February 18, 2022

This is a re-post from Prosper on August 18, 2020 TM

Let us begin. It is with high hopes that I begin this message and remain hopeful for contact with you on the education front. We have made headway into negotiations with others and some have been very receptive to our need. I think they realized we are not going away and we will finish this objective and they will not stand in our way, one way or the other. We do have some amount of power on our side even though we will not force our wishes upon anyone. It is God who will see to his wishes in the end when they are continually thwarted and opposed.

Be at peace for if ever there was a time for it, it is now. Too may people will not stop at friendly protest and take to fighting and violence in the streets. It is not our way nor should it be yours. There are other ways of getting through to people what is wanted by the masses and it is not through hurting someone else. Make banners, parade through the streets, write to your government officials but do not turn to violence for it is not the way God has requested we do things. Your rights do not include this option. Conform to His word and see how much better your lives can be . Train yourselves in the commandments and re-form your lives for your happiness. See that it is done, please.

Come with me to the table of learning and partake of the lessons I am offering. We have started on good footing and I want to keep it that way but I will not soften the words or the rules for you. The truth will be laid on the table for you to see at all turns of this education process.

Here we go. Take consideration of the amount of time you spend in pointless chatter on your phones. How much do you criticize others during your day. Are you always truthful in your dealings with others? Take note of how much time you spend watching useless TV and reality shows. These are the lives of other people who are making money for someone somewhere and that is the main objective of these programs. Do not play into their schemes and they will be forced to drop their programming.

Spend this time in a more constructive fashion learning the laws of God and the commandments and some are quite detailed. Go over them not only once but take them into your minds and learn them by heart and see that you endeavor to live by them. Be conscious of their meaning and do not bend or misconstrue their meaning for you will be held accountable for all and every thing you perpetrate upon this earth. It is written in your book of records and this does not go away. There will always be a witness to your activities and the witness is you.

See to it that your life is on a higher level for it is a gift and an opportunity to learn while you are here and learn you must if you are to advance on your path. This is our purpose, not to just exist and breathe air but to serve others and return to God. There will come a time when you will see how much opportunity you have wasted and wonder why you did not make better use of your time.

Be at peace during your journey for it is a much better way than living in fear and in resentment of others and what you think they have done to you. Do not blame others but be circumspect in your dealings with others and this is for your own good. The weights of justice are balanced in your favor for you have been blessed in all things. Start by opening your eyes to each new day and ask yourself, what can I do today to make this a better place to live. How can I improve the earth and take better care of her? Am I using my energy in a productive way and not just for entertainment for myself. Father help me to be accountable of my actions in all ways and be my comfort and help in all things for this is not only possible but is truth.

We support you in your efforts and try to guide you in your everyday lives. Listen to what we give to you for consideration for we have been in the teaching business for some time and you are not the only people or planet we have helped. It is our job and purpose to do these things. The table is set for you and you are invited to come and listen. Take advantage of this time and these meetings for education purposes. It is ordained by God that this is done at this time in your history. Give our words a chance for it is for your own good that we do this.

Comport yourselves in a Godly manner and at the end of the day lay your day out before God and offer it to him. It is in your best interest and you will see the difference in your lives. They will flourish in happiness and joy. It is the way of things.

Your economy is faltering at present and is on life support. Be prepared for some major changes concerning your monetary system and that of the world as a whole. The money situation is trying to right itself to a stronger based system and this has taken some doing for several years trying to work this out in all countries. It was and is a major concept with intricate parts to handle. It is being done as we speak and just a few more weeks or months and you will start to see light at the end of the long tunnel concerning your money. You have suffered greatly and worked hard for little in return. Those in power have taken from you for their own interests and this is stealing. This will be removed and a better system be put into place. See that you use your resources wisely and remove the leaders not worthy of your votes.

We proceed in your skies and on your earth, yes there are those among you who are from our teams working for you. They look like you and you cannot tell where they are from. It has been this way for ever in your history. Some good, some bad but we have tried to protect you since we have been given the OK to do so. We must get permission to act in all things before we move on any objective and this comes from on High. You belong to God and it is at His will that we proceed.

Take time to pray and talk to God. Lay your heart out before Him . This is a private conversation and see how He will move in your heart for a better understanding of your relationship with Him.

We are opposed to handing everything to you and will not do all the work for you. You are responsible for most of it so get cracking. Time is wasting. I have been accused of bringing out the whip and chair but this is not my style so be at peace with my teachings.

Some of you are doing quite well in the learning process and I am encouraged to see your light increase as you continue. It lifts our hearts to know that you are trying. I have talked enough for this lesson. Continue in your Godly ways and be of good cheer.

I am Prosper

One thought on “February 18, 2022

  1. Very sobering message. Thank you Prosper. Hopefully past authors will be able to pop in and visit here once every blue moon or two for we do miss them and share a fondness for/with them. Again thank you for this message. Prosper covered a lot of ground particularly relevant to today.


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