yearn to be free. My love to you all and my thoughts are with you as often as they can be while things are going on. Be enveloped in Light for your protection and know that there is positive progress in this that is happening now. I will return when I can and I am thinking there will be better circumstances shortly.

I am Manning

2 thoughts on “January 25, 2022

  1. Thank you Manning. I find myself checking for updates frequently. The earth groans and is shaking but we know she needs to relieve.We are enduring and surrounding ourselves with love and light of the Holy Father. Thank you for that “little “ wink on a bad day! Godspeed


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